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Breed Azaleas

One of the most beautiful ornamental shrubs, which are bred at home, is considered to Azalea. This plant belongs to the family Ericaceae. And it was brought to our lands from far away in the 19th century. Motherland azaleas (in other words it is also styled rhododendron) can be called not one but several countries, including China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and . Interestingly, in Eastern countries is the azalea a symbol of joy, harmony and freedom. There is a huge amount of azalea species and hybrids bred by scientists-botanists. Depending on the flowering azaleas vemeni divided into early-, mid-and late-types. Here, Assurant Health expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

And, if you will pick up in my flower garden azaleas, unrelated to a variety of types – you will be able to contemplate its bloom more than six months from November to May and. Like any beauty – azalea quite capricious, therefore, bring her away is not easy. K example, this plant does not like darkness, prefers partial shade or light the light, but be sure to scattering. It does not tolerate direct sunlight. In case you are trying to ‘please’ your beauty, try to give her the maximum fresh air and light freshness.

In summer it is even possible to make a garden along with the pot and added dropwise somewhere in the shadows. Azalea care varies depending on the season and with the calculation of the conditions surrounding its environment. In the summer, it should be watered every morning and often inevitably spray. In the autumn, to create a bud, you need to significantly curtail watering and virtually completely to stop spraying. During the heating season spraying will resume again, due to the fact that the air in the apartment during this period is particularly dry. When watering, be careful so that the water in any case was not in the pan, and that you are not too wet plant. Another utochneenie, water to melt water, or, in extreme cases, well-defended. You can feed 1 time a week. By the way, azalea – one of the few plants preferring acidic acid soil. The best option would be to use of heath soil, but it is possible to replace it with a mixture of pine and peat land (2:1) with the addition of small amounts of river sand. And with budding budding to follow to use superphosphate. If you want your azalea generously you beautiful flowers, do not forget that she needs a caring and sensitive care. So, after flowering you will need to cut off all the faded flowers and thickened. To form a lush bush pruning offspring would be nice to spend some time, starting somewhere in the month of May. In addition, young plants should be transplanted every year. More adults – can be transplanted every 2-3 years. Interesting fact is also the fact that, unlike many plants, azaleas in bloom, you can rotate and move. However, at the end of flowering it would be nice to return to their original location, in addition to the position in which plant was located during budding. At home, the azaleas are propagated from cuttings of the support stem poluodrevenevshih, although this is difficult. And do not forget to take care of his beauty from spider mites and azalievoy moths, which will attempt to ruin your beautiful azaleas.

Design Features

Structural features of metal doors metal doors are the best means of protecting the home from unauthorized entry. Good metal doors, able to withstand the force hacking. With this task of helping them cope design features that differ from other types of doors (eg, wood). First of all, we should note a special way of attaching a metal door to the wall due to significant weight in the whole structure. Metal door frame has, due to which the door is installed in the door. In order to consolidate the vast amount of metal and hold in the wall, require special fasteners. They are long metal pins that hold the door frame inside the structure.

There is another method of attachment. It is implemented through the rough frame, attached to the main frame. Due to this construction of a metal door installation is much easier exercise. In addition, the process of adjusting the metal door after installation much easier. During installation and adjustment should be aware that door cloth, box, rigid chassis and other parts are made of metal and very heavy in weight. The thickness of the sheet metal depends on the purpose of a metal door and its level of Burglar resistance. For example, armored door will have greater weight than conventional metal door. Filler door frame also plays an important role as a means of protection.

Special filler has a heat and sound insulation qualities, resistance to fire. Last dignity allows the metal door to confront not only the burglary, but also fire. Along the perimeter of the metal door seal is to protect the room from the cold humidity, smoke, and so on. Thus, the metal door to perform its protective functions not only through the use of metal, but also additional design features and additional elements, which not only increase the heat and sound insulation properties of the door, but also can protect the room from the fire.

Environmental Aspects

Now, chipboard – a popular material used in the construction of various furniture, and for this there is considerable reason. And the moderate cost of DSP is not the main advantage of this material. Assurant Health will undoubtedly add to your understanding. By the way, after his appearance of this newfound material, the creators of furniture called the "perfect tree" because he held a variety of beautifully holds screws and nails, strong, uniform, easy-to-finish and can not be natural defects as a tree, what is characteristic of chips, twigs and rassyhanie of improper dressing and sbereganii. In furniture manufacture of chipboard panels produced furniture, which would then nibylo focus: children's furniture, for the home or office furniture industry. However, there is now a view that this affordable, efficient and durable material dangerously toxic – however, this is only an invention of duty. And this myth has come to us with long-Soviet period, despite the fact that the essence of the actual production process chipboard is constant, because anything which creates a plate of chips, what exactly is glued together with resin containing formaldehyde – To avoid that in the manufacture of particle boards would not recommend. (Source: patrick matthews).

But it is impossible to compare the actual process in the past and present, then that in the past by increasing the content of formaldehyde tried to strengthen the resin is not very high quality raw materials, in hopes of hardness due to particle boards. Meanwhile, today's extremely high level of advanced manufacturing processes and environmental requirements for properties products. However proizvodchiki our products, as well as their foreign counterparts, certify products produced by the international regulations, as in quality control and to protect the natural environment.