Gifts From Colorado

Did you ever talk about the diversity of the insect world with keen gardeners? No? You know, perhaps, and do not try. Will chant the beauty of butterflies – and hear about the damage that causes annual caterpillar lovingly cultivated plantings. Chafer, too, does not awaken in them memories of childhood, in which many of us are tied to the legs of these beetles thread and walk them on a makeshift leash. And so what you hear in the address the State of Colorado, who "gave" gardeners of the famous potato beetle And none of your assurances that this state still has a right to exist and there are a lot of good, interesting and beautiful unlikely to soften their hearts. But Colorado – not a hotbed of nefarious beetles arriving to dine foreign potatoes, and this is an innocent victim, one might say, a fellow-sufferer! In xix century the state was subjected to this invasion beetles from Mexico. After this devastating raid beetle was named "Colorado", and the state in the minds of men became associated exclusively with a striped fan of potatoes.

Let's go to Colorado to then argued to uphold the good name of the state. Virtually the entire state is located in the mountains, and virtually all of its territory for at least rises a mile above sea level. Rocky Mountains and Colorado Plateau is largely identified the main directions of development of the state's economy. From the beginning settlement of these lands are mined minerals, and the oldest and the chief industries of the state is mining.

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