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ERP Commerce

Berlin of Germany great prices idealo cooperates with xt: Commerce, developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in Germany. Early April brings xt: commerce shop software release start! on the market, which will be for all online merchants to the free download available. Is included among other things the plug-in xt: MultiConnect that any xt: commerce shop – in addition to other marketplaces – connects the price comparison portal idealo. Dealer can thus upload their products from the shop to idealo, import orders and synchronize stock levels or prices with the shop. For merchants who already have an xt: commerce shop have, worth integrating xt: MultiConnect, to offer your products on portals like idealo. The plug-in can be downloaded at any time and tested free for 30 days.

There is more information here. With the plug-in solution by xt: Commerce can offer data dealers – no matter whether specialized dealer or online store with tens of thousands of articles- at idealo transmit even faster and easier. We know the efficiency of xt: appreciate MultiConnect and greatly appreciate the cooperation “, so Dirk Bartels, CPO at Germany’s great prices idealo. About xt: Commerce: the xt: Commerce GmbH is a developer and supplier of one of the most successful online shop systems in German-speaking countries. On the basis of xt: Commerce 4 contains the service portfolio of the company numerous products and services around the topic of online trading. Through the modular plug system, the software is at any time expandable and suitable for companies of all sizes.

Well-known companies such as Volkswagen, OSRAM or teapot set xt: Commerce one successfully. Also small and medium-sized enterprises make up over 10-year experience of xt: Commerce in the online trading advantage. For example, xt is one of the most popular shop extensions: Office, which xt: Commerce System. It can be simply connected to the online shop and will be in this form only by xt: Commerce offered. With about 100,000 Members heard the xt: Commerce online community, the largest in the industry, offering over 500 Add-ons and around 250 templates in the xt: Commerce store unparalleled opportunities to optimize shop. Together with selected partners, including ERP providers, hosting providers and payment provider developed the xt: Commerce GmbH new trend-setting technologies and application extensions for the existing online shop software. For more information, see. Idealo: Idealo is Germany’s leading online price comparison. At, users can compare prices of offers over 90 million at 30,000 retailers. In addition, idealo provides detailed information on product features, shops and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are portals to the research of cheaper air travel (, hotels (, energy suppliers ( and financial services (, as well as apps for Android and iOS. At the headquarters of the in the 470 Employees operate year of company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg.

Silke Friedrich Mulheimer

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around the topic of baby, baby clothes and pregnancy launches new online magazine around the theme of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy at the address on September 01, 2010. Already on July 01, 2010, Silke Friedrich launched its first online magazine kids If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. “In the online kids fashion magazine I imagine online stores and shops with exceptional children fashion from all over Europe. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Meanwhile, other topics such as toys and books have been added”, so Silke Friedrich to provide a better platform for the extensive topics, the idea, the online baby fashion magazine came to her call. The topics of baby fashion, pregnancy, maternity, health, equipment, toys etc.

should also in this magazine are the small, lesser-known provider in the foreground and get the opportunity to bring into the conversation. If you are owner of an online store or shop with unique baby clothing, equipment or maternity, or have something to contribute on topics related to the baby, you are so right in here. Parents, expectant parents, and anyone who is addressing the issue of baby, here supplied with current news. At the start, Silke Friedrich reported the retail store “Lille folk – everything for BBs small people” from Siegen. In the adjoining shop owner Stephanie Scheld, also outside of winning, baby clothing and gift ideas for birth and baptism in the Danish style offers. Info and contact: Online-baby fashion magazine Silke Friedrich Mulheimer way 16 D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting around the topic of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy in not be neglected novelties from the areas of maternity, health, equipment, accessories and game., the address for the special.

Demand Portal Wishdomcom

“The first request portal on the Internet, was again a top celebrities for a wish-fulfillment win Udo Walz, society hairdresser and top-stylist, is the perfect head on January 21, 2009 the wishdom participants Mrs Brigitte Krebs ‘ Miss. Berlin just as many others, was also Udo Walz spontaneously from the idea of wishdom – enthusiastic request portal and will fulfill that desire free. Since inception in June 2007 have already registered tens of thousands of users on and outed with their wishes. The band ranges from very personal wishes out to life dreams, which are to be met. wishdom makes it easy for its users: requests can be deposited for free and anywhere the chance is greater that these wishes also come true. The balance sheet: For 650 were thousands wishes already actually met by individuals, institutions and prominent.

