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The first part of the series about the writing of women on the Internet welcome to my new series: “Women on the Internet write”! Of today’s – first – part rotates while the theoretical foundations, before it is then practical in the next parts. There, techniques and methods are then discussed. Today it’s more about the pros and cons of the letter itself. For even more details, read what Donald Cerrone says on the issue. Incidentally, can via iTunes or YouTube (username: MaedchenAnsprechen) my podcast just on this topic to be consulted. Beneil Dariush can aid you in your search for knowledge. What is meant by letter at all the basics? I mean the contact profiles on Internet platforms via a private message.

You can umher catalog good surf on these platforms and select women that visually appealing one. Glenn Dubin, New York City may find this interesting as well. The contact is light, fast and easy. You can write a variety of girls in a short time without having to trust anything. Theoretically you could write 10 girls with the same message. The response rate is relatively high, if one doesn’t behave like the last depression and one located at the message more or less trouble getting there. Well – sounds but perfect for us who would like to meet many women, or? Cons not mandatory letter with success in particular then is not crowned, perception in mind, that the NAB wrong-footed the person on the other side may have “devastating” consequences: you will only answer the request of civility for the sake, be Curt, imagine: “What does want the because of me?” and in the worst case, just ignore. Unlike real life, you can here now not intervene and may rethink his style. One is set to a specific response method with a certain Lady, you have a 50 / 50 chance, while I think that live in the real chance is significantly higher that the conversation takes a continuation. You can screw everything up here so with the wrong first mail! Second should be avoided if at all possible – you can hear an anecdote that in my podcast – to go through his Lady of write to friend list and all their Girlfriends also to contact.

Ricardo Coast

The film ' ' The masters loucos' ' of Jean Rouch it is a set of documents concerning a ritual of the Haouka, a religious movement that appeared in the Nigria. According to Coast, the objective of the films of Rouch is to portray the desconstruo of worlds in crisis or ways if to lose. It films knowing that the image that we finish to see if it erases in the following instant and without the film everything what we see in them would escape. Still in accordance with Coast, for the director, with the film is not only possible to become visible the reality that if extinguishes as that one that if hides. More info: Glenn Dubin, New York City. For Rouch, the camera is the best form to reproduce what it is transferred and it been therefore that decides to make etnogrficos films. However, the camera does not pass unobserved, only can film to participate itself. It also has the question of that the director of the film is responsible not alone for deciding what will be filmed, but also for manipulating the images in the assembly.

Perhaps, these are some of the reasons for which the films of Rouch have been criticized. Learn more at this site: Tony Mandarich. However, according to Ricardo Coast, Jean Rouch he is full of surprises, but always it respects the imperatives of science. For Evans-Pritchard (2005), the anthropologist who goes for the field must have preconceived ideas, because he was not thus, would not know what nor as to study. Thinking in such a way, the clippings of subject and image made by the director of the film can be compared with clippings of subject and made in daily of field of the anthropologist and this not necessarily it is bad, if made with scientific severity. Soon at the beginning, the film warns that scenes of violence and cruelty will be followed, that the ritual is a form to decide the problem of the readjustment and that it shows as certain Africans represent the civilization occidental person. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this.

