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Winter and Concrete

There are two main methods of winter concrete work: with heating (including electrowarming) and with pro- supplements. Warming up is especially helpful when a sufficiently large arrays of monolithic concrete. For narrow joints this method can not be recommended because it is not enough to warm the actual concrete seam, it is necessary to ensure a positive temperature adjacent arrays of prefabricated elements, intensely consuming the heat from the concrete joint. In addition, warming (particularly elektroprogrev) narrow joints leads to rapid drying of concrete, quality of welds obtained in this unsatisfactory. The most useful when frosts, reaching -30 C, to zamonolichivanie seams with antifreeze additives.

This allows virtually year-round in most parts of the North. Antifreeze additives must meet the following basic requirements: have a wide temperature range of their possible use; provide enough intensive growth of concrete strength at low temperatures, to ensure workability (Adaptability) of concrete with additives, to improve, at least, not to reduce the frost resistance of concrete, be economical and affordable. The most affordable and accessible additives are a mixture of calcium chloride and sodium. However, they can not be recommended as it causes corrosion of reinforcement. Common antifreeze additives are potash and sodium nitrite, and mixtures thereof. These additives can cause alkaline corrosion of concrete, in addition, the use of sodium nitrite leads to some reduction in water resistance and fracture toughness of concrete. Potash is added to the concrete at temperatures up to -30 -35 C, sodium nitrite – -10 C in the following amounts (% by weight of cement).

Westfalen Therme GmbH

Do good for the soul to that vital hotel is one of the most beautiful spa hotel in Germany in North Rhine-Westphalia near the city of Paderborn, in the Teutoburg Forest with direct access to the wellness oasis of the Westfalen-Therme Spa. Exclusively for all guests in the Spa Hotel Spa with exclusive sauna world, the baths of Westphalia during the entire stay entered the closed to leisure and is free. The Wellness becomes cheap and eventful weekend. Everyone should afford once a getaway North Rhine-Westphalia. A stay in a spa hotel is especially beautiful. Under, you can find one of the most beautiful hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia. How about a wellness weekend? You can leave a whole weekend long simply relax and be pampered all around. In a wellness hotel, Spa and beauty treatments are offered.

At the wellness weekend at the Vitalhotel there but much more. Can be used free Spa the Westphalia during the whole stay. You can reach directly from the hotel to the Spa. There is an adventure pool, saunas and much more. You must put on only his bathing suit and of course one should not forget his towel and a bathrobe. When you’re starving, you can quickly take a shower in the beautiful and spacious hotel rooms and move and then you go into the restaurant. There you will make eyes, because the range of dishes is huge and everything tastes so good that you don’t want to stop. You must but not worry about, that it needs to, because in the gym you can break down very soon the calories.

Even specialized courses are offered, to which you can log on. There are various offers for a wellness weekend. You can book it online and you can then set the wellness – and beauty treatments. In the vicinity one can undertake also beautiful walks or strolls through the Teutoburg Forest, and if you want me to go shopping in the city of Paderborn and many other major cities are not far away. Contact: Westfalen Therme GmbH + Co.