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Wellness & Sailing In Greece

Out of de shackles of everyday life! Cast off to Greece! You want from the shackles of everyday life out to enjoy your yacht Charter Greece with all my body and soul experience? Then visit one of the many spas and mineral springs in the Greek Islands, which are known since ancient times for your healing powers in the Mediterranean area. Greece is known not only as a yacht Charter dream for passionate sailors but also as one of the richest countries in natural spas of the world, with more than 850 thermal and mineral springs. Together with the wonderful climate with the unique diversity of nature, with the sailing facilities, as well as with the healthy kitchen, the ideal proposal for mental and physical relaxation make this, Yacht Charter Greece. Here are a few tips for wellness centers and spas for those in search of well-being. The region of Fthiotida probably offers the largest concentration of Spa Center and also has ferry service to the island of Euboea (Evia), where numerous thermal springs can be found.

One of the best resorts is Edipsos (called also Aedipsos or Aidipsos). This bath is unique, because the hot springs jump out of under the sea water, so that visitors can actually swim in the swirling warm water. The place has a long history and the many hotels, guesthouses and other tourist Wellnes facilities are evidence of this. Edipsos offers offers the Yacht Charter crews also beautiful sandy beaches and for tourists interested in history, historical and archaeological monuments in the vicinity of the seaside resorts. The volcanic island of Milos has several spas on the coast, where jump out of the hot mineral springs directly from the ground, who are not very well organized.

Lesbos also offers a range of hot and cold mineral springs. Except for the seaside resorts which use natural source of water for your therapies, there are still spas specialising in thalassotherapy, or sea water – treatments. One of the most beautiful is the Royal Mare Thalasso in Crete. The Wellness Center is equipped with and a variety of treatments and Spa therapies such as foot baths, underwater massages, sauna, wraps, Fusion therapy and and medical wellness. Khamena Vourla (in Phthiotis) are still the “Thermi”, 25 km away from Thessaloniki, the one of Thermopiles, 15 km south of Lamia and the other known spas. Here, there are many hotels and accommodation options, as well as a large selection of restaurants, bars and taverns. Yacht Charter guests find luxurious spas with modern equipment and qualified personnel in all five – star can be found in Athens or Thessaloniki hotels, but most. You will be surprised what a couple of days off in the chic Spa, surrounded by pleasant warmth and make sensual scents. Discover the holistic beauty of natural spa therapies in Greece even during your yacht charter vacation!

Private Wellness Oasis topics in April is today a House more than the buildings in which we live. It reflects our lifestyle, our personalized island in everyday life. “” With the topics specials bathroom “and roof” highlighted two major areas for visibility and inner harmony in April. “Hardly a room in the House is so much with the concepts of well-being” or Wellnessrefugium “associated such as the bathroom. It formerly served the pure body care, it is a place to relax today for most people and recharge your batteries. Shower system, whirlpool bath or infra-red cabin, the current bathroom special by shows the latest trends, gives you tips and advice on the sensible bathroom design and also looking in the bathroom of the future….

/ bathroom /… The roof over their heads”not only protects from wind and weather; with its large area it characterizes decisively with the appearance of the House. From traditional to trendy, in clay, concrete or metal choosing different Roof tile is now huge. “In the special roof” presents the most popular colors and shapes as well as alternatives to the roof design, for example the natural green roof. Other topics include the specialist insulation and the use of the roof space for solar or photovoltaic systems…. / roof /… Now twelve years, offers current topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home.

Wellness Temple

How do I out of my bathroom a wellness temple with a bit of effort can be transformed into a private wellness Temple even smaller bathroom. The design possibilities are varied, even without dismantling of tiles and sanitary equipment. Before starting the purely decorative design of the bathroom, should ensure that sufficient storage space for cosmetics and other utensils available. Ideal for the storing of various objects is a cupboard. The size of the bathroom should be noted in the selection of a suitable bathroom Cabinet.

Dark and large bathroom cabinets to bombastic work in small bathrooms, but can appear very comfortable big bathrooms. Closed cabinets are generally better for the bathroom, depending on the flavor can also open cabinets, fitted with shelf boxes are. In addition, light play an elemental role to transform your bathroom into a wellness oasis. There should be enough light sources and the key light should be individually dimmable. The easiest way to create additional light sources is to make floor lamps and table lamps in the bathrooms. Wall lamps can be installed with a little more effort.

For bathtubs on a base located there is also the possibility to integrate small LED lamps, they provide alternate different light in the bathtub, and so for a better bathing experience. The decoration of the bathroom should be kept rather discreetly, so should not too many different distributed colors in the space and not too many styles are mixed. Accordingly, drab bathroom rugs in warm colours such as beige should be used. To enhance the shower and bathing experiences, mounting of massage shower heads, which are individually adjustable is also suitable. Also scent plays an important role for your well-being in the bathroom. With scented candles, scented oils or room fragrances can enrich your bathroom flair. In all points, it is sure that taste offers the basis for any design. In a room in which you are not feel that you can not relax, as it should in a wellness Temple. Find tips and suggestions for making the most of your bathroom in online blogs to the bathroom, like the blog theme bad Fox.