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Every room needs a good microclimate. Damp, stuffy room can cause poor health of people and damage imuschestva.V construction is particularly applicable to the level of humidity, and the repair premises are often problems associated with high humidity. All mineral building materials (cement, plaster), such as concrete, brick and stucco emit moisture into the room you want to delete otherwise be infringed technology standards. For quick drying materials is recommended to use dehumidifiers. The use of industrial dehumidifiers on construction sites significantly reduces the time Construction: construction dries quickly. Improves the quality of finishes: plaster, paint, wallpaper, ceiling and floor screed dried evenly. Power consumption when using the dryer is much lower than during the heating air heat gun, or removal of moisture ventilation.

The use of dehumidifiers in the store normal functioning of the warehouse is very important in air temperature and humidity in it. High humidity there is the threat of damage to the goods in a warehouse: bulk materials become compressed, metal rusts, wood and fabric covered with mildew and rot, cardboard boxes are deformed. In winter, the desired level of humidity (50-55% or lower) can be maintain the overall ventilation with heated fresh air. In summer, when air temperature rises to 25-30 C and the humidity to 90% of incoming outdoor air, on the contrary, it becomes a source of moisture. The only way to reduce the humidity in the warehouse during the summer – to use dehumidifiers. The use of dehumidifiers to optimize the parameters of ventilation, reducing energy consumption. With insufficient power ventilation or lack of maintenance of a given humidity and temperature in the room is only possible with the use of dehumidifiers. Drier in the summer – the only way to reduce the humidity in the warehouse.

Drier in the winter allows for 20-70% reduction in energy consumption to maintain optimum moisture in the warehouse. The use of dehumidifiers to remove the effects of flooding Industrial dehumidifiers Kroll have been successfully used for drying buildings subjected to flooding for any reason. They would reduce economic loss due to floods, accidents, water leakages in industrial plants, warehouses and residential premises. The most powerful model of Kroll dehumidifier removes up to 120 liters of water per day and allows you to quickly dry the premises and found in it the objects after the flooding. Weight dryer does not exceed 65 kg, it is compact and requires no installation. This gives the opportunity to quickly deliver a dehumidifier to place of flooding and to start work immediately to remove excess moisture in the room.