Mariano Melgarejo

Praise the democratic strength, after that Morales arbitrarily dismissed dozens of army officers must be a new form of respect for the laws. Concluded the elections, his supporters stormed the municipalities where they lost, assaulting the new Councillors. They did more than 30 mayors resign under threats. The Executive attempts to violate the mandates of the call to the constituent Assembly, because it doesn’t have the majority that originally intended to impose their totalitaristas criteria, which triggered the reaction of the opposition and four departments (provinces) that stopped activities in protest. Six of the nine prefects (governors), have been accused of sedition for demanding respect for the law.

Before his autocratic impulses, the countries that provided financial support to the constitutional project, suspended its funding. Bolivians have finally begun to enjoy not a fantasy but a reality. Bolivians of the ruling party without a doubt are celebrating, taking advantage of the favoritism of their co-religionists, monopolizing all the public posts, including those who exercised professionals who came to the post by merit-based. Morales is not a dictator if it isn’t why they govern without Congress and intends to change the laws at your convenience? Democracy means respect for minorities. Consistent with their fascist attitudes, it ratified the incendiary statements of your Vice President who said that the next step of his Government will be economic power, cultural and political power all conquering. The new history of Bolivia does not show promising horizon.

The racial, political and cultural discrimination against mestizos and whites, is front. Evo is the typical barbarian warlord, as they were historically called others like him, who came to the Presidency and did terrible things. The most notorious was Mariano Melgarejo, who gave away the immense and rich territory of Acre to the Brazil, by a horse. Morales gave Bolivia to Chavez in exchange for money and power. The peculiarity of today, is, in for the first time assumed a leader by popular vote. That does not makes it less barbaric, simply gives him legitimacy. original author and source of the article.

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