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Visual Merchandising

Deko Woerner, Europe’s largest mail order company for Visual Merchandising, is the launching pad for the new summer collection 2010 with Leingarten / Heilbronn, April 20, 2010. Deko Woerner, Europe’s largest mail order company for Visual Merchandising, is the launching pad for the new summer collection 2010 with bright colors, extravagant styles and many XXL items. It is allowed what generated attention and draws the viewer into its spell. The mix of pop, rock and glamour stands in contrast to the trend classic high Shiny White”, which is pure and organic shapes in the current Interior and product design reflected in. Brave, pink, Hotty610 and yellow colour in a straightforward environment are used. This season currently is strong color accents with maritime blue tones. Opposites attract as you know and create stress fields. This is the current Zeitgeist in Visual Merchandising.

This summer is colorful and alive -“a collection of jewelry pieces from all parts of the world, says Marketing Manager Selma Okcu. “And it’s great, what the” Creative team always recur on the legs”, so Oakley next. Modern Africa “Jungle fever” is the trend that spills over from this year the cities to us. The color and wildlife of Africa fashion designers have can already influence. The high-quality interior elements with Tierprintmotiven (about Zebra, Leopard, or snake) are bizarre and interesting at the same time. Wellness / Spa relax, let go, feel good.

In the far eastern ambience, orchids, bamboo and wellness stones provide a break from the daily routine. Meditative sounds and aromas create harmony for body, mind and soul. See more exciting trends and ideas! The following download link, see pictures for free publication on the subject of summer trends 2010 instructions for opening the download link (ZIP compressed folder for printable image material) step: download (click on link and download the ZIP file) step: Save ZIP folder (select target directory) step: open ZIP folder Step: unzip a ZIP program (E.g. win ZIP / 7-ZIP / ZIP file) step: select target directory for unpacking / setting step: after successful unzip the folder can as usual be opened and used the footage information: get the images, for one-time publication. Each image is provided with the proof of origin:. All reproduction rights are at the Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Leingarten. Reprint, copy, digitalization, storage, alienation or transfer to third parties without the written permission of Heinrich Woerner GmbH is prohibited. Press contact: Nicole dance hall public relations Tel.

First Time Air Travel

Tour operator fefa travel offers from immediately travelling with an exclusive taxi transfer to Bodenmais from 200 euros to BODENMAIS (September 14, 2010) – again a premiere in Bodenmais: destination of flight package – is now ground corn as a first resort in the Bavarian Forest. Fefa travel tour operator offers flights from several German airports to Bodenmais from 200 euros. From Cologne/Bonn, Hamburg, Berlin and Hanover, it goes with Air Berlin or TUI fly there is an exclusive taxi transfer to Munich and from there (about 90 minutes) directly to Bodenmais. Always the round-trip airfare, transfers between airport and accommodation and just the accommodation itself are included in the tour price. Customers can choose between apartment, WellSportAktiv pension, 3-star or 4-star spa hotel. Bodenmais new target groups wants to achieve with this cooperation, such as those, the way into the Bavarian Forest is perhaps too far.

Combined with the top Spa Hotels in Bodenmais is such an attractive weekend wellness offer for potential Guests from northern Germany. With the plane to Bodenmais – that is really new and offers design options quite new the place and the landlords. As the award-winning top hotels could offer special flight specials in Bodenmais, that you attract guests who would shy away from a long journey in a relative short time. Today guests come from all over Bavaria to the wellness getaway to Bodenmais – in the future may come from all over Germany, because the prices are attractive and travel takes far less time. Also special offers, for example for golf or winter sports enthusiasts are interesting. The cheapest option starts at 200 euros with accommodation in an apartment (without meals). 236 euro exist for placing in a WellSportAktiv-pension with breakfast flight and accommodation in an apartment of WellSportAktiv comfort and 238 euros. The hotel stay costing from 274 euro (3-star) and 341Euro in the first-class hotel.

Training Profession

Christian Dohrn is with sauna & wellness services from 2011 in the Switzerland and Austria present a novelty on the German market so far the practice-oriented training to the Saunameister as inhouse training represents. Sauna – and wellness area, fine hotel or the ambitious fitness club – the employees are a crucial marketing tool. Almost 70% of guests changing a service company because they are dissatisfied with the staff. Only 9% switch because the price is too high for them. Here, Christian Dohrn attaches with its innovative training method. Out of the Lecture Hall and into practice.

The intensive training of employees is carried out exclusively in the plant to caring. Learning by doing is an essential cornerstone of workshops where discusses the physical, biochemical and physiological processes of the sauna bath. The emphases of the program focus on the social competence of the employees associated with a solid basic knowledge. After successful training to the Saunameister are the participants able to all common questions around the sauna and what related to answer. The implementation of infusion and guest services are professional and emerging conflict situations may cause sure staff.

