Feminine Nature

Feminine nature oasis for women in the middle of Berlin women’s Spa Studio feminine nature in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in early October 2009 opened. Completely newly furnished and newly renovated Wellness Centre you can pamper and your body with sauna visits, massages of all types, body developments, cosmetics and anti aging treatments, nail model layers as well as hand and foot care. Feminine nature is decorated in a very rustic and home style, where women can be even fully among themselves. Monday and Saturday, where men have the pleasure to return health to your body are newly introduced the mixed days. The most modern equipment will immediately contribute to your relaxation, like E.g.

the unique in Germany pine herbs – steam drum, which rids your body of any salts and strengthens your immune system. In addition five different sows are available, like E.g. the 60 to 70 hot wet Russian Banya available or an extra treatment Banja, in You are personal massage with birch branches can book them relax your muscles and strengthen the immune system. This can choose between three different types of massage, each in your own way is an unforgettable experience and very special. There are among others still, the bio-sauna with mineralised air.

From Monday to Friday there hour from 11-16: 00 a happy. Use the unique massage with hot chocolate, honey or aromatic oil. The hot-stone-massage available and a vitalising massage with salt crystals are also available. Day daily offers discount on all massages nature feminine also from 11 am 4 pm 10%. Prolong their youth by anti – aging and cellulite treatments. Innovative and modern power technology stimulates and supports streamlining and reducing your body fat by electrostatic ultrasound. This brings the cellulite melt. The wrinkles come to an end, as well as problem skin and acne production with the new laser technology. After a treatment feels and You can see all the long-lasting result. In addition to the manicure and pedicure can give yourself before a foot reflex zone massage. Drop on the Internet page of feminine nature.

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