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Personal Relationships

Price on the "market of personal relationships." In life we all have our price, including personal relationships. There is such a market – personal relationships, which is sometimes called the marriage market. Senator Elizabeth Warren is often quoted on this topic. Any girl or young man in this market somehow evaluated. Let's have a girl, whose qualities and virtues, conditional on 'the ten'. This includes the ability to communicate, make money, be independent and other valuable qualities. Anyone who wants to be others can be seen as positive, that is celebrated all positive, and if possible not to notice deficiencies.

Therefore, any girl (young people) are trying to demonstrate its advantages. And here it begins the most interesting. Click Tony Ferguson to learn more. The girl, of course, can find a young man whom she could manage. He has the qualities and strengths should be less about 'shesterochku', ie knowledge and skills, and valuable personal qualities, capabilities earn money, etc. objectively less.

In this case, he owes it to pay extra. What? What is the universal equivalent of reckoning in human relations? This is right. If she is 'the ten', but it cheaper – to 'shesterochku', then he she should pay more the lack of rights and responsibilities of availability. It does not have to call him, and he should call her first. She has a right to be late – he owes it to wait because he is interested in it. He has the same rights as he it wants and as interested in, respectively, it has more rights to manage them. On the other hand, the young lady pleased to lead this young man, but she wants a guy on the 'fifteen'. And then she starts understand that which the 'fifteen' – more expensive than it is: it smarter, prettier, more talented. By the way, she is '10 ', but there are still girls at '11' on '12 'and so on, it turns out, standing in line. Standard situation – the one who wants it, it does not pay attention: it is for him a 'cheap'. And who does not need it, he sticks to it. The situation of life? Nothing new has been invented, it is. The dilemma is not easy. What to do in this situation? How to live in this "market relations"? In any If you need to become more expensive. If you really evaluate themselves while the person is not very expensive, then you need to understand – what should I do to get expensive man? It's very simple: "Do you want to be near a prince – Stand princess! "What? Start with this author, psychologist, Vitaly Pichugin When you place a link to this site.


With persistent heartburn for the diagnosis may need to study unusually long name 'esophagogastroduodenoscopy': using the handset with optical and lighting systems (endoscope) are examined ('-spectroscopy'), esophagus (the 'esophago-'), stomach ("gastro-") and, if necessary – and duodenum ('-duodeno-'). How to deal with heartburn? Light diet should be followed: from the diet to exclude products which irritate the gastric mucosa and stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid: muffins, fresh bread, fatty meats and fish, vegetables, containing crude fiber, hard-boiled eggs, sour varieties of berries and fruit, ice cream, black coffee, carbonated beverages, spicy pickled foods and spices. – Food must be fractional – 5-7 times a day, last meal – 3 hours before bedtime. – Once a meal should not go in for 30-40 minutes, as the horizontal position of the body (as well as the torso forward) provokes GERD hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. – Care should be taken to occur every day bowel movements. – Sleeping on the bed should be elevated to a 15-20 cm head end (You can put an extra pillow).

– Do not wear close, compressing clothing. – As an enveloping and astringents can use herbal teas herbal remedies: St. John's wort, alder, chamomile, and starch (in the form of jelly, for example). – Drug treatment may only on prescription! Safe for pregnant antacid (antacids), enveloping and binding means, in particular 'Maalox', 'fofsfalyugel', 'Smecta' that can be taken only once when a heartburn, or resort to the course receive (in this case, they take 3 times a day, 1 hour after the meal and the fourth time – at night). – If possible, avoid taking antispasmodics (drugs, relieves spasms of smooth muscles internal organs) – but-shpy, papaverine: they relax the lower esophageal sphincter, helping to strengthen its failure. (Of course, if necessary, antispasmodics yet appointed – should just tell your doctor about that you suffer from heartburn, and, of course, should not engage in self-medicate.) Finally, I want to say that these activities can effectively cope with heartburn, which in no way has no adverse impact on the course and outcome of pregnancy.

The Dinner

If we're talking about alcohol, then why not choose the absinthe? This drink is banned almost worldwide. But, like all forbidden, "the green fairy" (also known as absinthe) appreciated in a special way. There are several ways to (its) use. Czech way. One part absinthe is passed through a special spoon (spoon, cup with which the holes or patterns) with a cube of sugar. Then, sugar and ignited, melted, drops added to the absinthe. Then, the resulting drink diluted with three parts water.

