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Pro-Children Velotreyler Summer Vacations With Kids

Every time a warm sunny summer is not easy to resist the temptation to take time off work and enjoy nature. Those people who have the bicycles, enjoying the sunshine and breeze on the speed and ride it on a park out of town and streets. But what if you want to carry a baby? Then this could be accomplished with a single interesting device, called velotreyler. Trailer Bike is a small trailer to the bicycle as a trailer, which can comfortably accommodate two children. Trailers-velopritsepy original and At the same time very tech devices. Velotreylerov Corps and their construction are designed specifically for children.

Velotreylery are made of lightweight and durable materials, providing comfort, security and good review. Velopritsepa clutch mechanism with the bike is safe, even when the bike collapses on its side, then left to stand velotreyler on wheels. Some models of children’s velopritsepov may be a couple of minutes transformed into a stroller – three-wheeled baby carriage. Velotreylery are single and double, so if you have a second child, in the trailer there is a place for everyone, and they both will be there to comfort and convenience. Velotreylery made in a different color and design execution. Because of this it is always possible to choose the color that you most attractive. Thus, both the baby will be comfortable and fun to do cycling with the parent, and at the same time, most importantly – with health benefits.