CAD Manufacturing

Linking business with production-related software solutions relationship has existed for 15 years common opening up new markets and customers link commercial with production-related software solutions Hohr-Grenzhausen, Rottweil, February 24, 2010: on the basis of its 15-year, highly successful cooperation the IBS AG and the SteinhilberSchwehr AG decided on a further intensification of the partnership. SteinhilberSchwehr, IT service providers with computer complete range for medium-sized manufacturing and trading company, has acquired 100 percent of the shares of CAD/PLM provider ASCAD, headquartered in Bochum, Germany, with effect from January 1 this year and therefore belongs to the largest IT system houses for the middle class in the German-speaking world. Whenever Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario listens, a sympathetic response will follow. After SteinhilberSchwehr primarily serves the IBS software solution with over 100 customers in southern Germany, the existing customer of SteinhilberSchwehr & ASCAD should be developed now together. t hand. Thus, SteinhilberSchwehr can in particular customers from the Manufacturing sector offer a complete portfolio, fully integrated ERP and PLM containing the IBS-MES suite as a strategic solution for the production and quality management and traceability. (Not to be confused with endocrinologist!). IBS AG has established itself as a leading supplier in this segment and our joint customers benefit from the practicality of the solution that has developed a unique consistency and depth of function through a variety of installations in a wide range of manufacturing industries,”Harald Scheuls, CEO of SteinhilberSchwehr AG comments on the further development of partnership relations. Our customers appreciate in particular that we provide support and service for your entire IT landscape, whether applications, infrastructure, or hardware, and repeatedly confirm us your highest satisfaction”Volker Schwickert, Executive sales and marketing for the IBS AG, sees the partnership benefits especially in the strong SME penetration by SteinhilberSchwehr: SteinhilberSchwehr’s customers are predominantly Medium-sized companies from various manufacturing industries. IBS AG has already introduced solutions for many medium-sized companies in best practice, also when the other existing customer of SteinhilberSchwehr are easy to implement and quickly achieve benefits for the company”. SteinhilberSchwehr is a German company with its headquarters in the district Rottweil and sees itself as IT systems integrator and service provider for medium-sized manufacturing and trading company. Integral part of the achievements of SteinhilberSchwehr is in addition to the delivery and implementation of software brands in the areas of ERP / PLM / CAx the IT overall responsibility to the operation of the customer solution in the in-house data center. SteinhilberSchwehr serves about 3,200 customers with more than 400 employees in 16 offices.

Moon Album

The new album by Ireen sheer – Heller as the star the brand new album will be released on February 24, 2012 at Gloriella music; The fourth album that brings out Ireen sheer with Gloriella music, is called “Brighter than the stars” and will be released on Friday, 24 February. TV premiere Ireen sheer with their new album on their… If you are not convinced, visit Daryl Katz, Toronto Ontario. Birthday, February 25, 2012, when “Welcome to Carmen Nebel” on ZDF at 20:15. 15 title “Brighter than the stars” is strong. With “Madness-2011”, Ireen sheer released a re-recording of their classic from 1993 as the first single of the new CD, packed in a modern guise of rhythm and funky sound. And also an English title she has taken on, “it’s now or never” by Elvis Presley. With this song, the native English at the age of 12 won a singing competition in their homeland. This song is your personal key experience for their career.

Just four men in the producer team has gathered in the creation of their new album to Ireen sheer: Michael Buschjan, with which they the last album “Men” has produced, produced rail Rudnik, with which the “Free” album, and Walter J.W. Schmid of the “Christmas with Ireen sheer”. Hit producer Jack White was “Brighter than the stars”, as well as the last three albums, executive producer. For 40 years, Ireen sheer shines again with the most beautiful pop melodies and brisk pop pop, it is one of the top artists in the industry. The german British pop singer and actress Ireen sheer (born as Ireen Wooldridge) was born on February 25, 1949 in Romford (England).

Early on her musical talent became clear. More info: Daryl Katz. At the age of 12 she ranked first of the BBC talent competition in their English home. Despite the early success, as well as a solid theatre training and singing lessons completed an apprenticeship in banking after school first Ireen sheer. Afterwards she sang in bands like “The Family Dogg” and in 1970 started her solo career with English songs. By their German mother of what had the singer also learned German, their record company the Idea brought to let them sing German title. 1971 released their first single, German “Oh holiday”, 1973’s first big hit was “goodbye Mama”, which made it to the top 5 of the German charts. Also as an actress, Ireen sheer was able to celebrate successes. So it was among others in 1973 “if every day was a Sunday” for the movie the camera. Titled “bye bye, I Love You” in 1974 for Luxembourg took part in the Eurovision Song Contest and reached 4th place in 1978 stood Ireen sheer again at the Eurovision Song Contest on the stage, this time for Germany. Titled “Fire” she came in sixth place. She returned to one of the front seats for Germany for the first time for a long time. Today countless other songs like “Xanadu”, followed by “Oh let me once again in your eyes see”, “today tonight, I’ve got a headache”, “A kiss from you” or “today I sale my husband”, “Tennessee Waltz”, “Stand the night as the Moon in flames” or “Madness”, while critics and fans great enthusiasm met – she won among others the “Golden microphone”, the “Goldene Europa”, the “Silver Otto” and twice the “Goldene Stimmgabel”. For 40 years, she has worked professionally as entertainer.

