Extra Income

One of the alternatives most revolutionary to generate income from home is the world of the PTC. Y which are the PTC? R = the PTC are a considerable group of online advertising companies, which offer the possibility of announcing to third parties and pay for registered users for viewing ads of these. So simple it is logic. Finally any user is able to earn daily income to register at a guaranteed reputation PTC. All generally offer a minimum amount which once reached is removable for the user. Currently the minimum amounts for cash vary between $2.00, $10.00 up to $100 or more depending mainly on payment and terms policies and services of each, which should be studied primarily to ensure the convenience of the user. Usually when you register you receive the standard membership, which is the most common for users.

In this type of membership you need not invest anything, you receive payments for every ad seen, usually rats of payment vary from 0.01, 0.02, 0.04 up to 0.10 to see the announcement for a time established (between 30 to 60 seconds). Once the time runs out, you receive a notification of payment and subsequent accreditation to your user account. To withdraw your funds once hit the minimum you should open an account in Alertpay or Paypal. Subsequently you can flirt a credit or debit card to any of these two payment platforms and receive the funds on the card. Of course a Commission is charged at any bank. But the important thing is that the money goes to your respective account. However there is the possibility that if you have friends you can refer them using the registration link, so they in turn can receive payments on your accounts and you just get a part for each click that they perform.

The rule here is that you can not refer to persons within the same development where you live, or from your own IP address using different accounts (eg: brothers, dads, cousins). You can only refer friends who are in another location other than yours. (Preferably in another district or city) I have personally selected the PTC more guaranteed and reliable that they pay to their registered once users reach the minimum amounts. Other memberships are optional (you must invest a certain amount and can be monthly, quarterly or yearly) to the user. Allow you to gain more value by seeing each ad. And if you’re good mathematician you can take your projections ahead of time before buying them to make sure if you want to make the investment, you double it or simply it will be quite difficult. Equally these PTC, are those offered the lowest optional memberships in relation to the rest. The estimated gains were calculated on the basis of the work of a single user, without a referral. (logically gain would be greater) Convinced that there are options to generate extra income, I assure you that if you’re consistent, you’ll get good results.

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