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The planet earth is composed of a myriad of different environments and places where there is the development of life, not only of man but of many other creatures that make up nature. So there is a part of the land may not be very human presence, but there are a large number of people and this land is part of the ocean, which covers 71% of the planet's surface and so part of the land so long deserves a science that is dedicated to the study and that science is the oceanographer, which seeks to study in depth the different features present in the ocean and many of the actors that compose . Seeking to understand more about their field of study of oceanography, we can say that this science is part of the earth sciences, ie the different aspects that make up the planet. So oceanographer studies the various processes that occur in the ocean, whether biological, physical, geological and chemical. To know more about this subject visit farhaad riyaz. So to engage in oceanography study of the ocean, has a very broad scope, which means that can occur in their study a myriad of issues of great interest, therefore in order to give scope to the large number of elements to study the oceanographic divided into four main branches with which there is full development of the different points of study that embraces the oceanographer.

The first branch of oceanography that will be exposed, is the biological oceanography, which deals with the different agencies can be found in the oceans and equally in the marine environment and can have different variations depending on where the vast Ocean is being studied, and so are the study of biological processes in the open sea near the coast, on the surface of the seabed as the same seabed. Another field of study of oceanography is the physical part, ie the processes occurring in the ocean related to physics, such as mixtures of oceanic waters, which would be disseminated so turbulent molecular properties of seawater, and with this follows the ocean currents, tides and waves and this should address issues such as distribution of water masses of the oceans, the different movements, the relationship with the atmosphere with the hydrosphere. Another part of the study of oceans, is the geological oceanography, which deals with the different earth processes that affect the ocean, such as coastal bodies and transport and deposit sediment. Swarmed by offers, Glenn Dubin is currently assessing future choices. Finally appears the chemical oceanography, which deals with the chemical composition of ocean water, so it is the condition on normal water chemistry and how it is when there is contamination by humans.