Autism Definition

THAT is the AUTISMOEl autism is defined as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), this name is synonymous with the diagnostic category pervasive developmental disorder (PDD).According to the Statistical Manual and diagnosis of mental disorders, DSM-IV, the Generalizados disorders of development is a category that has five subtypes :! more > 1 – disorder Autista2 – disorder of Rett3 – disintegrative disorder of the ninez4 – disorder Asperger5 pervasive not especificadoLos pervasive development disorders development disorder, according to the definition of the DSM-IV (American Psychiatric Association – APA – 1994) are characterized by a difficulty deep and widespread in several areas of development: – social interaction skills, – communication skills verbal and non-verbal – presence of behavior, interests, and stereotyped activities.The five disorders share similar characteristics:. They tend to be evident at the age of 2-3 years, although some can be detected from the first months… They find it difficult to talk about… Little eye contact… Problems with activities involving imagination… Difficulties to interpret non-verbal behavior (expressions, gestures, looks, tone of voice). Tantrums… Sleep disorders…

Immunological problems and gastrointestinal… Hiccups or hypersensitivity to certain sensory stimuli… Difficulty playing with other children, other people including their families.Dr. Leticia Dominguez in his book improving the quality of life for your son autistic or hyper refers to as autistic spectrum autism because it masks some sort of generally metabolic disease.The autism spectrum is divided: – Attention Deficit and hyperactivity (ADHD) disorder – pervasive developmental disorder (PDD)-(leve-severo) Autism ADHD according to the DSM-IV classifies this disorder in three tipo:tipo 1 predominantly with lack of Atenciontipo 2 predominantly hiperactivoTipo 3 a combination of both.The pervasive developmental disorder, called in English Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), is to define the disorder in children who have some autistic symptoms but that do not fit because they have an atypical symptomatology. This includes the Atipico.enfermedades autism symptoms similar to autism’s genetic origin this Rett’s syndrome, fragile X, phenylketonuria and disintegrative disorder of the Infancia.Algunos syndrome are other types of genetic Autism:-sclerosis Tuberosa-Histidinemia Histidinuria-deficiency of nucleotide pyrimidine-disorders metabolic of the Purinas.

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