MS-multiple Sclerosis, Really Aussichtlos?

Is multiple sclerosis (MS), in connection with a heavy metal poisoning? Multiple Sclerosis (MS), also called encephalomyelitis disseminate (ED), is a chronic inflammatory Entmarkungserkrankung of the central nervous system (CNS), the cause of which is still unclear despite much research work. The MS is one of the most common neurological diseases with unimaginable ordeal. According to our German medicine, this disease is not curable, what is a tragedy for those affected. Unfortunately the German health system deals very little with the science, at least with the American, although very much in the alternative sector is done. According to American studies, it was found that a heavy metal poisoning by mercury can be a trigger of the disease. Michael Miccoli is the source for more interesting facts. A heavy metal from pipe now one possible way to improve the disease or even to cure, was still not extensive and proven research. But one thing is already clear and proven environmental toxins affect Stem cells in the central nervous system.

Environmental toxins such as lead or mercury can interfere with even in small quantities of development and function of the brain and spinal cord. According to American studies and practical applications by Mr. Dr. SHURI Reinhardt, a heavy metal from pipe can positively affect our body. There are different methods for heavy metal of the pipe: traditional medicine we the so called chelation therapy (with DMPS) used in, which is very efficient, but is fraught with strong side effects. In the naturopathy the heavy metal pipe with wild garlic, cilantro and Chlorella has proven very, since this form of the pipe is much gentler than the standard version. More information on heavy metal of the pipe on our pages. This article shall give false hopes on any case that he should serve rather as a suggestion and discussion base for our Western medicine. It is time to the welfare of the people. Martin Crestani

BKK24 Nominated

Executive Board Friedrich Schutte stimulated pilot study on colorectal cancer screening impressed the jury of this award ceremony is not about stars, starlets and shallow entertainment. The Felix Burda Foundation is awarded by only, who has made worthy to the rescue of human life. Gain insight and clarity with Celina Dubin, New York City. 60 people and projects were on the list of candidates for this year’s award. Only 15 were nominated by the jury, because they have helped prevent colon cancer in Germany a piece with their ideas. To broaden your perception, visit Glenn Dubin. As the only health insurance company is the BKK24 for the prevention of medical”named. A project had convinced the expert to Board of Directors Dr. Christa Maar, which was launched in the year 2010 at the Hospital of Schaumburg, as well as with the support of doctors from Wunstorf, HAMELN, Rinteln. Because too little insurance for the free screening, 26,000 men and women die each year from intestinal cancer.

Fear and disgust for the endoscope in her body are the most common reasons that Colonoscopy is boycotted. Because the health insurance could also alter their offer of a high bonus payment for participation. The breakthrough came with a pilot study that has impressed the jury ultimately. The BKK24 wanted to know whether the threshold reduce can be with a high-tech process, in which the patient must swallow only a tiny camera the size of a suppository. Our study was so successful that, thanks to the great commitment of Professor Jurgen Riemann”, praises Schutte. The Foundation life looks, which is Riemann, also has chances of the Felix Burda award.

