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With persistent heartburn for the diagnosis may need to study unusually long name 'esophagogastroduodenoscopy': using the handset with optical and lighting systems (endoscope) are examined ('-spectroscopy'), esophagus (the 'esophago-'), stomach ("gastro-") and, if necessary – and duodenum ('-duodeno-'). How to deal with heartburn? Light diet should be followed: from the diet to exclude products which irritate the gastric mucosa and stimulate the production of hydrochloric acid: muffins, fresh bread, fatty meats and fish, vegetables, containing crude fiber, hard-boiled eggs, sour varieties of berries and fruit, ice cream, black coffee, carbonated beverages, spicy pickled foods and spices. – Food must be fractional – 5-7 times a day, last meal – 3 hours before bedtime. – Once a meal should not go in for 30-40 minutes, as the horizontal position of the body (as well as the torso forward) provokes GERD hydrochloric acid from the stomach into the esophagus. – Care should be taken to occur every day bowel movements. – Sleeping on the bed should be elevated to a 15-20 cm head end (You can put an extra pillow).

– Do not wear close, compressing clothing. – As an enveloping and astringents can use herbal teas herbal remedies: St. John's wort, alder, chamomile, and starch (in the form of jelly, for example). – Drug treatment may only on prescription! Safe for pregnant antacid (antacids), enveloping and binding means, in particular 'Maalox', 'fofsfalyugel', 'Smecta' that can be taken only once when a heartburn, or resort to the course receive (in this case, they take 3 times a day, 1 hour after the meal and the fourth time – at night). – If possible, avoid taking antispasmodics (drugs, relieves spasms of smooth muscles internal organs) – but-shpy, papaverine: they relax the lower esophageal sphincter, helping to strengthen its failure. (Of course, if necessary, antispasmodics yet appointed – should just tell your doctor about that you suffer from heartburn, and, of course, should not engage in self-medicate.) Finally, I want to say that these activities can effectively cope with heartburn, which in no way has no adverse impact on the course and outcome of pregnancy.

General Secretariat

During the nine years of Alberto Aza in front the body responsible for the Organization of the work and activity of the head of State, the tasks of the Crown have adapted to innovations that had different needs social and economic of the Spaniards, while the Royal family was undergoing changes. The most important came as a result of the marriage of the Prince and Princess Letizia, from which both have intensified and expanded its work agenda, committed to the efforts to address the crisis and, in the case of the heir to the Crown, ready to exercise their future obligations, with a stable family and a guarantee of institutional continuity assured. Aside from continued official activity, inside and outside Spain, deployed by various members of the Royal family, the news media have followed with attention these past years the evolution of the health of the King, especially after surgery in a lung that was submitted in May of the year past and the recent operation on the right knee. The timing for communicate the relief in the King’s House coincides with the end of a week in which the Royal family in full, including eight grandchildren of monarchs, has met in Majorca around don Juan Carlos on the occasion of the 30th Cup of sailing and that – except for one ill-timed tendonitis – it has been established almost every day the j of the State recovery. In the absence of knowing the name of whom exercise – expected in October – the General Secretariat, Spottorno return clamping scheme that makers of the King’s House are professionals in diplomacy, as it is the case since 1993, first with the team formed by Fernando Almansa and the own Rafael Spottorno and currently with the tandem Alberto Aza-Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner. Source of the news: Alberto Aza leaves the King’s House after nine years of changes and new challenges

Natural Therapy – Sleep

Bedroom – one of the few places where you can forget about the problems and worries of the day, leaving the threshold of all the worries. It is therefore very important that the atmosphere of the bedroom helps to relax and unwind. After all, strong and healthy sleep – a precondition of productive activity in the active time of day. Healthy sleep is a prerequisite for normal life in this state, a person spends a third of his life. Sleep disorders can lead to a deterioration of memory, attention, reduce physiological body tone. For most people, a dream – one of the most effective means to combat nervous overloads that arise during the day. During sleep, reduced functional state. Parts of the brain, working day in a dream reduce their activity to a minimum, resting and recovering.

It is known that sleep is not homogeneous state, it consists of at least two successive phases: the "slow" and "fast". Abnormalities in the duration of the phases of fast and slow wave sleep, the constant lack of sleep had a negative impact on health man, his capacity for work and emotional state. Typically, healthy sleep lasts from 5 to 10 hours. Its duration depends on the nature of man, his temperament, age, gender and lifestyle. As noted by the candidate Medical Sciences, Anna Davydova: "From my own experience I can say that" dolgospyaschie "people – more tender, fragile, weak nervous system. A dream for them a kind of "magic wand". It helps to better adapt to ills of life.


