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The Meaning Of The Swords In Tarot

Within the minor arcana, the swords are a group of letters with a special strength. All swords saga is traversed by a creative force, a power that ensures that major changes will occur in the life of the consultant. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Maya Dubin, New York City. But careful, when swords are revealed in tarot Chuck this power that is unleashed without control, it can be both against and in favour of the consultant. The force and virtue do not always go hand in hand. And this is very clearly expressed with only contemplate the ACE of swords: the sword passes through Crown, which means that the legal order on occasions is crushed by a powerful force that can or does not act with justice. Swords also have a spiritual side. When the swords are exposed, the message could refer to an innovative idea which comes to occupy a place in the world, a notion that liberated once will do that you things as they are designed to change.

Dangerous woman reflected in two of swords. Blind, because it is bandaged, he brandishes two crossed swords. It reminds us to justice, it also has a sword in his hand, but in this If the end is more noble. This woman does not leave that no one approaches him. His defensive posture will ensure that nobody, neither right nor left, can come close to it. The swords intersect near the heart, reinforcing this idea. Beautiful, true, but alone, and by choice. This letter often reflects a stubborn person, who does not want to see the reality.

It is a call to reflection, ignorance may not be the only consequence. Let’s not forget that swords have two cutting edges, cutting both to who is attacked as to which attacks. The three sword reinforces the idea of sentimental capsizing. This is clearly expressed by the heart pierced by three swords. No doubt: approaching a time of suffering and disappointment. It can be a love that us has been unfaithful or has lied to us. However, this letter also has a positive aspect, and is of the lesson learned. Even though us though, if we learned of this bad moment, the suffering has not been in vain. Pain gives us an opportunity to move forward and grow. These are just some of the cards of the suit of swords that it can get reflected in the circulation of the tarot. These are cards with a very exclusive power, dealing particularly with matters of the heart. Learn to interpret them correctly is a lesson you need to learn in order to understand fully what is the message of the arcana.