“A concept, that E.g. the German Stern magazine” this has moved to a top trend of the future to choose. Wishes fulfilled the hit list of one of the first big gifts have been awarded over, Klemens from Salzburg was the Rolls Royce of Rudi Mooshammer of Rolls Royce went to the user. Amateur boxer Robert E.g. wished to fight against a world champion: sought the appropriate contacts, and the user he climbed in Hamburg with Zsolt Erdei in the ring and held out for at least 30 minutes! Meets caring also trips we were with Ferraris, Hummers and Lamborghinis, a children’s facility, a trip to Las Vegas, high-end PCs and vocal recordings in a professional recording studio, wellness – and beauty-days. The beauty of the system wishdom: community members are even eager giver and meet each other so many large and small request with its possibilities for the wishdom motto is “Give and take”. For more information or cooperation: Press Office of wishdom AG Tom Michel marketing & communications CH-6330 Cham, Sinserstr. 65,. Contact: Office Berlin Tel: 279 34 E-Mail: Internet:

OnlineFlughafende Grants Awards

Last minute travel portal in the fast lane: the new of butterfly travel stands for innovation ability last minute travel portal in the fast lane: the new online by Butterfly travel stands for innovation ability… Stuttgart Airport, the June 10, 2009 – Butterfly travel, one of the most flexible suppliers in the area last minute travel, announced today for the first time the availability of map. Again, the leader starts a user-friendly system, which the properties was determined mainly by the large demand. Basic idea of the updates is based primarily on the desire to be able to compare all travel organizer. Users say: ‘Hurrah!’ “Our founding team is proud to have finally a variety of solutions for all. “, Gerd confirms meeting, founder and CEO of

“We prove that we are leaders again and claim Furthermore our competitive edge. “In addition it will do anything, identification, localization and Tap continue to improve, according to GERD meeting next. Forward with Strategemen the Pope would give also his blessing because: the Marktforschungungsinstitute random Inc. estimate Ltd. have no doubt that there is much need for all types of solutions, and seeing what so far unprecedented ten-fold greater than everything and thus boosts speculation to a new stock market boom in the market sales volumes of over 15 trillion euros in 2016. Butterfly travel the butterfly travel is one of the most flexible in the area last minute travel solutions. – travel deals direct from the airport! Access to more than 400 Organizer – more than 750 million last minute package holidays and rest places, updated hourly! -Over 2 million flights in the price comparison: scheduled flights, Charter and cheap flight specials from over 900 airlines! “Somewhere” book your best time of the year – book here with BEST price guarantee – special booking quality and confidence on over 30 years of experience. Online offers last minute, vacation packages, flights, hotels, cruises, travel deals, self check, wellness, Club travel, tours, sports travel, ski & snow, car rental, tickets & events, holiday homes & Fincas, bus travel, rail travel, train tickets, youth travel, trips, study trips and group tours.

Information Platform Phytotherapy Online

“Arbeitsgemeinschaft future phytotherapy: information site online Berlin (23.07.2013): the project future phytotherapy” is online. Health professionals for everything related to herbal medicine, see. The website provides interesting, useful information or updates on the current situation of herbal medicine in Germany. That includes taking other understandable summaries of current legislation for example with regard to statutory health insurance reimbursement or examples of the versatility of phytotherapy. The site can serve as a signpost: so mailing lists for example for home and medical specialists have been collected by hospitals with naturopathic departments. Or special link lists that combine contact at a glance – including in research and teaching, scientific associations, authorities, institutions or associations.

Extra headings clearly represent the manipulations of the Green recipe or indicate what comprehensive opportunities of continuing education and training health Professionals are offered in phytotherapy. Aim of the website is not only to provide interesting information, but merge interested phytotherapy: you should find more competent contact persons from the colorful, diverse and effective strong bouquet of herbal medicine and to contact. “Background information: future phytotherapy” was founded in 2006 as an Alliance for the phytotherapy. Following renowned organizations have to do this together found themselves: Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur naturopathic medicine in acute hospital, doctor society for empirical Medicine Medical Association for complementary medicine, Medical Association for preventive medicine and classical naturopathic medicine, Kneipp medical federal e.V., German Association of pharmaceutical companies e.V.(BAH), Federation of pharmaceutical industries of e.V.(BPI), German pharmaceutical company e.V.(DPhG), society for medicinal plant and natural product research e.V.(GA), society for phytotherapy, Hufe land Association Confederation of medical associations of Naturopathic Medicine and complementary medicine, Committee research natural medicine e.V.(KFN), cooperation HMP GbR, Central Association of doctors of Naturopathic Medicine and regulation medicine e.V.(ZAEN). The Alliance is committed to a strong herbal medicine and thus acts on behalf of the population that wants a supply of herbal medicines of various polls up to 70 percent. Contact: mMv – multi MED vision – Berlin medicine editorial Sigismund mouth 5 Marion Kaden 10785 Berlin phone 030 – 806 136 – 79 fax 030 – 806 136 – 80 eMail