Analysis Of The Euro Dollar Exchange And Forex

The possibility of the dollar for profit EURUSD – Breaking the Fibonacci support weakens the prospects for the Euro broke the 61.8% Fibonacci support at 1.3202 short term, and fell to 1.3153. Although not meeting the goal suggested for this break, a break was very important because it weakened the technical perspective, since this support was the last significant protection for the low of this cycle and lower for Year 1: 1.3113. After breaking 1.3202, odds favor the drop below 1.3113 and arrival at a new low of the cycle. For even more details, read what Dr. John Mcdougall says on the issue. We expect the dollar to launch an attack on this level immediately after breaking the short-term support 1.3173. If this support is broken, the pair will be directed primarily towards 1.3113 and then 1.3050, the last stand before the mark remarkable 1.30. Resistance is at 1.3273, is very difficult for us to see the EUR / USD in a positive technical picture while it is operating below this level. To know more about this subject visit Bobby Green.

But if it breaks this level, will be released of most of the pressure, and will go towards 1.3354 and 1.3434 may also. Support: a 1.3173: significant intraday support, protection of low ayer.a 1.. . At Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City you will find additional information.

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