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German Inspection Association

Official: no animal testing for cosmetic products more Glandorf – 3.4.2013. Now Europe no cosmetic products may be sold more, that have been tested on animals. Thus the final stage of the cosmetics directive is on the 12 March 2013 in force. It prohibits animal testing for all beauty and skin care products. Regardless of whether they were produced in the EU or anywhere else in the world. Learn more about this with Beneil Dariush. It is based on the Directive 2003/15/EC of the European Community, strict regulations on animal experiments in the cosmetics directive 76/768/EEC have been added with the years ago. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Eva Andersson-Dubin and gain more knowledge..

She – actually – banned animal testing for cosmetics in the EU since 2004 and since 2009 also for individual components of the cosmetics. So far, manufacturers could bypass these bans, but by carry out animal experiments for example outside the EU could or refer to the lack of alternative testing arrangements. This finally belongs to the past. Other approaches to humane from cosmetics, natural, non-irreversible ill There are high quality standards for cosmetics raw materials used to make products. For example, defined by the European eco-regulation (“Regulation (EC) No 834 / 2007 of of the Council 28 June 2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products”). The EU eco-regulation protects consumers and allows reliable consumer information about the origin of agricultural products guaranteed organic organically grown by means of prescribed systems. An example of a product which – fundamental renunciation of animal experiments and origin of organic – meets the above criteria, is the Zistrosencreme based on bee wax “Cystus organic ointment”.

The origin of the eco-organic ingredients is to the Greek eco Office Physiologike (for Cistus incanus SSP.. Pandalis and almond oil) and processing organic farming products (for beeswax) guaranteed the German Inspection Association.

KARMA Collection

GOOD KARMA – by the finger up to the FUssSPITZEN thanks BARIELLE-New York, NY (March 2011) bring the inner Yogi, Zen master and the center of the universe is now so easy as never! The new spring collection “KARMA” by BARIELLE is here. Beneil Dariush has similar goals. “KARMA” is made up of six exhilarating colors that will enlighten the spring and leave Zen footprints. One, two, three, CHI… and this collection combines perfection and serenity in one. Entering Nirvana is possible now without meditation: BUDDHA-FUL, a slightly iridescent Pearl cream with soft baby pink and light blue shades. Good luck from the bottle POWORED is located in SOUL-ER a dandelion yellow with delicate metallic accents.

Enlightenment is an opaque cream, vintageartigen Fuchsia nails now WELCOME ohm. Diving into the POSITIVE ZEN ERGY a warm green with silver shimmer. DO-UNTO-OTHERS a shining sea foam green brings the holiday on the nails. More information is housed here: patrick matthews. Last but not least, we believe with GOTTA HAVE FATE, a vibrant Tangerine nuance in fate. The unique formulation gives the nails a safe, healthy and long-lasting high gloss colour.

The “KARMA” – SHADES BY BARIELLE coatings contain no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate and can safely be used during pregnancy. The nails with a safe, to bring healthy, durable and shiny shade, the varnish from the “KARMA” include collection of SHADES BY BARIELLE no formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (Liquor). Women can safely use Barielle products during pregnancy. Main characteristic of the ingredients: free from formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (lye) suggested retail price of the KARMA nuances (13.3 ml): 15 source: WWW.NICHEBEAUTY.DE niche beauty presents a silver tray with exclusive cosmetic products that have been brought so far mostly as a gift from abroad. In the hand-picked assortment, the trend brand Anthony logistics, Ole Henriksen, Philip B., Rosebud, located Youngblood mineral cosmetics, Ellis Faas and Barielle – brand new – with the KARMA collection. Niche beauty offers a harmonious mix of beauty niche brands for a selected clientele. For each product, there is extensive information on effectiveness, ingredients and application. The shop offers the small luxuries for the personal beauty boudoir and the private wellness area. Delivery throughout Europe – in Germany, the shipping is free. Be paid may by last name, credit card and debit. The online store is accessible at the Internet address. For more information, we are anytime available Sandra Obermaier PR & consulting

Proper Hair Care For Each Type

Correctly to care tips for beautiful hair the hair and to select the suitable products from the abundance of offerings, is not always easy. Among other things it is the type of hair. The news portal provides tips for healthy and beautiful hair. Beauty also depends on the hair. There is however no general recipe for the proper care, because especially the hair type should be noted. Natalie Rogers has plenty of information regarding this issue. There are dry hair, which requires much care so that regenerates the natural protective layer of your hair and you will be helped to new splendour. Care shampoos are helpful with proteins. You give hair strength and momentum.

