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Arthritis and chronic rheumatism – the widespread disease. Doctors who are treating rheumatism, can slow the process and stop it. But, mostly, these diseases are incurable type. Folk healers are aware a number of highly effective treatments for these diseases. General guidelines for treatment of arthritis and rheumatism: It is recommended to exclude from the diet of meat and fat, should reduce the consumption of foods high in starch.

So it's best to start treatment of arthritis and rheumatism in the autumn, when fruits and vegetables in abundance. It is useful to use fresh, not pasteurized milk and dairy products such as sour milk, yogurt. Should used in the diet of fresh tomatoes, fresh blueberries or cranberries, raw apples, and drink plenty of hot liquids, except for coffee, for sweating. In severe, advanced cases before the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism patients are advised to 3-6 days to take nothing except the warm boiled water. At the same time, it should follow the chair. On an empty stomach at night and recommended an enema. Patients should beware of cooling and wash with cold water. Must often take hot bath is very useful for the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism treatment, so you should check your heart. At some stages of the disease when hot tubs is prohibited, should be taken in moderation, and a short time. Procedures for using the baths are recommended when there is no pathological heart conditions.

Vital Dent Explains

Increasingly more people who are interested are by the implants but do not know what are and what is the treatment to perform. Since Vital Dent want to inform their patients in detail and resolve all doubts that may have about implants. The first thing we need to know is what is an implant. Vital Dent us explains that an implantees an artificial root, usually titanium, which replaces the root of the tooth and on which is subsequently placed a prosthesis. The end result is identical to the tooth natural, both in appearance and strength.

This is one of the advantages of implants Vital Dent, since not only is pure aesthetics. Thanks to the implants Vital Dent, biting and chewing will no longer be a problem and you return to smile as earlier ones. Despite all the information that today in day is known, also there are many people that this treatment is scary. Since Vital Dent ensures that more advanced implants are manufactured from biocompatible materials that minimize rejection and favor the osseointegration. Thanks to the integration of the implant in the bone, or osseointegration, the new part will have all the resistance and own teeth fortress. It is important to know that the placement of implants Vital Dent is a simple technique and the patient’s recovery is fast and hassle-free provided that the doctor’s recommendations are followed.

Finally, from Vital Dent specify us briefly in what cases the best solution are implants: If you have lost one or more teeth. If you don’t want to rely on the use of dental adhesives. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile. You know, if you have any questions or want to be sure if they agree you implants Vital Dent does not hesitate to attend one of their clinics.

The Danger Of Alcohol In The Cold Season …

Drinking alcoholic beverages during the cold season can be deadly. Alcohol does not warm! Death in the cold while intoxicated occurs much more frequently and more quickly than in a sober state. That should be aware of the effects of alcohol in a cold environment: 1. Once in the brain, alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Caused by alcohol intoxication suppresses narcotic often even self-preservation instinct, reduces perception of pain signals hypothermia. Often drunk, freezes in the cold, because it did not feel cold to sleep, as the alcohol in an uncontrolled situation, the brain does not perceive any pain signals, no signals of low temperature. 2.

Alcohol does not warm in the cold, but merely creates a false sense of warmth. When extreme cold alcohol, briefly expanding the blood vessels and increases the speed of blood circulation, creating the illusion of warmth. When contact with alcohol in the blood starts transient vasodilation. This process is accompanied by improved blood flow to the extremities, which causes the initial and the expected effect of rewarming in the cold. Therefore, drunk people on a cold start to unbutton his jacket, which can not be done, because then the vessels are narrowed, and the body loses heat very quickly cooled. 3. Sensitivity to alcohol drunk increases with change in ambient temperature. When the drunken man out in the cold to warm room, he got drunk even more, exacerbating the above-mentioned effects of alcohol on the body.

4. Receiving a small number of alcohol in order to reduce the influence of cold on the body is permissible, but only after hitting a man in a warm room. 5. To warm in the cold should be applied to foods rich in animal fats and very hot sweet tea. Prefer to warm in cold weather so dubious means such as alcohol, by and large are the only people to justify their regular use of alcohol in every possible way. A it already points to the existence of problems in the relationship with alcohol. In either case, consultation with a specialist, not only does not hurt, but also may help detect disease at an early stage, which will contribute to effective treatment alcoholism.

