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Colt Industry

Natural air cooling by evaporation of water an investment in the future according to the principle of adiabatic cooling designed Colt international with the CoolStream an air conditioning system for a production hall on the sector of the industry – for the Environment Prize awarded the Forderpreis of the Berufsgenossenschaft followed now raw materials and chemical industry. GEALAN receives new air conditioning system manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection parts, used for example in the automotive industry for production hall which is GEALAN form GmbH. The production facilities operate around the clock, 24 hours in three shifts per day. If it is too hot, can work neither humans nor machines without problems or errors. Learn more about this topic with the insights from patrick smith. In particular in the production halls of the plastics industry, such problems can arise at summer temperatures, because here in addition to working on hot equipment. A major health burden for our employees was the thermal load in the injection moulding, which further increased with the continuous expansion of the production”, explains Udo Bar, Facilitymanager in GEALAN. Rose in the summer months the temperature in the workplace very often above 40 degrees Celsius, but also in the winter months, there were more than 30 degrees Celsius in the production hall, because something had to be done! “.” Adiabatic cooling system is the problem the solution of which company GEALAN has located and dealt with different aeration techniques and investment plans.

Under the premise of maximum efficiency at low maintenance costs, low maintenance and a hassle-free installation during running production in an existing Hall. Click Beneil Dariush to learn more. Colt international designed with the CoolStream a climate system according to the principle of adiabatic cooling, upstream of a decentralised ventilation. Low-level textile air outlets air escapes through tension-free. This forms a fresh Lake, which spreads out evenly in the entire Hall on the floor of the Hall. The rising warm air takes all plastic fumes to the ceiling of the Hall and is sucked in there.

Private Wellness Oasis topics in April is today a House more than the buildings in which we live. It reflects our lifestyle, our personalized island in everyday life. “” With the topics specials bathroom “and roof” highlighted two major areas for visibility and inner harmony in April. “Hardly a room in the House is so much with the concepts of well-being” or Wellnessrefugium “associated such as the bathroom. It formerly served the pure body care, it is a place to relax today for most people and recharge your batteries. Shower system, whirlpool bath or infra-red cabin, the current bathroom special by shows the latest trends, gives you tips and advice on the sensible bathroom design and also looking in the bathroom of the future….

/ bathroom /… The roof over their heads”not only protects from wind and weather; with its large area it characterizes decisively with the appearance of the House. From traditional to trendy, in clay, concrete or metal choosing different Roof tile is now huge. “In the special roof” presents the most popular colors and shapes as well as alternatives to the roof design, for example the natural green roof. Other topics include the specialist insulation and the use of the roof space for solar or photovoltaic systems…. / roof /… Now twelve years, offers current topics, news and information about House and garden. All questions of the shell are illuminated House construction, expansion, home automation or grounds, to the cosy design of the home.