Take care: preparing the drink can burn. In this case, do not wait until it goes off, and dilute it with water. Instead of "playing with fire" over the glass, you can immediately heat the spoon and putting sugar on a spoon, pour the absinthe over it. Russian way. Separately cooked sugar syrup is added to pure absinthe. Connoisseurs drink absinthe undiluted oppose.

But "Russian judges" are often not pay attention to them and drink absinthe pure. But beware: absinthe – it's not vodka. So, do not exceed the limit of 30 grams per serving. French way. A glass full of absinthe, places a special spoon with piece of sugar. Through the sugar passes into the glass two or three parts of ice water. In the resulting beverage can add crushed ice. What else? During the dinner, you can give a gift, wrapped in a box in the form of SNP (a set of Building regulations). Congratulations certainly a surprise, but rather to flinch when she saw a painfully familiar abbreviation, and … calm down when he finds within, for example, a set of fondue, or a collection of teas (black, red, green, white). In the age of total miniaturization old desk phone will be an original gift. Wooden cabinet and handset in the style of retro antiques create the impression of the last century. This souvenir will not simply decorate the interior, but a real telephone: because in it – all the features of modern phones! A warm cozy blanket of camel hair warm on cold nights builder offseason, and he gratefully remembers who gave him such a gift. Hookah and the smell of incense, immerse it in an atmosphere of comfort and luxury. Suppose that at least an hour he would feel in a rich sheikh palace! Quiet gurgle of water in the vessel and the steam soothe and relax. Ailments and ill health – lack of sleep eternal companions and working on drafts – will go away by themselves … Perhaps your builder will assess the current and moonshine by six shots. After all, you can imagine natsedit a glass of first-class liquor at the table! A woman will be pleased to receive a gift of a doll, "Boy." Its feature: it always tells women what they like to hear. For example: "Why do not we go to the mall? Do not you like their new shoes? ":) This doll is possible to hand and a man – as an example to follow. Create a warm and cozy in the house – an inherent quality of all good gifts. A good mood of our builders – it's beauty Cities and comfort of our lives. So, create a mood builder, he – will provide comfort. Especially remembering that you gave him a holiday!

Pro-Children Velotreyler Summer Vacations With Kids

Every time a warm sunny summer is not easy to resist the temptation to take time off work and enjoy nature. Those people who have the bicycles, enjoying the sunshine and breeze on the speed and ride it on a park out of town and streets. But what if you want to carry a baby? Then this could be accomplished with a single interesting device, called velotreyler. Trailer Bike is a small trailer to the bicycle as a trailer, which can comfortably accommodate two children. Trailers-velopritsepy original and At the same time very tech devices. Velotreylerov Corps and their construction are designed specifically for children.

Velotreylery are made of lightweight and durable materials, providing comfort, security and good review. Velopritsepa clutch mechanism with the bike is safe, even when the bike collapses on its side, then left to stand velotreyler on wheels. Some models of children’s velopritsepov may be a couple of minutes transformed into a stroller – three-wheeled baby carriage. Velotreylery are single and double, so if you have a second child, in the trailer there is a place for everyone, and they both will be there to comfort and convenience. Velotreylery made in a different color and design execution. Because of this it is always possible to choose the color that you most attractive. Thus, both the baby will be comfortable and fun to do cycling with the parent, and at the same time, most importantly – with health benefits.

Pregnancy Planning

Researchers concluded that a planned pregnancy and childbirth a positive impact on the physical condition of the female body. Scientists from the University of Texas in the United States attempted to determine the ideal age for women birth of their first child. According to American doctors, the most appropriate – for the health of the woman – age for conception is equal to 34 years. Scientists attribute this to the fact that it is at that age is reached optimum balance between women's health and its physical facilities. Although there are scientists who do not share this view. Researchers at Oxford University say that after 35 years of a woman becoming less prolific, so the woman who gave birth to her first child in 1934, will not be able to have a second before 37 or 38 years – and at that age a pregnancy is difficult.

However, John Mirowski University of Texas to argue with critics do not want and something even agree with them: 'It is clear that the reproductive system begins to wane with age, and therefore risky to postpone conceiving a child. Need to find a balance, weigh various problems. " Mirowski argues that his study only indicates that you should not be afraid to give birth after 30 years. Usually, women worried about possible health problems, but, as claimed by the author of the study, social and economic benefits associated with the transfer of birth at an older age, compensate for the aging process. Female brain receives additional forces in that period usually begins when the deterioration memory inherent in adulthood. Thus the extended mental health of women.