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Natural Wells

Placement of wells in the floor plan should provide assessment of heterogeneity of soil strata, and also take into account structural features of the building and the distribution of loads. 2.7. As part of research should include the implementation of static sensing refine engineering-geological grounds between the wells, the identification of heterogeneity of soils, their strength and deformation characteristics, as well as assessing the bearing capacity of piles. The number of probing points shall be not less than ten, and the detection of significant heterogeneity and complex ground conditions, this number should increase. 2.8. The composition of the work in prospecting should include a geophysical survey for refinement of the geological structure of the array of soils between the wells, in particular the determination of the depth of the karst rocks, fracturing them and karst, the presence and thickness of layers of weak soil and aquitard, direction and speed of groundwater movement. 2.9. To determine the deformation parameters of soils is necessary to provide field-tested cliches in an amount not less than three or pressiometrami in the number of at least six for each of the selected engineering geological elements.

Program of field trials should include the identification of modules with total and elastic deformation, respectively, over the branches of the loading and unloading schedules 'Sediment-load'. 2.10. Laboratory studies of soil should model the work of the soil at the base of the building in a changing stress-strain state. In particular, testing the soil in the compression apparatus and instruments necessary to carry out triaxial compression view of the natural stress-strain state of soil mass and structural strength of soil in the range of operating at the base of the building stress and provide soil samples and record the history of loading volume of soil in nature.

Natural Parquet

Flooring – beautiful and comfortable floor. It consists of three layers of natural wood. The upper layer parquet – made from solid wood, as a rule, fine wood, its thickness is 4-8mm. Then comes the second layer of more available wood species, mostly coniferous trees. This layer is perpendicular to the upper layer.

The third layer – it's plywood. Many of the Parquet, and yet once the fashion for this cover came from France. Floorboards are produced in factories, in the form of panels, their width is 18 cm, length – 2 meters. Polish their cover at the factory. Of the advantages of this type of coverage you can highlight the undoubted quality.

The tree gives the unique interior. Flooring, in contrast to the parquet, easy to install. This option is cheaper than the parquet, and its styling is also more economical. Coverage can restore over time. The disadvantage is Note particularly styling, if you use a "floating" method. It is unprofitable, as flooring can be deformed with time.

Emergency Contraception Work

Emergency contraception – a safe and effective method of preventing pregnancy when you have had unprotected sexual intercourse, or something went wrong with your usual method of contraception. But this method of contraception can not be used every time you have sexual intercourse. Contraceptive use in the state to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy, but this kind of protection must be used immediately after sexual intercourse without delay. To take emergency contraception to 72 hours (3 days) after sexual intercourse, but the sooner you make, the more likely that contraception works. Where to buy pills from a number of emergency contraception? In pharmacies, clinics, family planning, violence – and hospitals.

You can keep these medicines on hand in case of what you might need them in case situations. Usually such preparations extracted by one of the pack. If you have packaged two pills, two pills must be taken together. This tool is used within 72 hours (three days) after unprotected intercourse. It is believed that such means prevents 75% of pregnancies that would occur if not used emergency contraception. How Emergency Contraception Work? Pill emergency contraception consists of progestrena, hormone, which is similar to the natural hormone in the body of a woman. In consequence of it, aligns the uterus and the egg can not stay on the wall of the uterus or delayed release of an egg from the ovary. Emergency contraception is not intended to use it regularly and should be used only in extreme cases.

Phytoestrogens Omega

Also protected a vessel is said to effect the Phytoestrogens. Vitalis Omega 3 ensures the daily supply of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can not even produced by the organism. The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in Vitalis Omega 3 help and therapy concomitantly in cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries and increased blood fat levels. Vitalis Omega 3 can support be taken also in diseases of rheumatic spectrum and other chronic inflammatory processes. Essential fatty acids promote the infant brain development during pregnancy and lactation.

For the Vitalis Omega 3 capsules is high-quality fish oil concentrate from anchovies and sardines used. In contrast to the tuna, which is often contaminated with heavy metals, the cold water fish anchovies and sardines from the pristine waters. Vitalis spirit with ginseng root and OPC grape seed extract may increase with age-related memory problems, concentration and memory. Guarana extract also ensures an increased efficiency and promotes the attention. The vitamins contained in the product of the B-complex support the brain and nerve metabolism and are involved in the formation of important blood components. The active ingredient of Phosphatidylserine is used as a regulator in the exchange of information between the brain cells. Phosphatidylserine supports neuronal metabolism and signal transmission. This has a positive effect on language, learning, and concentration.

All dietary supplements of VitalisLine are suitable for diabetics and lactose -, fruktose – as well as gluten-free. “Vitalis F and Vitalis Omega – 3 products also have a novel liquid encapsulation: as Licaps” (“liquid formula capsules”) called liquid encapsulation ensures improved absorption of the active substance and for optimum bioavailability. VitalisLine products can be ordered directly shop shipping GmbH from the GesundheitsWelt. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

Media Center

System No. 1 gives you a continuous grid system individual design options: combine high wardrobe cabinets with open shelves and semi-high boxes. Create atmosphere with illuminated frosted glass cabinets and sideboards. The bedside tables not only have drawers with push-to-open function, but can also – as all boxes – are equipped with LED lighting in the topsoil. Living room system no.. 1 turns your living room into a wellness oasis. The individual boxes can be arranged freely in the room and offer ample storage space and space for everything that is important to you. Display cases with Milchglasscheiben and LED lighting set dishes such as discreet and stylish scene.

All boxes can be made directly on the ground or on height-adjustable feet. An optional mounting system also offers the ability to hang the box on the wall. With deep black gloss doors creates the system no. 1 a particularly fine and at the same time comfortable atmosphere. The tunnels in solid beech underline this impression. Creative, the boxes can be supplemented by various elements: base plates high gloss, sideboards with beech frame and glass floor, Media Center for wall mounting – everything fits together perfectly and gives you plenty of storage space for an individual institution. Surely you have realized as well as great potential in this unique furniture. We hope that you will have lots of fun on the combination of your speaking to individual pieces of furniture and wish you until then everything very good. With the best regards Marcel Egbers & Christian Engel customer satisfaction You can reach us Terramobel so: terramobel South field 1 c 59174 came Tel 02307-261 71-0 fax 02307-261 71-29 terra moebel.