Fashion For Freckles

Up until the xx century, the freckles were considered a sign of low social status. Their noble competitors were considered flies and moles. In fact, someone else besides ladies come to mind spending time to ensure that paint their faces with black dots? Compared with the moles, which can be recognized even though the missing child, even though the perpetrator had fled, freckles – not so persistent. These specks of migrants appear only in warm season. And mostly those who are constantly in the sun – farmers, traders, other small fry. Hence the relevance to caulk: "It's physics " Freckles – Natural skin reaction to ultraviolet light. Though not a each, and only those who are genetically predisposed to it. The cause of freckles is the presence of a specific gene in melanocytes, which, after meeting with the sun starting to more actively produce pigment.

Thus, the freckle is also called primary hyperpigmentation. Since then, Tan has ceased to be considered as an attribute of peasant origin, began to change and the attitude to freckles. Now it can be diametrically opposite. That is, while some carefully derive freckles, while others, engaged in their artificial breeding on their own faces. All the ways to acquire freckles acquire freckles can be reduced to make their own paint – either temporarily or permanently. Those who wish to wear a freckle on a permanent basis may apply to the tattoo parlor. For application of freckles, a special dye, and if it is slightly diluted – then acquire color transparency.

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