For fine hair, similar products are recommended. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to increase your knowledge. For damaged hair and split ends, while the hairline is healthy, but the tips are damaged, dry, and powerless. In this case should be avoided on treatments such as smoothing, coloration or perms. Care products promise success in this type of hair only conditionally, because they can not damaged hair repair. Instead, a visit to the hairdresser and a rich Spa, for example, from egg, honey and olive oil are useful. In addition, the hair on a low level should be blow dried.

The treatment of greasy hair is difficult. While it is advisable to use a gentle shampoo, for example a baby shampoo, and only slightly to rub it, not in addition to stimulate the production of sebum. In addition, the hair should be washed with cool water. More information: travel-and-live /… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Chief Joachim Stehr

Be safe, feel good and stay healthy in the ‘ round village saga, the village of health ‘ health village saga box has been specially designed to open paths to its guests as you can maintain his health in old age and can feel all around good. Cosy rooms that are equipped for a really quiet relaxing holidays deliberately not with phone and TV, a restaurant with creative cuisine of health, Ayurveda Centre for regeneration and relaxation treatment rooms for cosmetic specialist applications, the funds recognized Massage practice, bath Department, a natural healing practice with various holistic naturopathic medicine, yoga room & gym Studio, artist’s Studio for art classes and a swimming pond with a block log sauna invite to absolute rest and relaxation. In the Wendland, Luneburg Heath where the villages are around is an entire village in the sign of health. Alles fur den Gast is done, here, so he is not sick. Historical model of the original Wendland round villages a complete village was rebuilt here. All the buildings form a circle around the cosy village square, in the style of the original Lower Saxony half-timbered houses.

The health village saga field is designed specially to open paths to its guests as you can maintain his health in old age and can feel all around good. Cosy rooms that are equipped for a really quiet relaxing holidays deliberately not with phone and TV, a restaurant with creative cuisine of health, Ayurveda Centre for regeneration and relaxation treatment rooms for cosmetic specialist applications, the funds recognized Massage practice, bath Department, a natural healing practice with various holistic naturopathic medicine, yoga room & gym Studio, artist’s Studio for art classes and a swimming pond with a block log sauna invite to absolute rest and relaxation. Especially in the Wellnessdorf saga field: therapists from all over the world meet here, to the guests Wellness treatments according to authentic teachings for body, mind and soul to offer. Doctors and naturopaths offer help with health problems, the Physio and massage therapists are recognized by all funds. A leading source for info: United Health. The professional beauticians provide with relaxing treatments for beauty and relaxation. The whole field of nutrition is professionally covered by diatisch trained chefs – together with a renowned nutritionist and offers the possibility to feed not only healthy, but also very tasty. The entire team ensures that guest to rest can come, feel secure and can hide from the outside world. y agree.

In the context of the holistic concept of well-being feeling therapists provide the mental balance and open new paths; Saga is ideal place for reflection, recreation and reorientation. In order to offer always new authentic health and wellbeing treatments to guests, the Chief Joachim Stehr travels regularly through Asia. He considers himself as a Wellness-Scout”and is in Thailand, China and India in search of some ancient secrets for beauty and health. “What he by his expeditions” brings, is examined in detail in Germany and carefully adapted to the European taste, without losing the authenticity of exotic experiences. Selected seminars round off the offer by saga field. Indian doctors offer such an introduction in the thousand-year old Ayurveda, the physiotherapists take Nordic walking exercise activities of back exercises and introduces the yoga teacher in the relaxation techniques of yoga. Some of these courses are recognized even by health insurance, according to the Asian saying that a good doctor is characterized by the fact, that his patients are not ill. More info:


The steam shower is a Wellnessstation that is currently still only insiders known and popular. The steam shower is a kind of closed shower with a steam generator, which produces hot steam and thereby heats the cabin, this heat is appropriately moist and makes the perfect alternative for those who tolerated no dry heat sauna. Due to the heat generated will be totally relaxes the muscles, sweat, this is a cleansing and massage nozzles built into the shower, the muscles are fulled by. The steam shower can eliminate tension, but also people who suffer from back pain or rheumatism, swear now on the usage of the steam shower to relieve pain. In any case the use of a steam shower is extremely relaxing and soothing even if no acute symptoms are just a realizing that good for the body and the soul. So far there are steam showers mainly in this Spa Hotel, but the use for the private sector is increasingly through, the customer can choose in the steam shower some extras such as the use of flavouring additives or with different massage programs. A steam shower can easily integrate into the existing bathroom, installing a mobile steam shower is carried out by a qualified electrician and takes only a few hours.

