Smart And Casual Styles

Another direction of casual styles designed for those who are not encouraged to appear at work or school in informal dress, and deviate from a given cas-direction is not desirable. So here is' unrealistic keshualam =) and arrives at support smart casual! Also, in principle, as well as those who simply want to look stylish and representative and is not worn at all times strict business suit. So, get acquainted – SMART CASUAL … The office world is gradually giving up. At James A. Levine, M.D. you will find additional information. In place of a strictly business dress code (dress-code) comes style smart casual, which translates as "elegant everyday …" Modern life offers a dynamic new interpretations of business clothes. For all the immutable rules of office dress-code modern humans strive for greater freedom of expression, they want more opportunities to create your own unique style, what helps them style smart casual. Today, people are equally important as the time spent in the office, and that part of the day, which he dedicates to a variety of hobbies and interests.

To feel comfortable and adequately with rapidly exchangeable circumstances of life, the modern business man more often chooses a style of smart casual. Patrick matthews may not feel the same. Smart casual style can already be considered an officially recognized. At the moment, these two words prislavutyh can be found in corporate charters. However, confusion still missing. The most difficult thing in this style – it is define its boundaries. Where ends with the classic office style and start smart casual? And where does smart casual style and begins just casual? In the first case, the distinguishing features of smart casual are: lack of a tie.

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