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Sandy Baltic Sea Beach

The Schleswig-Holstein coast has awakened from a deep sleep the Schleswig-Holstein coast has finally awakened from the slumber. With the slogan of Laboe – we offer many many as sea, is made out to the tourism strikingly aware guests of the change. Because the source of the income of fishermen on the Baltic coast has changed in the last few decades. The former fishing stronghold has grown into a tourist area should not be underestimated. Where to see were previously single fisherman’s cottages, are now exclusive apartments and holiday houses in the first line of the beach in the Probstei. Municipality Schonberg includes the beaches of California/Holm, Brazil and Schonberger Beach, as well as the hamlet of new beautiful mountain next to the central site. How it came to the original naming of “California” and “Brazil”, is as follows “handed down”: once a fisherman found in the Baltic Sea beach sand – near his cabin, a rotten ship plank, on the “California” was written. He took the strange Piece of wood with home and summarily nailed it to his door.

It didn’t take long, as a competing fisherman discovered the nearby, this “Flash” sign on the door of his neighbors lived but a little East on the beach. “I can you can do already long…”, this fisherman may have thought. He immediately grabbed his firewood box and sought out a matching log himself, which he carefully brushed the word “Brazil”. With this shield, his front door was henceforth equipped and envy of the less Creative Guild contemporaries admired. And so it stayed at these two exotic names. Finally, the names of the local sections of Schoenberg’s developed it. These signs are now one of the most sought after Urlaubssouveniere. The wellness hotels and the resorts exclusive, provide a real alternative to directly on the Baltic Sea Beach located holiday homes and apartments of the Baltic Sea vacation rentals Gosch dar.

The exclusive, modern villas, apartments and holiday flats on the Baltic Sea, partly with sea view, sauna, fireplace and Internet connection in the Baltic seaside resort Schonberger Beach, Laboe, California and Brazil offer an indescribably beautiful holiday at the highest level the guest. All houses and apartments are family-friendly, and are within walking distance to the white, Sandy Baltic Sea Beach. The guests can enjoy their holiday in a beach chair, explore the dike, the bike while the little ones in the water play. The riparian zones in the Baltic Sea are very flat and are therefore very popular with families with young children. The Baltic Sea vacation rental accommodations Gosch are equipped for 2 up to a maximum of 8 persons. Each holiday accommodation, guests will find meaningful images, a current calendar, as well as a large object description on the homepage. The coast of Schleswig-Holstein is known for family-friendly holiday. Beyond the country’s borders, the Memorial with his submarine in Laboe is on everyone’s lips. The holiday region has in recent years also a name by the Probst eggs corn days made. Schonberg, 30.09.