Who converted his bathroom to the wellness oasis and it is also health aspects into account, which should not abandon a steam shower. It offers also benefits in addition to the relaxing effect to health. The prices for steam showers may vary depending on the selected tools and start at about 2,000 euros, an investment, health and personal well-being for the sake that is worth. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)

Skin, Hair and Nail Beauty

Nails, hair, and especially skin suffer through vitamin deficiency is diet not only for performance and fitness important, but also for the beauty. Our skin is a very sensitive organ which can detect false or deficient nutrition early on. So it serves in addition to their function as protective case also as indicator for this, what is wrong in our bodies. A good character, beautiful skin, hair and nails are mostly the result of an intensive care – beauty comes not from about. This includes also the diet, providing our bodies with nutrients and minerals. You must be no nutritionists to create a healthy and delicious diet, which at the same time positively affects a beautiful skin, on the table. The beauty vitamin is required to rebuild collagen.

This protein receives the skin elasticity and looks younger. Nails, hair, and especially skin suffer due to vitamin deficiency. Missing vitamins, can our appearance including suffer, the skin looks limp and grey. Maintained, the skin is fed but from outside, and is built by our daily food. Our digestive system, raises the food – our blood circulation puts you in the places where they are needed in each skin cell. At the same time the blood absorbs the reducing substances, transmits them to the detoxification in the liver and kidney and takes over the disposal. The smoother this down and construction work, we become the more beautiful. It is no wonder that deficiency symptoms first in skin, but also in nails and hair become apparent on the other hand.

Vitamins slow down the skin’s natural cell ageing and maintain from the inside. Vitamin A: vitamin A promotes metabolism and cell division. The skin remains supple and smooth. As a free radical scavenger, it has a preventive effect against wrinkles and delay skin aging. Vitamin A is included in: fish, butter, cheese, milk, spinach, fennel, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, red beets and tomatoes.

Private Spa

Implementation of a private oasis with a classic Finnish sauna as a centerpiece just come more and more people on the idea, to satisfy the desire of the own wellness oasis in the home in the cold season. A sauna is usually the centerpiece of the Wellnesswunsches. The price of a sauna facility is an important criterion, but, but, the quality plays an important role. Should you can also adapt the sauna of the planned environment. Conclusion: Something should be and not “off the shelf”.

When building a sauna there are many things, which fall at the first glance at first not in the eye. The layman while facing questions such as the correct location, the appropriate wood, the choice of the technical equipment or the correct construction of the individual parts, so that the sauna is even after years still to the pure joy and not problems due to planning errors, which can no longer be corrected. Sauna farmer solution different concepts for the realization of the various construction projects are for this. Whether in a sauna in particular the experience plays for private users or in the commercial area, important for the choice of the right partner. A reliable partner for the construction of the sauna is for example the company apart-sauna, whose Inhaber plans saunas for over 30 years, designed and builds a. “The advice is always paramount and is the basis for all further measures.” explains Dieter Tietjen, owner of apart-sauna. “Many customers underestimate this important spatial conditions and requirements for a controlled air exchange.

So only a good and healthy climate in the sauna can occur when sufficient oxygen-rich air is fed”. Before however, the skilled person can start with planning, basic considerations should be made: where is the best location for the sauna system? In the basement, attic, or in the bathroom? The sauna should be simple, or do I put special demands on the Visual design or the technical equipment? These basics are understood, it is Contact person at apart-sauna in able to create a proper planning with indication of costs. Information has a 30 years experience in the planning, development, and manufacturing of equipment for saunas more on description of the company the company apart-sauna for private and commercial use. Apart-sauna products are taking the high level of quality and manufacturing standards, made with carefully selected materials and manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of the German of sauna. At apart-sauna, you will find the classic sauna, but also individually equipped design sauna as element- and solid wood sauna (block log sauna). As the garden sauna Sauna outdoor. Sauna accessories from the sauna control to the heater, concentrate for infusion and much more. Company contact: APART-SAUNA Tietjen Walter width 10 34346 Hann.

Feminine Nature

Feminine nature oasis for women in the middle of Berlin women’s Spa Studio feminine nature in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in early October 2009 opened. Completely newly furnished and newly renovated Wellness Centre you can pamper and your body with sauna visits, massages of all types, body developments, cosmetics and anti aging treatments, nail model layers as well as hand and foot care. Feminine nature is decorated in a very rustic and home style, where women can be even fully among themselves. Monday and Saturday, where men have the pleasure to return health to your body are newly introduced the mixed days. The most modern equipment will immediately contribute to your relaxation, like E.g.

the unique in Germany pine herbs – steam drum, which rids your body of any salts and strengthens your immune system. In addition five different sows are available, like E.g. the 60 to 70 hot wet Russian Banya available or an extra treatment Banja, in You are personal massage with birch branches can book them relax your muscles and strengthen the immune system. This can choose between three different types of massage, each in your own way is an unforgettable experience and very special. There are among others still, the bio-sauna with mineralised air.

