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Hair Jewelry

Jewellery hair is not suitable for every hair, so before you buy jewelry, talk to your hairdresser to make sure that the decorations will really complement your hairstyle. 5. than buying jewelry decide the budget and set the maximum amount for the purchase Regardless of your style and budget, you can find a huge amount of jewelry that are perfect for a gala evening. However, if you do not set the maximum amount for your purchases, you probably spend a lot of money. After all, high quality jewelry can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Also keep in mind that you'll happily dance and have fun all night long in a crowd of other people.

In this situation, you can easily lose part of their decorations and did not find them later. Therefore, stick to more modest budget to buy jewelry for his score. Put a colorful and stylish jewelry and gold from family heirlooms leave home. 6.Hodite in gold in 2009, Gold – is a hot trend in 2009 year. If you opted for the bright shiny dress, imitating a golden metallic luster, in this case will suit costume jewelry of various shades, from black to pink. In this case, the golden sheen is overwhelming and the purpose of decoration advantageous to emphasize your style in its color.

If you decide on gold jewelry, remember that it goes well with dresses of other non-gold colors, ranging from classic black and ending with pink. Even if your dress has a distinct pattern or picture, you can choose fine jewelry, gold-plated to give your image a finished look. But remember, you need only to emphasize their natural beauty rather than outshine her ornaments. Therefore, wear jewelry in moderation and do not overdo it with their number. 7.Vybirayte decorations for long term No matter what jewelry you select the gala evening, these decorations must go perfectly with your skin tone. They should be in harmony with other items from your wardrobe, not only with the clothes you are going to put on promenade and probably will wear a few times in my life. How much do you want to spend on decorations that are going to wear only once? On the other hand, you'll probably feel more comfortable when spend considerable money on the necklace and earrings, which can be either one year. Typically, high-quality and stylish jewelry is very rarely go out of fashion and in tune with the denim clothing as well as an evening dress. It is important Remember that your clothes, shoes and jewelry that you are going to put on the promenade must meet in the first place your personal style. More importantly, what you like, and so you look at it, than the corresponding latest fashion trends for the sake of fashion.


The effect is more or less long (two years). However, almost always requires multiple repeated dokalyvaniya (four times), designed to achieve the most pronounced cosmetic effect. The number of side effects the same as that of synthetic materials: redness, swelling, pain, inflammation, granulomas, pigmentation, rosacea, gel migration, abscesses, and necrosis. The only difference from liquid silicone is a combination of drugs that dissolve the most for a few years hence, you will be insured from showing pobochek in 10 years. Treatment, as before, is only possible by surgery.

For drugs in this group include: Evolution (Evolution), Artekoll (Artecoll), Arteplast (Arteplast), Dermalife (DermLife), Dermadip (DermDeep), intra Reviderm, Matridex (Matridex), Matridur (Matridur), Matrigel (Matrigel), Profil (Profill). Artekoll (Artecoll) – drug, on which Russia gained the most experience of. Is based on bovine alkaline-dissolved collagen, therefore, in rare cases, can cause allergies. Recommended for deep wrinkles. Probably need repeated procedures for correction. The effect is guaranteed for 3-5 years. Dermalife (DermLife) – the drug on the basis of material having a non-animal origin.

Consequently, no allergy and no risk transfer of viruses. Quite often observed after the application of the granuloma (sometimes in terms of more than a drug), as well as the formation of seals and an inflammation. Matridex (Matridex), Matridur (Matridur), (Matrigel (Matrigel) – have approximately the same complications as all drugs in this group. However, one of the beauticians, which I attended, said that their clinic refused to use the gel after a single case of skin necrosis in the nasolabial folds.

Losing Weight

People who start a regime when your doctor warns them that their health is in danger, are most effective in losing weight, and tend to better maintain the weight lost. Why does this happen? Because a process of restructuring occurs. You have heard many times that being overweight has negative effects on their health. Perhaps you know something of the relationship between overweight and heart diseases, or their relationship with diabetes, for example. The problem is that eating a few potato French today not going to immediately generate a heart attack, eat a chicken fried tomorrow or an ice cream triple past tomorrow, nor return us diabetics. But if we do this every day, Yes will be very likely that in a few years suffer from any of these diseases. The restructuring is to realize the way in which an isolated, for example, do not go to the gym response today, relates a consequence in the future, and with the formation of a habit.

In this case, do not go to the gym today is part of a habit that can be a sedentary lifestyle. This habit can Yes generate health problems associated with being overweight. Many times it is difficult to become aware of the way in which an election may be related to a habit. And this is one of the causes why you can continue choosing again and again the options as long-term going to negatively affect your body. When the doctor tells you a person that the lack of a proper diet or lack of exercise puts his life at risk, finally you will notice clearly the consequence that has each of their behaviors. Until this happens, it is very likely not be aware of the consequences that has her behavior, or even think that that will happen to others and not to him. For this reason, it is important that from this moment relate each election that makes in their day to day with the implications that may have for the future.

Tea and Weight Loss

Many of us we are at the point where we don’t know why if we do everything necessary to lose weight, do not achieve it… It is very frustrating, so well here I give you 8 reasons so you recognize why your body is not answering the question: how to lose weight. 1. Not you exercise the suficienteNecesitas exercise you and exercising with weights 3 times a week, with one day of rest between training and training, for example: Monday Wednesday Friday / Tuesday Thursday Saturday. Exercises with weights must be integral, what do I mean? that should not be exercises with isolated movements (who work an only muscle) but who work multiple muscles at once. Also need to exhaust the muscle, leave it exhausted. Because the work with weights are needed?First, they give you a beautiful figure to your body, you will not see you loose, but really healthy. Secondly, because the muscles are burners of fat per excellence, even at rest.

Exercise cardiovascular, must be complementary to the dumbbell exercise, you need to do them after you finish you exercise your muscles, never before, since you will not get the enough out of your muscles. 2 You are not sleeping enough. Lack of sleep can help you gain weight, experts cannot say exactly why this phenomenon is. A study found that people who sleep 5 hours per day are more susceptible to weigh more than people that they rest only 7 hours per night. Sleep affects metabolism, if you do not sleep enough give you hunger. Not getting enough sleep affects the secretion of cortisone which is one of the hormones that regulate appetite. CABE highlight that sleep affects not only physical but also mental aspect, you can get irritable, tend to confuse you more, depress you or anger you. How to lose weight? Try to get 8 hours of sleep.