Scales Measuring Instruments

SCALES balance is an instrument that measures the mass of a body or substance, using as a means of comparing the force of gravity acting on the body. The word comes from the Latin terms bis which means two and linx, dish. It must be taken into account that the weight is the force that the gravitational field exerted on the mass of uncuerpo, such force being the product of the mass for the local acceleration of gravity. F = m x g. The local term is included to highlight that acceleration depends on factors like geographical latitude, height above the sea level and the density of the Earth, in the place where the measurement is made.

Such a force is measured in Newton. For even more opinions, read materials from Aflac. The scale has other names, among them scale and weighs. PURPOSE of the scale the scale is used to measure the mass of a body or substance or weight thereof, given that between mass and weight there is a well-defined relationship. The laboratory uses the balance to carry out quality control activities with devices such as pipettes, mixing machines in proporcionespredefinidas and components to determine densities or specific weights. PRINCIPLES of operation scales differ by design, the principles used and criteria of metrology using. Today could be considered that there are two large groups: mechanical scales and electronic balances. Some mechanical balance of the most common are as follows: 1. scale of spring.

Your funcionamientoesta based on a mechanical property of springs, which consists in that the force exerted by a spring is proportional to the constant of spring k multiplied by the elongation of the same x F = – kx. This implies that the larger is the mass m that is placed on the balance pan, the greater elongation, still the same proportional to the mass and spring constant. A spring scale calibration depends on the force of gravity acting on the object, so it should be calibrated at the place of employment.

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