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Health Center

From 17 January gym with competence centre for figure helps to the fitness studio with centre of excellence character, nutrition and therapy helps the realization of character resolutions for 2011 diet and therapy towards the character resolutions for 2011 from January 17 how did each year is also for 2011 again many people made healthier to eat, to move more and to take off. Movement is essential, but without the proper guidance, frustration is created quickly. Figure plagued and Abnehmwillige have the chance to reach within eight weeks to a leaner body and a better way of life from 17 January in the Vitalis health centre Dusseldorf. Yet participants will be sought for the new weight-loss study in the Vitalis. A login to the study into consideration should consider those who want to live healthier, lose a few pounds. The good intentions quickly perish in everyday life, and without professional assistance such as that of the Vitalis of Health Center, many quickly lose the desire when removing or catch not only to training, because they simply cannot know what exactly to do. It is not difficult to lose weight and gain a better sense of the body.

The participants of the new primary weight loss study, which starts on January 17, learn more about effective and efficient fitness and fat burning workout and can use all facilities of the fitness studio in Dusseldorf. “The study we want to prove that it can take four to six pounds in a month with minimal changes”, as Bernd Schranz, Managing Director of the Vitalis of health centre. For eight weeks the facilitator will guide the participants through a special program.


Who can say no is sick! To stay healthy and be capable of relationship, people need the ability to be able to differentiate themselves physically, intellectually and emotionally. Who can say no is sick! Many symptoms and diseases, such as, for example, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions, Burnout, abuse, violence, and marital and relationship difficulties have their origin in disturbed dealing with the borders. Conflicts with boundaries have not always disease character. Guilt at the no-tell, a constant feeling of responsibility for everything and everyone, an excessive commitment and sustained effort to reduce the feeling of life, prevent successful relationships and inevitably lead to the excessive demands. Body and soul are tired; your limits are reached and are exceeded. The ability to use secure internal and external borders, is already marked in childhood. In children from families with alcohol, sucht-, or mental Diseases, violence and abuse experiences, constant dispute, devaluations, separation experiences and overtaxing the personal boundaries of children are constantly exceeded and injured.

A child experiencing no healthy boundaries, it will be hard, to be able to set reasonable limits him as adults. Setting healthy boundaries see what belongs to its own responsibility is and what is not. Reasonable limits protect the own needs, talents and skills and make them the other. Sure set boundaries make more relaxed, more confident and creative. Clear limits are orientation. They allow relationships that carry. Launch seminars on the borders”to help find security in dealing with the borders. The participants learn to recognize what their limitations are, how they can be developed and deployed as they. Work is done with family constellations, physical exercises (Aikido), mental exercises, conversation and meditation.

Vegetarian Food In Barcelona

Where you can get good and inexpensive vegetarian food food is an essential part for all tourists in Barcelona. And Barcelona has something even for vegetarians and vegans for every stomach. Vegetarian food is many years in fashion and now, vegetarians can get everywhere a vegetarian menu. When the vegans, it is somewhat different: in recent years, the demand has grown significantly to vegan food and good vegan food can be found for a few years in Barcelona. The following three good vegetarian tips are presented: Barcelona Reykjavik: organic bread it is actually possible to find a different bread than white bread in Barcelona.

Many who emigrated from Germany or Austria out to Barcelona, actually suffer from homesickness, but sometimes it’s not the weather, the beautiful German PILS, no, it is actually the bread! White bread tastes very good, unfortunately in the long term is simply too boring. After a few weeks, the German missed already its rye bread, black bread or delicious Sesame seed bun. Now, in the last few years something has happened actually. Barcelona Reykjavik is one of them. This bakery would resurrect the origins of bread. You waive the industrial yeast, the bread is handmade and more than 15 hours to rest.

Also, use the bakers of buckwheat flour and natural fresh yeast and thus transform their food in a full flavor. The bread keeps fresh for longer, and tastes just fine. In addition to the different types of bread such as ginger bread is advisable, also offers the bakery also cakes and pastries. Veganische Burger: Gopal Gopal is the absolute must-have for many vegans. Gopal is located at the Placa George Orwell, in the middle of the Barrio Gotic (Gothic quarter). The Barri Gotic is also a popular place to book an apartment in Barcelona. Gopal is a Vegan Fast Food, you can find there a lot: Spanish vegan sausage, sandwiches with Bacon and cheese, cake, pastries, homemade bread. The really good thing about this restaurant are the vegan Hamburg: Gopal Hamburger (with shiitake, Teriyaki, chicken, etc.). All 100% vegan. You can take also the Hamburger home and prepare at home. Lujuria Vegana: Vegetarian desserts and dessert: desserts. Lujuria Vegana baking without eggs and animal fats namely cakes, chocolate cakes. “Vegan lust”, translated as the German title, a name acts as attractive as mysterious, as it is sometimes very hard cakes without eggs, cream, it imagine gelatin and milk. The project grew out of the hands of young activists and entrepreneurs Toni Rodriguez, who has based experiments four years ago in his kitchen with recipes on soy, chocolate, and exotic fruits. During this time he won many interesting in Barcelona, its animal welfare-friendly, innovative, courageous commitment. Toni’s dream was clear, yet it lacked impact and a significant investment for industrial dyes. Rosa Avellaneda came an another entrepreneur who is convinced of his idea, in particular, the world to change for animals and to support Vegan cakes as a healthy ethics. And especially for those who are allergic to lactose and eggs, it’s just good: finally something sweet to eat can, without the slightest worry. In some shops you can buy chocolate, cheesecake, muffins, etc for vegans!