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Stress Balls Mean Peace Relaxation

Can be a versatile anti-stress balls, because at the present time, there is hardly a person who is not stressed. Hardly a man can just relax and come to rest. Holiday or wellness can afford hardly one at the present time. So the well-deserved vacation will be spent at home, and there is still so much work. And thus anything from relaxing again. But find a little peace and just turn off must be not so expensive. Stress balls have shown in the past that it has its effect in itself.

Stress balls are filled with air or gel. They are so soft you can knead it extensively. You will find not only the classic solid, round ball, because the stress ball has become popular so that it comes in different colors and shapes. For example you get associated already BERTs of a particular profession are as a chef, a fireman or a policeman. You already realize that stress balls can be used versatile. Not only your customers, but also the Children of your customers would not reject this giveaway. Should you be on the search for a low-cost, but effective promotional, comes the stress ball for you in question.

Finished with your personal logo or your personal message, become the owner of your thus always your slogan or your company logo in the eye and have thus always in the eyes of your customers, your business will be. Should that have piqued your interest, check out just when the promotional Robbie and be inspired by the range of stress balls. And if you find no ball which corresponds to your expectations, then you talk to the team by the Robbie, because they are willing to care about your personal needs and to implement them. Sabrina Turner Robbie distribution company

The Promotional Trends 2013

Magenta and teal, accurate and high-quality advertising article trends of the year 2013 presents after Europe’s largest advertising article fair PSI. Colours, shapes and functions are also subject such as origin, ecology and security. As a very general trend, we can hold that higher demands are placed on the value of an article as it was the case three years ago. It is not important that an article may 10 things at the same time, but whether while attention was the production on quality, environmental and social standards, so Thorsten Schmidt, Managing Director of Giffits GmbH. quality is crucial brand put in economically turbulent times especially on the added value of quality. The PSI has confirmed this phenomenon.

Especially in foods such as confectionery, tea and salt are organic, production process and origin in the focus of advertising. But even with pens, bags, or mugs is made in Germany or the production from neighbouring countries pointed out. The trend, which to deal with the characteristics of the promotional products that are not obvious, has increased again compared to previous years. “We also experience that our customers increasingly ask where the products come from and how environment and the freebies are health friendly”, so the Giffits Managing Director. We observe that, for example, smaller package sizes or smaller quantities are ordered, but higher quality product option is selected.” “An indication of this trend is the new merger of some producers of advertising goods, the in a common catalogue under the title Deutsche promotional products manufacturers” present. A further merger with the focus ecology and first attempts to develop a European code of conduct for advertising article traders were presented also at the fair. Origin of freebies articles which do not come from the EU, attention increasingly, Western standards of working conditions. Inquiries with the manufacturers showed production facilities, for example, in the Middle East more to accept under the magnifying glass.