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Mental Upheavals

Thus, for the fact of the language materna to be present in all you discipline them pertaining to school, and the language difficulties to be one of the most important causes of the learning problems, the relative studies to the subject are basic for practical pedagogical in general and the psicopedaggica in particular. The dislexia translates a difficulty of learning that if characterizes for problems in the verbal language, or writing, as much in the receptive aspect, as in the expressive one. In accordance with Rotta (2006. P.151) the term was used for the first time in 1872, for Berlin and in 1896, Morgan published, in the Medical Britian Journal, ‘ ‘ the interesting case of an adolescent with incapacity to read, even so, if evaluated cognitivamente, must have conditions to make it, called this peculiar condition? verbal blindness? ‘ ‘.? The expression ‘ ‘ verbal blindness congnita’ ‘ it was substituted by ‘ ‘ specific dislexia after the clinical study of Hallgrio, in 1950. (Rotta.

p.152). The Disgnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Upheavals DSM-IV characterizes the dislexia as ‘ ‘ comprometimento accented in the development of the abilities of recognition of the words and the understanding of leitura’ ‘ Reading, in strict direction, is interpretation of conventional graphical signals e, therefore, one forms symbolic of learning. Thus, the change of an only sign can change, or make it difficult the interpretation of the text. In accordance with Rotta and Pedroso (2006 p.153) ‘ ‘ The verbal reading in the dislxico is characterized by omissions, distortions and substitutions of words and for the slow reading and vacilante’ ‘.