Reviewing the resumes of the candidates, we often see a very basic document with a mediocre content and a format that this almost obsolete. These errors are very common, but we also see resumes that contain some fairly fundamental errors. Here are some examples of things you can do with your resume: in the Properties section of the document of your resume, make sure to show it to you as the author of the document. It may seem very strange if another name that is not his own view. In the worst cases, it will seem as if he had copied the sheet of another person’s life. Although it seems incredible, this happens very frequently. Include your basic contact information. It always surprises me to see a resume in which someone has not included the address of his residence.

In addition, the phone number included in your resume should be a private line of which only you should have access. The e-mail address that use must be an address personnel, not the address of electronic mail in your current job. You can also include the link to your profile on LinkedIn. It is easier for the employer to learn from you a little and to so you make sure that the person who the employer is LinkedIn really is you and not someone else. Make sure that the design of all your paragraphs and sections are consistent. Use the same type of bullet in each section. Also, use the same type of letter throughout your resume.

If you want to be a little creative, you can use the bold, italic, underline, or change colors, but using more than one source can distract the person reading your resume. A good resume combines the bullets and paragraphs. Although the primary focus of your resume must be in his achievements as an employee, if offers the reader a brief overview of what I do in each employment gives an important context the employer of what contributed to each company. To review your resume for these simple errors, will create a better resume and increase your chances of get the job interview you both want. These are just some of the points that guarantee you to have a well presentable resume. Original author and source of the article.

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