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Herman Hudde

ERGO, the State should define its area of action in education, health, legal security and staff, creating a radius of action for the private sector and work together with this as an ally to build the prosperity of the country. Instead of creating a situation of conflict and dialectic: State versus society, public policy makers should show its vocation for public service leading the fair administration of laws in an impartial way to create stability and well-being, because it is to serve the citizen and not the opposite. Herman Hudde adds, that the country should invest in the education of public managers because the responsibility we have in its deliberations impacts on all citizens. Furthermore, points out, that in parallel to the academic training necessary for decision making objective and not ideological that foster intelligent answers to the difficulties, policy makers public should practice by conviction ethics at the time of taking and exercise their choices. We believe that there is much that redefine towards the public management, where is needs to define a new profile of the public Manager, that provides knowledge, tools that generate a change, transformation to the bureaucracy that has always identified, which have generated discomfort, deficiency, waste of talent, proper use of human capital, fostering negative organizational climates, which are reflected in low productivity, conflicts, unrest.

He is needed, provide knowledge commensurate with requirements that current scenarios demand in relation to efficient services and generate, take step to companies, organisations comply with its mission, ensuring minimization of costs and a high efficiency and credibility in the institutions, organizations, public companies. Should be responsible for this training, for example, consider schools that some stand out as relevant, achieving the objective to contribute to the better functioning of the public sector, in order to optimize the private-public relations training professionals capable of generating actions, functions that benefit the country, to the State in favor of achieving their plans that favour their development and ensure a good satisfaction with their customers. Public managers must have solid knowledge of modern management topics, manageability of the human resource and interpretation of policies, State programs, negotiate complex organizational processes, execution control programs and services, in the end with a good culture of political management.