In his events, represents, and Dohrn practiced the belief that competence has nothing to do with the juxtaposition of Word monstrosities, the laymen incomprehensible foreign words and phrases. A good sauna master knows the theory, can advise the guest friendly and will act prudently in daily practice. In addition to the education and training of employees, Christian Dohrn offers also quality analyses and mystery checks for sauna installations, especially for hotels in operating an advisory capacity.

Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal hernia – a condition in which the abdominal organs (intestine, greater omentum, ovaries) go beyond the anterior abdominal wall through the inguinal canal. This is the most common of all hernias of the anterior abdominal wall, occurs in 70% of cases. This type of hernia occurs more often in men than in women. This is due to the fact that the inguinal canal in women more often have slit-like shape, better fortified muscle and tendon fibers, somewhat longer and narrower than those of men. Inguinal hernias are divided into the oblique and direct. Oblique inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal ring and runs obliquely to the inguinal canal, exiting through the external inguinal orifice. This type of hernia is the most common. Direct inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal fossa, bulging transverse fascia (posterior wall of inguinal canal). After passing through the external opening of the inguinal canal, it lies at the root of the scrotum over the inguinal ligament in the form of a rounded education. This is due to the weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal.

Hernia is not through the entire channel, but only through its external opening the path obtained by direct hernial sac, which defines the name of the hernia. Often a direct inguinal hernia is bilateral and occurs in older people. The causes of inguinal hernias primarily include: weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal hereditary predisposition to the formation of hernias in the abdominal wall changes associated with pregnancy weight lifting with eating disorders (obesity or depletion). The only treatment for all types of hernia – surgery. If for some reason the operation was held in abeyance, or even impossible (eg age, presence of chronic diseases, or some other factors do not allow at this time surgery), then in this case recommended the use of a special truss. Please note that this band are best hernial manufactured using organic cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material without the addition of latex and synthetic materials (which can neblagotvorno affect your health). Wearing such a hernia bandage protects from infringement or relapse after surgery, and also allows the patient to feel more comfortable.


The term "light" drugs, meant by a product from the hemp plant. There is reason to believe that such a term proposed by traffickers who are interested in expanding their consumers. The word "light" is used to to remove the fear before the first change in his consciousness. This is the first step to anesthesia, making an easy transition to use more funds already unopposed personality and fear of them. Desire assert his individuality, to be accepted in peer education, misconceptions about the norms and values of life, marital misunderstandings and some psychological characteristics such as low self-esteem, susceptibility to influence, lead to a test drug by young people under the age of 23 years. Now this "drug" of drugs from the problems of the young man added more of his eyforiziruyuschy effect. And it is is strongly motivated to continue receiving.

In the first stage of adaptation to constant anesthesia appears steady decline in the reactions of the organism to toxicity (nausea). Adapts organism to new conditions of constant intoxication. Moreover, there is the ability to achieve the mental and later physical comfort only under the influence of drugs on the body. However, changes Tolerance – reduction reactions to the same quantity of drugs. And this leads to changes in the form of consumption, that is, to the needs of increasing doses of the drug, and then it changed to a more potent means to achieve the former eyforiziruyuschego effect.

And then, drugs have become an integral part of the body, in full control and mental and physical condition of the person. Addiction treatment in this period is a very complex process, for which not all come from the clinic. During the transition to hard drugs is no less important emotional factor. Initial reluctance to accept the drug after its sample is replaced by indifference, guilt disappears. Man learns to ignore the negative consequences of their drug use and to emphasize only the pleasant sensations. Becomes indifferent to everything except desire to experience narcosis time and time again. Drug use is a progressive phenomenon. It begins with smoking marijuana with a transition in the future to the use of potent substances. Not by accident is almost geroinomany all started with hashish. As to the term "light" drugs, which means by itself the product of the hemp, then there is reason to suppose that such a term proposed by traffickers who are interested in extension of its customers. The word "light" is used to remove the fear of changing his mind. This is the first step to anesthesia, making an easy transition to use more substances no longer encountering the resistance of the individual and fear.

Discover Thalassotherapy

On that vacation, spent at sea, one of the best forms of recreation, he knows, probably everyone. And it's not that at this time can be properly sleep off, do not cook meals, do not work. Moreover, as experience shows, the Rest people move more often walk, swim a lot, lay late and wake up with the first rays of the sun. But the sea air and warm salt water for just a few days, allowing you to relax and gain strength for the upcoming working days. Returning home from a vacation, you will always differ from those who have spent holidays at home or at the cottage. Healthy elastic skin, smart shapes, strong nails, shiny hair, sparkling eyes and happy smile The sea has an amazing ability to transform the body and uplift! Such a holiday – dream of almost every tired from everyday person, but realize it is not always easy. Yes, and went to the seaside once a year is too little. How could maintain itself for many months before the coveted holiday? How to restore power and get positive energy? The solution is simple and completely available to anyone who wants to feel born again. Suffice it to go to recreation centers and beauty salons, where, among other procedures stated thalassotherapy. Discover Thalassotherapy Its name comes from the Greek word thalassa – sea, which means that you have the opportunity to experience the joys of her own body effects of sea water, curative mud and algae.