Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal hernia – a condition in which the abdominal organs (intestine, greater omentum, ovaries) go beyond the anterior abdominal wall through the inguinal canal. This is the most common of all hernias of the anterior abdominal wall, occurs in 70% of cases. This type of hernia occurs more often in men than in women. This is due to the fact that the inguinal canal in women more often have slit-like shape, better fortified muscle and tendon fibers, somewhat longer and narrower than those of men. Inguinal hernias are divided into the oblique and direct. Oblique inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal ring and runs obliquely to the inguinal canal, exiting through the external inguinal orifice. This type of hernia is the most common. Direct inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal fossa, bulging transverse fascia (posterior wall of inguinal canal). After passing through the external opening of the inguinal canal, it lies at the root of the scrotum over the inguinal ligament in the form of a rounded education. This is due to the weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal.

Hernia is not through the entire channel, but only through its external opening the path obtained by direct hernial sac, which defines the name of the hernia. Often a direct inguinal hernia is bilateral and occurs in older people. The causes of inguinal hernias primarily include: weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal hereditary predisposition to the formation of hernias in the abdominal wall changes associated with pregnancy weight lifting with eating disorders (obesity or depletion). The only treatment for all types of hernia – surgery. If for some reason the operation was held in abeyance, or even impossible (eg age, presence of chronic diseases, or some other factors do not allow at this time surgery), then in this case recommended the use of a special truss. Please note that this band are best hernial manufactured using organic cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material without the addition of latex and synthetic materials (which can neblagotvorno affect your health). Wearing such a hernia bandage protects from infringement or relapse after surgery, and also allows the patient to feel more comfortable.

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