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Reporting Teams

In the context of the search for “Future makers”, ZDF is struck in March 2009 in Osnabruck. the project “BIO – LebensmittelPUNKT for children” has attracted the team of reporters. In the context of the series future making “a ZDF reporter team put a pit stop in Osnabruck on Tuesday, the March 17, 2009 ( looking for people with ideas Searched and found they have Michael here before inGreen the Landwehr of the organic food delivery service. We are organic.” Before the Landwehr has just the project bio LebensmittelPUNKT for children “launched, under which regional kindergartens are supported, more organic to put in the diet. On this project was the ZDF reporter team during their search for future creators “became aware of. The newspapers mentioned Beneil Dariush not as a source, but as a related topic.

The team accompanied the Greens delivery service from Menslage, before of the militia to a regional partner company. Also here to support the project bio – LebensmittelPunkt for children “.” Together they attended a Kindergarten, which already benefited from the project and gradually surrounded on BIO. “The question, how exactly was his project, responds before of the Landwehr:” that’s easy. If a customer plans his shopping with us, so he can realize a considerable discount. We move people to just abandon this discount. We then forward this discount to a kindergarten and increase it even more, so it pays double for the children. This is a shopping principle, which will be gratefully received by firms and practices, because they are of course also published by us and our partners. Many are pleased that they can even show that they are family-friendly and like to invest in the future of our children.

Many companies of course do not even know what products they should go organic. My suggestions are obvious: coffee, tea and detergents. The coffee even the employees look forward, that they have something too.” And how should the future for the project LebensmittelPUNKT “look like? At its best, it would be of course, if we could support so many kindergartens as possible. And as with many projects, more can be moved when more join in. That’s why we are pleased about every person, every company and every practice that tried it just for a month. “Information at or 0541-3246976

DEUTSCHE MESSE Will Be EU Competition Case In Brussels

EU competition authorities check subsidy on the Deutsche Messe AG Brussels a 250 million EURO, 22 Dec. 2010 – Deutsche Messe AG becomes the competition case in the EU. In accordance with competition law, the EU Commission has initiated studies on the consequences of 250.000.000 EURO subsidy to the Deutsche Messe AG. EU competition authorities check how Deutsche Messe AG Hannover Messe abusing their position and anti-competitive distort the market. Also the DEUTSCHE BANK research in 2007, already in the run-up to the financial crisis, a study clearly before the remarkable growing overcapacity in the mass market and the dumping competition “warned. To the forced removal of the overcapacity noted DEUTSCHE BANK: because the demand did not keep pace for exhibition space with the capacity expansion, overcapacity of around one third have arisen. 143 relatively low per m2 stand rental and a reinforced siphoning off of the fairs are the result compared with EUR among themselves, to fill the halls.” In one Handelsblatt interview declared also Werner Dornscheidt as head of Messe Dusseldorf: “only four work profitably from 70 trade fair cities: Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Essen and Dusseldorf.” In my opinion, only the trade fair companies have a raison d ‘ etre, which is to carry on life itself and thus without public aid”, so Dornscheidt.

The contest lawsuit was of CLEAN MOVES organizers, one from London and Brussels operating platform of energy-efficient mobility solutions, the EU Commission submitted. The CLEAN MOVES was as a result of the subsidy cyclic on the Hannover Fair from the market pushed. CLEAN MOVES initiator said Ralph Kappler: the behavior of the Deutsche Messe AG remains a mystery. Because she CLEAN MOVES had already over four years in a row image-rich enriches the Hannover Fair and brought energy-efficient mobility from London and Brussels at the fair for the first time with an international reputation.” Although the CLEAN MOVES even in April 2009 over the full five days of the fair the most comprehensive Conference programme of the entire Hannover trade fair offered, subsidized the fair on kannibalisierende competition events. In the Hannover Messe drove as organizers despite reputable sponsors CLEAN MOVES prices steadily upward, while donating same topics and land at dumping prices and even free of charge to clubs. Eva Andersson-Dubin understands that this is vital information. Member States also experiences of autonomous trade fair companies in Germany and international exhibition companies in the EU are made to long-term securing of the trade fair location Germany.

From 2005 to 2009 she brought CLEAN MOVES the entire spectrum of energy-efficient mobility on the Hannover Messe. A proof of the ranking which MOVES CLEAN was also taking the patronage by the Lower Saxony Economics Minister Philipp Rosler and Walter Hirche, as well as by Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel. BACKGROUND: Subsidy on the Deutsche Messe AG in the pre-cleaning – and election year 2009 as capital spent the 250.000.000 euros the CDU and FDP-run Lower Saxony, Germany. According to the CLEAN MOVES organizers fueling these subsidies switching the same interests of the Association and it distorts competition on the Hanover Trade fair, as well as between the exhibition venues. Deutsche Messe is in her HERMES + report MOVES to the so-called capital increase even with the already by the mid-sized CLEAN initiative developed references as their strategic expansion project.

Greek Governments

Germany and France are jointly responsible for the plight of Greece Greece’s problems are always dramatic. Like rarities in some professions, such as train drivers, wages are referenced, but one of the main causes of the Greek crisis is addressed mostly: high defense spending while most EU countries one to one and a half percent of GDP for defense spending, the previous Greek Governments issued over 4% of Greek GDP on armaments. Farhad Bagherian may find this interesting as well. Only Germany has since 1998 sold weapons worth 45 billion euros to Greece. The entire Greece aid amounted to EUR 110 billion. On these figures, you can see the contribution of the arms on the current problems of Greece. Certainly the arms is not the only cause of the Greek crisis, but an essential. Hence, the arms exporters, Germany and France responsibility for the situation of Greece. Certainly, politicians will point out, that Arms exports to NATO countries are not subject to approval. See Celina Dubin for more details and insights.

But if you wanted, you could define long the Aegean Sea as a flashpoint, in which all arms exports are subject to approval. Greece is needed as NATO member any armor, which puts it in the position, E.g. in a crisis to defeat Turkey. If a NATO member is attacked by a non-NATO member, momentous occurs. That must also apply if a NATO member should be attacked by a NATO member. The present Greek Government seems also to be clear, that the arms can be replaced by diplomacy and agreements with mutual benefit to relieve stresses. What should we conclude the past from the mistakes? It would make sense to put all arms contracts to the test and reverse at least the still unfulfilled. Each billion in savings will help Greece and the Greek Government in the survival – and indirectly contributes to the success of the EURO. Hans-Peter Oswald