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What does it mean to "create a business"? To become rich? Open your own business? Buy cheap, sell expensive? Therefore, divide our big goal into several subgoals which performance will be only a matter of time. For example: figure out what I like to do, and what I could do better than others. Decide like my favorite thing can bring me income. Explore the market and decide on the demand for my services. Communicate with business people, experienced people in this business, read the necessary literature. Please visit PCRM if you seek more information. Calculate count of money which need to start a business. Robert Greene has much to offer in this field. Better yet, think carefully and find a way to start without large initial investments.

Write a plan for your business and begin to implement it. It's just a simple example for understanding that the more complex the goal, the greater the number of subgoals it must be split. Then your goal of transcendental and unattainable becomes a real and understandable for the implementation. And finally the third, but no less important step is the direction of its internal energy to achieve our goal. We all know the saying, "How many times do not say halva, a sweet in the mouth will not." But there is another expression of "knock and it shall be opened to you, ask and receive." So what is the mind this is true? Best answer to this question is a bit philosophical anecdote about an old Jew, Moishe, who all his life to ask God to help him win the lottery a lot of money.

Love Conspiracy

The Love Conspiracy to drink need to make love potion. Love a drink can be anything, it is important that your chosen one he liked. It can be tea, and juice, and wine. The main thing to omit in his mountain ash berry, and then well-read hex on him. This should be done after nine o'clock, but before midnight. Heavens, wood strength, calling you for help, as I ask you to give me a spell of ethereal, red charms, charms fine, so could I, the servant of God (Name), to link their sites servant of God (name), so that these bonds were for ever, lest he broke them, he would not take off, so day and night for me would have only thought of me and would only missed. And how will spill his drink on krovushke and and his passion will flare up in his heart. The red mountain ash – a life in God's slaves (name), and servant of God (name) would like raspberries.

From now and forever. Amen. Conspiracies The Love on the dough first plot is done so in the brew to put magnet, and the yeast before you dismiss them in the test, you need to slander: Arise, I, the servant of God (name), bless, marry, crossed out of the house, but in the yard, the yard so to the east, the east is the sacred sea- Ocean, on the sea-ocean is palace, the palace lives uncle blacksmith. I am uncle to the bow, I am uncle to pray: "How do you Kuyosh and binds the steel and iron, both cidp and welded servant of God (name) to me, Servant of God (name) to the heart to heart, to blood in the blood, order and night and day, fall and winter, so that when the red sun and a clear month.


Augustin in turn, makes the philosophical thought to make a diving in the proper interioridade, in proper I. For the first time, a used philosophy will be seen almost strict to think the proper individual existence. Directly, it has in the agostinianas Confessions some specific concerns, that are the origin of evil the existence of God before the dualidade time-eternity. But all the quarrel alone has felt in the measure where Augustin if puts as existing man, whom he exactly reflects on itself and afflicts what it, pointing its imperfections and limitations in understanding what it considers to argue: Salutes and strong arraigadas these truths in my spirit, I anxiously searched it origin of the evil. that torments, as that of childbirth, they were those of my heart! How moaned, my God! was your intent ears, and I there not it wise person. When, in silence it strengtove, me in patient searches, high outcries if they raised until your mercy: they were the quiet ones you distress of my soul. (AUGUSTIN. 2002.

p.145) Who will be able withholds intelligence of man so that it stops and it sees as the immovable eternity, that future nor is not passed, determines the future and the past? Perhaps will be able to carry through this my hand? Or this my language, with the word, could carry through such workmanship? (Idem, Ibidem. p. 266) Considering the biography of Augustin, such ideas represent more than only philosophical reflections. The life of Augustin moved total with its conversion. Its position, in this direction, was well in accordance with the greco-roman vision, where philosophy and life would have to be necessarily conjugated. ' ' Estimulado' ' , also, with the illness that causes it a new vision of world, Augustin ponders that ' ' He does not have more incurable sick person of what that one that does not recognize its doena' '.


I remember myself of terms worked in classroom a text presented for our Professor Antonio Marcelo, at the time was disciplines it Philosophy, 1 year of History. This text age of authorship of Fbio Professor Leather strap, where Augustin discoursed on Saint and here I display the ticket that deals with the Time: ' ' Three times in my mind exist therefore these that I do not see in another part: present souvenir of the passed things, present vision of the things gifts and present hope of the future things. If me he is allowed to use such expressions, I see then three times and I confess that they are trs.' ' (Saint Augustin) Leaving of this agostiniana premise I intend to make some investigations. First, on the present souvenir of the last things. Taking in consideration that studies in the tico field, had been able in supplying information to them as of that we cannot catch the things in the accurate instant that occur, therefore delays one brevssimo period enters the reception of the light, electric captation of the retina and impulses sent to brain.

We have then a passed vision, or as it displays Augustin, a souvenir, a captation of fragmented memory. But we go to as the point, present vision of the things gifts. As I displayed above, the present vision is passed, for the inefficiency of apprehension of the manifest reality. Soon, we have a last gift. Clearly that we can venturing in them for the secular diversity and arriving the conclusion that this also is an illusion, for the diverse secular dimensions that enclose diverse instants.

The problem still persists, on not terms a present vision, only one searchs for catching this instant that to if losing, left resqucios of its existence in our souvenir, what it one more time sends in them to the first argued point. It happens, that still we have the present hope of the future things. In this point, it fits plus a reflection, therefore to not the terms a present vision, still thus, occurs the evidence of the search for it when perscrutar the souvenirs. Thus, the hope if makes gift as to devir of the act lost gift to the being, more caught as fact for the last memory. Reformulating the agostiniano argument I would say that ' ' We have a Last Vision (Not-Catch in the instant where it is), a Future Souvenir (evidence of the Last Gift) and a Present Hope (desire of being present). ' '