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Private Health Insurance

What to watch and when exclusions are acceptable wanted I these days do not blog, am actually on vacation. Since I had some questions about this topic now, however, I decided to write a lot about. The private Krankenversicherung (PKV) is different than the statutory health insurance (GKV) by a risk assessment based on. In this process to the questions raised in the request. Here is asking past disorders and problems, impairments and disabilities and also planned treatments. Already expired treatments give an overview about the “vulnerability” and if necessary investment or physical defects.

But also planned treatments will be asked, these are important for the risk assessment. What insurers want to insure already a customer, must be handled tomorrow (planned). Who insured a House which already Burns against fire? No, because the premium would have to exceed 100% of the amount of the loss. Insurance companies are no welfare institutions. There are probabilities assured that the individual can not only wear.

The last few days I received under other following request. Last year about 20-25 meetings psychotherapy perceived because of no big deal, I just was there, I get no drugs, no stationary Aufenthalt.Habe last year psychotherapy perceived approx. 20-25 meetings because no big deal, I was just there, got no drugs, no hospitalization. Generally, a “red rag” for many insurers is the subject of psychotherapy and the resulting costs. Already, the prospective buyer here writes that it was only in the last year. In addition, that the number of sessions is not really small. In this case an application not worth it but for another reason, because further writes the prospect here in the mail to me: now I like would complete an option tariff which provides me the health status and the age. I need this for the reason, because I evt. in a week a few hours psychotherapy will take again I always go when I questions to the Life don’t, as I said great.

Insurance Coverage For Every Performance?

The output directory of the Hufeland disease is a stretchable concept and can be handled not by a simple diagnosis, medication or standard therapy. The private insurance Portal provides information about alternative treatments and their insurance status in the health insurance companies. The “Hufeland performance directory of special therapy directions” is a collection of well-known, alternative methods of treatment. Each treatment method, which is not named as a standard solution to a particular clinical picture, is considered to be alternative. An important distinction for the recognition from insurance companies is the classification of alternative treatment options as a cure or as a contribution in the Hufeland performance directory. Both enjoy a very different insurance status. The comparison of individual insurance institutions is worth especially if the potential patient is open to new ways of treating. The performance directory contains, in addition to normal medical procedures such as acupuncture, all kinds of theoretical unexplained and practically proven”naturopathic diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that apply as to learn.

In addition to known methods such as homeopathy, elementary therapies, anti Homo toxic and bio-energetic medicine, Kinesiology, methods of traditional Chinese medicine, and much more are offered. Rates for health insurance now while regularly include a healing practical clause, paid treatments but usually only after a simple sentence from the list of charges for health practitioners (fees). Thus accept only proven and widely recognized healing methods. The result is that the patient, despite insurance protection with appropriate clause, at the expense of newer treatment remaining seated. The quality of insurance through a comprehensive package of services worth for treatment pioneers, which should still advance compare the offers and tariff components. More information: naturopaths or hooves land… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59