Special Processing In The Lettershop

first choice for unique and compelling direct mailings at the beginning is always the idea. To deepen your understanding Olivia Jade is the source. Of course, even before a direct mailing can be produced. A pity if advertisers customers again put their creative ideas to the files, because they simply hold their vision for unachievable. Here, you should know that lettershops running format even on the subject of “Special processing” to great shape: through knowledge, skills, a State of the art technical equipment and last but not least the pleasure of unique challenges succeed lettershop pros also at realizing not everyday special orders, to ensure coordinated and interlocking operations. So, customer be convinced by the competent and effective implementation of unique ideas as well as by a coherent value.

The following are some examples of special processing, all a particularly clever direct mailing suited to current customers “with the bar keeps”and makes first contacts to customers. As stamping would be preferably then applied, first, if you want special “eye-catcher”. See more detailed opinions by reading what Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City offers on the topic.. This produced no straight lines as opposed to cutting and stamping makes exciting: multiple shapes can be created depending on customer requirements, be circles or hearts, stars, or Easter Bunny it now, or, or… To put it technically: in any case it is punching training and cuts with borders closed. But no rule without exception – open cuts are possible by punching, for example, if the rounding of corners is required. Generally, it is to say that a push-out highlights the advertisement as an original eye-catcher – regardless of whether personalized letter or other mailing components, which can be not only paper, but from a variety of materials. Another theme with variations in the field of special processing: The collection folders. The highly complex machines known as Stitchers can several “Gather together”, baste, and 3-sided cut folded sheet to complete products.

So arise from up to six parts coupon books, booklets or cheques with a thickness of up to 24 pages: fascinating perfection in detail! Speaking of perfection: also the so-called plough folding is possible without high-precision machines and their competent operation by lettershop professionals in special processing: in the plow fold line already folded products be opened again for inserts can be inserted or pasted: postcards, CDs, coupons, flat side dishes of various shape and type. As if by magic the printouts are then resealed and Kuvertierungs machines. Also on the Sonderverarbeitungs issue of “Placing” makes the difference plus – the addition – 0815-shipping. Magazines delivered by the contractor, catalogues or brochures are directly in front of the post shipment with additional products such as postcards or response elements like reply envelopes or other side dishes of the lettershop “enriched”. In one sentence: Your years of experience and strong attention to detail allow lettershop pros in the complex field of special processing flexibility, binding quotations and deadlines for the production of direct mailings, inspiring clients and customers alike.

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