David Serrano

The mere mention of the word acne filled some people fear. Imagine having to spend long hours taking care of your skin by scrubbing that will suffer because the implementation of expensive creams. You imagine avoiding foods that you like to eat in order to prevent the grains to expand all over his face. The good news is that it is progressing in the treatment of acne and experts are discovering new ways to prevent and treat this terrible disease of the skin. Some of the old myths about acne have proved to be a false information and news about how to get a clear and beautiful skin are discovering every day. Take a look at these 5 little known facts about acne treatment and skin care: 1) should perform a daily cleaning or not? Although experts believed that cleaning, was necessary to obtain the skin clean and free from grains, we now know that rubbing the skin with Abrasives only serves to irritate and damage skin. Since the skin is delicate, it can damage easily, leaving it incapable of acting as a shield against harmful bacteria. So resfregarse the skin with or without Abrasives should be avoided.

(2) Can the Sun leave my beautiful skin? Although the Sun is capable of stopping the bacteria, it also damages your skin to resect it and also clogs your pores. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight (by more than 15 minutes a day) will not help you get a beautiful skin and should be avoided. (3) Cold air helps unlock my acne skin? The extremely cold weather damage the skin in the same way as the Sun does, by drying it and by clogging of the pores. Cold air should be avoided since it may interfere with any progress that is being made towards the clarification of your acne. The best temperature to keep a clear and beautiful skin will be between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. (4) Can swim, can damage my skin? Swimming is an excellent option both for your fitness level and more even if your skin is prone to having Acne. Swimming in a purified ozone pool and deck, with water at a temperature of approximately 24 to 30 degrees Celsius, will will relieve irritated skin, reduce stress and will provide you with a great exercise for your body and your entire.

(5) How do I avoid contact with the bacteria that cause acne? The best way to avoid that the bacteria that cause acne have an effective skin contact and have pimples, is clean it well, as best as possible. Bacteria thrive in the clothes of bed, towels and linen for what should wash them whenever you use them. Some natural products to reduce the bacteria are oils of vinegar, essential oils and oil of tea tree, which can be used to wash your bedding and your underwear. After learning these five steps, you’ll know to effectively combat your acne and to be able to control it, since you will learn how to change your bad habits. Change unhealthy habits will lead to a healthy lifestyle which, in turn, will lead to having one beautiful, clear, acne-free skin. Lucas David Serrano was a victim of acne. He tried to remedy many acne products on the market and, finally, some methods that really work to cure acne. Lucas David Serrano reveals these methods in his book miracle for Acne. It uses its own natural remedies to cure your acne in 2 weeks.

Phytoestrogens Omega

Also protected a vessel is said to effect the Phytoestrogens. Vitalis Omega 3 ensures the daily supply of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can not even produced by the organism. The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in Vitalis Omega 3 help and therapy concomitantly in cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries and increased blood fat levels. Vitalis Omega 3 can support be taken also in diseases of rheumatic spectrum and other chronic inflammatory processes. Essential fatty acids promote the infant brain development during pregnancy and lactation.

For the Vitalis Omega 3 capsules is high-quality fish oil concentrate from anchovies and sardines used. In contrast to the tuna, which is often contaminated with heavy metals, the cold water fish anchovies and sardines from the pristine waters. Vitalis spirit with ginseng root and OPC grape seed extract may increase with age-related memory problems, concentration and memory. Guarana extract also ensures an increased efficiency and promotes the attention. The vitamins contained in the product of the B-complex support the brain and nerve metabolism and are involved in the formation of important blood components. The active ingredient of Phosphatidylserine is used as a regulator in the exchange of information between the brain cells. Phosphatidylserine supports neuronal metabolism and signal transmission. This has a positive effect on language, learning, and concentration.

