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Fundamental Head

The idea is to draw attention to the most advantageous side of your looks and actor information. We'll talk about the model portfolio. Think about where you're going to use it, why, what is the fundamental direction will your work as a model. This may be shooting for photographers to realize their ideas, 'high fashion', the periodic and magazines, in the style of 'glamour', shooting for catalogs, work at shows and exhibitions, photo advertising of clothing and hairstyles, pictures in a bathing suit or underwear, half-naked. Before you make a model portfolio, we encourage you to look photographs of contemporary models. Analyze each photo, perspectives, emotions, and a small workout in front of a mirror will help you feel your body and slightly to practice facial expressions. These exercises will help you advance find your favorite poses and camera angles, and some learn to pose. After such training, when the time comes photographing model portfolios, you'll feel more confident. Necessarily a desired image portfolio: a snapshot of the head 1.Prostoy 2.Foto in evening dress, in the spirit of the magazine on the cover 3.Pokolenny portrait in any clothing 4.Snimok type of coffee in sportswear 5.Snimok in a coat or cloak coffee type 6.Model demonstrates a certain product or thing 7.Snimok in full growth in a bathing suit 8.Snimok full-length shorts and a short shirt 9.Snimok full-length underwear 10.Snimok 11.Snimok head in profile to the profile in the Hat 12.Snimok head with a very good makeup and hair 13.Snimok, advertising something in a long dress 14.Snimok in full growth in sporting activities in the action 15.Snimok for the magazine on the nature of the dress in full-length 16.