It is a great myth about relations with your partner. We are going through life looking for our soul mate, but perhaps we are not oranges but Grapefruits or lemons. Then do you strive in search to our other half? In couple’s life there are no halves, but complete, and individual people but the reality is that that belief is rooted in a child, dependent and completely riddled with longing for a series of expectations that the couple has to comply. How we walk in search of the other half and we neither citrus are, because we’re always in trouble. We are seeing only a part of the reality. A myth more guides us towards the suffering that into a reality. The couple is a complement of human life, is essential, through it we transcend, we love us, ourselves, we got together and we love each other, and in addition, we live and accompany us in common. However, when we are thinking that the couple is the one that is going to complete as a result, it means that we feel incomplete in life.

In such a way that we feel frustrated, disappointed and filled with anger and suffering when our partner fails to fit with all our thoughts, feelings and desires. Also can happen otherwise, when I can’t fit with that partner then, we started a process of shut up, assign allow, blur us. We become as if we were mid oranges. We become what we are not, but yes we rededicate ourselves as our partner need us to be. So we are going for life in couple trying to be what we are not, having a color that is not ours, trying to be fruit when we are human. Human beings are not an orange and we are already, by contrast, beings that every day we are growing and developing our life, but live life as half Orange, is to be with the half life, half of love, half of the joy, the problem starts when the reasons which are, one halfIt begins to rot. That means that I will infect the same thing.

In other words, if I live with the infection of violence late than early as I am half I will get, yes my other half is sick with jealousy, of course, that it will reach my life with suspicion and harassment. Yes my other half can not be unfaithful, then, very soon I will live with that half feel excluded and abandoned. Do you realize the implications that must be next to a couple that is considered: the other half? We are individual people and that is our wealth, therefore, contributes not your 50% but your 100% to your relationship and you will surely be able to live a more satisfying link. Visit our site. Thanks for reading my mission is the quality of emotional life. In the book How to recover trust in love, we take hand for you having the tools and walk a grieving process and build a life project enters our site and get free: the ten commandments of life in couple original author and source of the article.

Sell On The Internet

As professional in the world of internet and web design would like to address the issue of selling on the internet today. And it is that day to day us series with my web design in vigo enterprise clients that we come asking for make them an online so shop to sell abroad. Dear, let me tell you that this doesn’t work as well. Perhaps a few years ago, I speak from 2001 to 2004 there were several lucky ones who had a stroke of luck and assembling web pages quite primitive, with important lack of usability in terms of web design and little innovative products, managed to make lots of money. The current reality is that this is not enough, not only documentation assemble our website or online shop to sell online but it is necessary a work planning and meditation on the business.

With this I want to tell you that it is not enough to pass the traditional models of the paper to a website offline world. Internet business models have other levers that needed to know and apply some more than others depending on our approach and objectives. Some tips I can give you; start with good planning and a business plan online in which were tested in detail each of the factors and areas of the company. Second, analyze the technological element, something that will be essential especially if we want that our website becomes really practice and view worldwide. Thirdly, it is necesairo that you have a site, page web, professional and oriented to the sale. Not all websites make equal and at this point the usability is vital. Finally, I would recommend you a very good online marketing strategy, if you’re not an expert in the field or you have much time, it is best that you contact an online marketing agency that you can take and move your site optimally in social networks and posiconamiento, aspececto key in marketing.

Fashion For Freckles

Up until the xx century, the freckles were considered a sign of low social status. Their noble competitors were considered flies and moles. In fact, someone else besides ladies come to mind spending time to ensure that paint their faces with black dots? Compared with the moles, which can be recognized even though the missing child, even though the perpetrator had fled, freckles – not so persistent. These specks of migrants appear only in warm season. And mostly those who are constantly in the sun – farmers, traders, other small fry. Hence the relevance to caulk: "It's physics " Freckles – Natural skin reaction to ultraviolet light. Though not a each, and only those who are genetically predisposed to it. The cause of freckles is the presence of a specific gene in melanocytes, which, after meeting with the sun starting to more actively produce pigment.

Thus, the freckle is also called primary hyperpigmentation. Since then, Tan has ceased to be considered as an attribute of peasant origin, began to change and the attitude to freckles. Now it can be diametrically opposite. That is, while some carefully derive freckles, while others, engaged in their artificial breeding on their own faces. All the ways to acquire freckles acquire freckles can be reduced to make their own paint – either temporarily or permanently. Those who wish to wear a freckle on a permanent basis may apply to the tattoo parlor. For application of freckles, a special dye, and if it is slightly diluted – then acquire color transparency.