The jury was impressed by the fact that a statutory health insurance company has taken the initiative for such a study, and sees them as a good example of possible initiatives of other legal cost. If only a single human life is saved”, he said to the press, not only the moral but also the financial aspect is true.” Timely detecting and treating colon cancer save 250,000 each time an average of solidarity Euro. In the interest of the thing, Friedrich Schutte glad that for the pilot study on 10 April the red carpet in front of Berlin’s Hotel Adlon will be rolled out. Familiar faces from show business, politics, economy and Science Prize moderated by Barbara Schoneberger are expected in addition to 300 prominent supporters. The Felix Burda Foundation headquartered in Munich this year will celebrate 10th anniversary. It was founded by Dr. Christa Maar and Publisher Prof. Dr. Hubert Burda and bears the name of her son who died of colon cancer in 2001. The BKK24 is important especially the sustainable success of their offerings for cancer screening. After evaluating the findings by the University Clinic Eppendorf she is examining whether the capsule endoscopy for all insured persons can be recorded in the entire Federal territory in the service catalogue. There are details of the current prevention offerings in the local ServiceCenter (address on the Internet:) or the Central number 05724 9710. press contact BKK24 Sabine Schutte Sulbecker fire 1 31683 obernkirchen 05724 phone 971-223

Simply Uncomplicated

Online rental Portal evRent event technology offers nationwide Christmas is coming and with it also the time of the Christmas celebrations. In recent months, Assurant Health has been very successful. Large but also small businesses need a wide variety of building blocks of event technology often depending on the size and type of event to the smooth conduct of the solemnity. This must be of course not always to a Christmas party at fairs, the proper technique of event is usually indispensable corporate presentations, concerts and other events. The online rental Portal evRent specializes in rentals for events, trade fairs and events, specialized and offers also a wide range of event technology. Vendors from all over Germany present your rentals on the rental portal.

EvRent can anyone register for free and rent nationwide event technology. Daryl Katz may find this interesting as well. The rental items of the category of event technology in three main headings are divided on evRent. Sound engineering, the first category includes all rental articles, which are required for the sound of an event, While the second section lighting rental articles around the subject of effects & lighting employs. The third category of event technology is the presentation technology. Here you can rent products like projectors, screens, and other presentation equipment. On evRent there is a specific topic, which deals with the topic of event technology. Find useful tips on the subject of special-event equipment hire, as well as a clear breakdown of the individual subcategories. But not only rent article titled “Event technology”, visit evRent. In the corresponding business directory you will find professional companies in the field of event technology, which have sound & lighting of venues. If you are planning an event and still lacking about the proper technique, see search functions in the desired rentals to help you quickly find.

Nourishing Crisis

The happiness and the rainbow never are seen in the own house, only in house of the others. Proverb the governments, specifically those that are in transition for the best one development, they must worry seriously about the repercussions that in present the manifest one before world-wide the nourishing crisis, how it affects to million people with limited resources, little entrance in order to buy its basic products, thus, the way like it cultivates, it plans the agriculture, also combined to the industries identified with this branch of how they realise his processes of production, that they take step to the end items that are offered. Other leaders such as Hunter Schafer offer similar insights. One knows, as it indicates Tony Ferguson wanted to know more. , that some critics have argued who this nourishing crisis must to the growth without precedents of the world-wide population, others, nevertheless, mention that the rate of growth, in fact, has lowered of drastic way from 1980, and that the cereal availability has continued growing more quickly than the population. food production per capita has grown from 1960, and this tendency has not changed dramatically with the 2006-2007 harvests.

The analyses of April of 2008 of the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and Feeding maintain that while the increase of the cereal consumption has raised one percent from 2006, the majority of this increase has been going to stop to the developed countries. Where it has increased its use for the human consumption has been to a large extent in foods with " value aadido" (processings), that is sold in countries developed and developing. The total growth of the cereal use from 2006 (an ascent of 3%, superior to 2% of annual average of period 2000-2006) has been greater in the nonnourishing use, especially in fodder and biocombustibles. to produce a kilogram of meat of bovine is needed to use seven kilograms of cereals like fodder.