All dietary supplements of VitalisLine are suitable for diabetics and lactose -, fruktose – as well as gluten-free. “Vitalis F and Vitalis Omega – 3 products also have a novel liquid encapsulation: as Licaps” (“liquid formula capsules”) called liquid encapsulation ensures improved absorption of the active substance and for optimum bioavailability. VitalisLine products can be ordered directly shop shipping GmbH from the GesundheitsWelt. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal hernia – a condition in which the abdominal organs (intestine, greater omentum, ovaries) go beyond the anterior abdominal wall through the inguinal canal. This is the most common of all hernias of the anterior abdominal wall, occurs in 70% of cases. This type of hernia occurs more often in men than in women. This is due to the fact that the inguinal canal in women more often have slit-like shape, better fortified muscle and tendon fibers, somewhat longer and narrower than those of men. Inguinal hernias are divided into the oblique and direct. Oblique inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal ring and runs obliquely to the inguinal canal, exiting through the external inguinal orifice. This type of hernia is the most common. Direct inguinal hernia is formed in the internal inguinal fossa, bulging transverse fascia (posterior wall of inguinal canal). After passing through the external opening of the inguinal canal, it lies at the root of the scrotum over the inguinal ligament in the form of a rounded education. This is due to the weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal.

Hernia is not through the entire channel, but only through its external opening the path obtained by direct hernial sac, which defines the name of the hernia. Often a direct inguinal hernia is bilateral and occurs in older people. The causes of inguinal hernias primarily include: weakening of the connective tissue posterior wall of the inguinal canal hereditary predisposition to the formation of hernias in the abdominal wall changes associated with pregnancy weight lifting with eating disorders (obesity or depletion). The only treatment for all types of hernia – surgery. If for some reason the operation was held in abeyance, or even impossible (eg age, presence of chronic diseases, or some other factors do not allow at this time surgery), then in this case recommended the use of a special truss. Please note that this band are best hernial manufactured using organic cotton, which is a hypoallergenic material without the addition of latex and synthetic materials (which can neblagotvorno affect your health). Wearing such a hernia bandage protects from infringement or relapse after surgery, and also allows the patient to feel more comfortable.


The term "light" drugs, meant by a product from the hemp plant. There is reason to believe that such a term proposed by traffickers who are interested in expanding their consumers. The word "light" is used to to remove the fear before the first change in his consciousness. This is the first step to anesthesia, making an easy transition to use more funds already unopposed personality and fear of them. Desire assert his individuality, to be accepted in peer education, misconceptions about the norms and values of life, marital misunderstandings and some psychological characteristics such as low self-esteem, susceptibility to influence, lead to a test drug by young people under the age of 23 years. Now this "drug" of drugs from the problems of the young man added more of his eyforiziruyuschy effect. And it is is strongly motivated to continue receiving.

In the first stage of adaptation to constant anesthesia appears steady decline in the reactions of the organism to toxicity (nausea). Adapts organism to new conditions of constant intoxication. Moreover, there is the ability to achieve the mental and later physical comfort only under the influence of drugs on the body. However, changes Tolerance – reduction reactions to the same quantity of drugs. And this leads to changes in the form of consumption, that is, to the needs of increasing doses of the drug, and then it changed to a more potent means to achieve the former eyforiziruyuschego effect.

And then, drugs have become an integral part of the body, in full control and mental and physical condition of the person. Addiction treatment in this period is a very complex process, for which not all come from the clinic. During the transition to hard drugs is no less important emotional factor. Initial reluctance to accept the drug after its sample is replaced by indifference, guilt disappears. Man learns to ignore the negative consequences of their drug use and to emphasize only the pleasant sensations. Becomes indifferent to everything except desire to experience narcosis time and time again. Drug use is a progressive phenomenon. It begins with smoking marijuana with a transition in the future to the use of potent substances. Not by accident is almost geroinomany all started with hashish. As to the term "light" drugs, which means by itself the product of the hemp, then there is reason to suppose that such a term proposed by traffickers who are interested in extension of its customers. The word "light" is used to remove the fear of changing his mind. This is the first step to anesthesia, making an easy transition to use more substances no longer encountering the resistance of the individual and fear.

Natural Juices

Nature always gives people something useful, but we must be able to dispose of it properly. Many scientists around the world spend a lot of research of natural ingredients and in particular the natural juices. Dr. Carol O'Neill noted that one hundred percent fruit juice – the principal component of the diet for children. The organism grows, and as a child in it is laid almost all of that in the next few years will predetermine the well-being. In particular, fruit juice given to children vitaminaminy A and C in portions, and even dietary fiber. Others famous drinks for children, unfortunately do not contain the necessary components. A gas-water generally harmful to being a kid and a mature man.

