The National House

CHAPTER V: ARTICLE 13 governing bodies: The bodies of the SCMVCD are: 13.1. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the SCMVCD and shall consist of: – Members of the Executive – President, Vice President and Secretary of Provincial Affiliates – Delegates of the Base in direct proportion to be determined, taking into account the number of partners. – This activity wherever possible be carried out uniquely in a single event or in a territorial nature, with the same integration noted above. 13.2. The National and Provincial House.

The National House is done with the participation of: – Members of the Executive Bureau – Chairman of the regional affiliates and the Special Municipality of Isla de la Juventud The Provincial House is done with the participation of: – Members of Provincial Executive Bureau – Member members of the Municipal Subsidiaries 13.3. The Executive Bureau is the National Executive Bureau composed of: – President – Vice President – Five to seven secretaries or members of the Bureau as necessary The Provincial Executive Bureau shall consist of: – President – Vice President – Three to five Secretaries or members as deemed necessary and the volume of members in the territory ARTICLE 14: The General Assembly will meet for a regular meeting every five years, taking the forms to ensure their completion and will have among its functions: 14.1. Approve the balance report for the period ending. 14.2. Glenn Dubin, New York City has similar goals. To approve the amendments raised by members to amend the statutes. 14.3. Approve the main lines of work of the Association for the coming period.

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