From Monday to Friday there hour from 11-16: 00 a happy. Use the unique massage with hot chocolate, honey or aromatic oil. The hot-stone-massage available and a vitalising massage with salt crystals are also available. Day daily offers discount on all massages nature feminine also from 11 am 4 pm 10%. Prolong their youth by anti – aging and cellulite treatments. Innovative and modern power technology stimulates and supports streamlining and reducing your body fat by electrostatic ultrasound. This brings the cellulite melt. The wrinkles come to an end, as well as problem skin and acne production with the new laser technology. After a treatment feels and You can see all the long-lasting result. In addition to the manicure and pedicure can give yourself before a foot reflex zone massage. Drop on the Internet page of feminine nature.

Wellness Day

The day itself can begin then relax by you just really sleep out. Early risers in the family who should consult, so that the parents may sleep and long cuddle. A common breakfast then heralds the start into the day. Here, the family spirit can be trained by the children must make their final preparations and so deliberately assume an important part at the day spa of the parents. Very important: All day telephone and computer fail, because they are reminiscent of the work and distract. Fresh air for the relationship then it should go out into the fresh air and nature. It is secondary, what is undertaken, mainly, it makes fun of both partners and not reminiscent of work or daily routine.

So that parents with a bad conscience to start the day, in time hire a babysitter. A possibility for relaxing moments for two is for example, a trip to a nearby park, a bike ride or strolling through a colorful, lively market. If the weather does not play with no problem. A museum visit or a long afternoon in the Favorite Cafe offer alternatives for cloudy rainy days. Romantic wellness in the evening after an active day programme a romantic evening is good for two twice. For example, a romantic bath ensures relaxation. Candles, rose petals, pleasant fragrances, or delicious fruit on the edge of the bath about what you like and stimulates the senses, is desirable. A massage should not be missed of course.

The classics are back or foot massage. For those who like something sensual, can use a high-quality Bodyglide example pjur woman for a loving body massage. It nourishes the skin with high-quality ingredients, is exceptionally long mechanical capable of sustained, gives a velvety and pleasant skin feel and whets the appetite for more. Thus, the Wellness Day is perfect and body, mind and spirit are strengthened for the next challenges of everyday family life.

Wellness Hotel

Relax in the wellness – how to! The term of wellness has become in recent years to an absolute fashionable term. It has a veritable wellness industry evolves, the holidays? ber drinks? drinks up to clothing almost all offers. Many consumers are doing but not dar? ber aware, what is exactly behind the concept of wellness. To make the industry more transparent, it is important that especially in non tourist areas clear is communicating, what it actually has before him. H? n is often? truth not? everywhere where Wellness it there also Spa. Reason? addition is that a healthy wellness using food, massages, sport, di? ten and Naturn? he a Wohlgef? hl f? r K? erm body and spirit? prints. Wellness in the tourism industry, especially in the tourism sector is the wellness of gro? he important and numerous hotels available? gen? ber excellent offers.

A holiday in the wellness hotel allows to disable it to stressed vacationers, to use mouse? teeth to let and K? to bring body and soul back into balance. Such a short break offers the ideal Opportunity to distance from everyday life to win and get f? r a few days to relax. The advantage of wellness is that one daf? r not far to travel. In Germany, there are numerous excellent wellness hotels, the its G? sten a wide range offer, which includes everything from massages and sauna to yoga and Scrubs. In Germany, especially the State Mecklemburg Mecklenburg-Vorpommern has established itself as popular wellness. Whether classic or modern, typical North German or exotic, no Wellnesswunsch remains unerf the vacationers? llt. Also, the Spa in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania not only begins at the hotel entrance. G? ste k? tonnes in the wild come to rest, connect sports curiosity with cultural interest and everyday? throw over Board.

The spas and castle hotels in Mecklemburg-Western Pomerania received their G? ste with incomparably pure air and endless expanse. K located directly on the sea? can G? ste promenades and Seebr? press can breathe in the healthy sea air and to calm down by the endless expanse of the sea. Inland, however, enchants visitors with peace of mind and an idyllic landscape. Beware of false spa services leisure m? must be prior to departure exactly? ber the gew? desired Wellnesshotel inform, as also in the tourism sector is not equal to wellness wellness. Many accommodation operators use the wellness trend term only, to attract more tourists. Since the term is not honored? is appreciated and it is not legally regulated, what has to offer a Spa Hotel, k? can be even small family pensions or Urlaubsbauernh? fe Wellnesshotel call. This MI? need of the term is always problematic, because customers in the? robberies? llten market quickly lose the orientation and simply run astray? hrt are k? tonnes. Therefore is that one must study well as tourists, to not irref? to be leading and simply false advertising claims to the victims.