Specialists of the South American Institute of Louisiana have learned that any fruit juice, which contains no impurities and preservatives, may be useful for well-being and health children. In particular, he gives the young body to a complex of useful high-calorie things that not very rich in other drinks. However, the choice of juice is better podstupat with full responsibility. In almost all beverages recognizable brands by experts not so long ago, found antimony, which can be the first prerequisite of cancer. From this it follows that the juice is better to do personally myself – with the help of juicers. More valuable for being such juices as klyukovny, orange, apple, noni juice, and pomegranate.

Discover Thalassotherapy

On that vacation, spent at sea, one of the best forms of recreation, he knows, probably everyone. And it's not that at this time can be properly sleep off, do not cook meals, do not work. Moreover, as experience shows, the Rest people move more often walk, swim a lot, lay late and wake up with the first rays of the sun. But the sea air and warm salt water for just a few days, allowing you to relax and gain strength for the upcoming working days. Returning home from a vacation, you will always differ from those who have spent holidays at home or at the cottage. Healthy elastic skin, smart shapes, strong nails, shiny hair, sparkling eyes and happy smile The sea has an amazing ability to transform the body and uplift! Such a holiday – dream of almost every tired from everyday person, but realize it is not always easy. Yes, and went to the seaside once a year is too little. How could maintain itself for many months before the coveted holiday? How to restore power and get positive energy? The solution is simple and completely available to anyone who wants to feel born again. Suffice it to go to recreation centers and beauty salons, where, among other procedures stated thalassotherapy. Discover Thalassotherapy Its name comes from the Greek word thalassa – sea, which means that you have the opportunity to experience the joys of her own body effects of sea water, curative mud and algae.

Truly radiant Dentures

Every mouth is unique. When tooth loss implants is not always of immediate replacement. Dental Advisory clarifies the possibility of cosmetic treatment in advance. Enlightenment is the”half”and the choice for a person interested in implant difficult teamed a lot since the first development times of implantology about 40 years ago in relation to this form of cosmetic dental treatment. Titan established himself as material for the artificial tooth roots, because it causes no rejection reaction by the subsystem of the teeth. Ceramic implants could not prevail because of defective material properties. Blade implants were prone to breakage and not prevailed.

Zirconium oxide ceramic is expensive and has similar high-quality features such as titanium. The optical impression of such implants is fantastic even when thin gums. The cylindrical and helical implant shape promises best success for long-lasting durability of the implants for about 20 years. The choice of the patient confirmed the treating dentist only if the desired shape of the implant poses no risks. Risks when implanting third teeth – low, but needs to be explained implants during an operation always used.

This surgery itself represents the main risk for the patient. Complications can occur especially in the lower jaw when a nerve is injured during cosmetic treatment. Numbness in Chin or lips is the result. Inserted implants in my own teeth, a risk rarely, they are injured during the procedure. In the short term, after bleeding, bruising, or swelling may occur after surgery. This is normal as in all operations and usually quickly subsides. Also subsequent nausea and headaches are no reaction on the use of the implants, but a possible incompatibility of anesthetic and of short duration. Rare wound healing disorders can occur, which can be effectively addressed with oral hygiene and other treatment. Types of implants and their suitability for patients a well grown, otherwise healer subsystem allows the use of immediate. However, bone structure and gum condition only when less than 50% of patients for immediate use of the durable third suitable. Particularly easy, a Sofortimplantat can be used when tooth loss by accident. Because the tooth of a mostly trouble-free environment was lost, only a small hole is present, that ensures quick healing of the implant. A tooth loss occurs more frequently after dental and gum disease. Here, the usage of Sofortimplantats is unsuitable. Then, a prolonged period of healing should be accompanied by the dentist. After the inflammation, he checks the bone and environment condition and decides whether an implant at all should be used and if so, when. Successful evolution of implantology by one expensive fashion beautiful tooth replacement Implantologists have today thanks to the rapid progress in this area with far fewer complications for patients to sue. The better Materials, careful pre-and aftercare, the comprehensive patient education and the experiences in this area have made towards simple bit attractive other tooth replacement implants. Yet always different pricey can become much more people afford implants than just 40 years ago – and do it well. The reason is simple: well-maintained, they are more resilient than bits, interference-resistant during regular check and clean visually by the own permanent teeth cannot be distinguished. Implants are long since no expensive fashion. You gradually become an obvious form of lifelong tooth replacement. Annette Bankey for: dental care centre Munich