Attraction Works

You may have heard about the law of attraction, where it shows us that all circumstances we attract into our lives through our thoughts and feelings, does really work? The truth is that Yes, so it happens, it is not precisely we attract but rather we create our reality. In the movie the secret shows way relatively how easy that is to attract things into our lives, is it really easy? Depends, in most of the chaos it is not, with practice it is becoming easy to achieve certain things, for example we could concentrate and devote some energy to locate a person, to the course of sometime, days for sure will have news of that person, either find it or we will call, etc. Another example is that of a food, if we concentrate on a specific dish with much desire and make it something that isn’t very everyday at home, then the universe will provide that somehow dish, rather you are creating it, does it work? Yes, if It works. With some level of practice and by associating the appropriate emotions we can begin using the law of attraction for our benefit, but you have to notice something very important, the law of attraction works you easily to situations that are everyday for our mind, food, people, some level of money, certain objects, etc. This is due to that is already possesses certain State, then equals a person read a book of their language in different places, no matter where it is always achieved its objective, because the ability to read in certain language is a State that already possesses. Now consider what happens with radical life changes?, does the law of attraction? Yes, if it does not, but it is a process that requires time and effort, you cannot pretend to see a State that has never approached, for example when you imagine a lobster dish, is a condition that has already experienced several times, then it is easy to visualize that event, but what happens when We envision buying a 50 story building and do not even have an apartment? It happens that our mind does not properly process such information, becomes all an illusion, simply because we do not have sufficient level of energy to pretend that purpose of first entry.

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