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Real Estate In Germany And Spain

Germany, a highly developed country with high levels of social protection. German law does not limit the matters to purchase real estate. Make it possible for any person. If you wish to acquire ownership of the house, agreement is signed, it contains information about the property, price and expiration date. The buyer pays a deposit for the property.

Procedure. Notary opens a bank account, just checking a property for collateral. After signature, you become the owner of the property. The notary sends the documents and you will receive a certificate of registration books. All property is registered in the registry Grundbuch, which contains information about the owner, the cost debt, if there is one. Get a loan rather difficult.

For positive solutions need a credit history, visa, contract with a German company, etc. Banks lend to an amount that does not exceed 60% of the cost Real Estate. Costs. Property tax – 3,5%. Notary fees – 1-1,5% of the cost. The cost of the content depends on its type, the area is different from the territorial unit. (Similarly see: Erik Erikson). Price of utilities differs depending on the companies. About: Electricity – 0,15 eur / kWh. Heating – 0,06 eur / kWh. Water – 2,73 eur / kub.g. Regional collection, 1,50-2,00 Euro / kv.g. If you pass out, then all expenses will be paid by the tenant. Spanish Parliament adopted the Law on Taxation has established a reduced rate of tax on the sale of real estate at a rate of 18%. This resulted in an increase in the number of buyers who are interested in real estate investing. During 2007 the growth rates of real estate is 10 -%. Glenn Dubin, New York City helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In 2008, the price of newly reduced. Spain's mild climate provides the demand for real estate. Real estate is in demand at tenants can rent, so to compensate for the costs of the property. The southern coast of Spain, is considered worthy of the ideal place for living and recreation. More than 320 days a year here the sun shines in winter, mild weather prevails. In addition, the Costa del Sol has great beaches, which are available all year round. Marbella – one of the most expensive resorts in Spain Along the waterfront stretch clean beaches with brilliant sand. The city is located sports port Puerto Banus. The procedure for buying real estate is one of the easiest in Europe. On the basis of desire, nie issued identification number issued by the police. Paid a deposit, this amount may be in the range of 3000. Accordingly, the contract for your property remains on the expiry of the contract. Documents signed by a notary public – a contract of sale. The final phase – registration in the Registry Property (Registro de Propiedad).