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Chronic Journey

The years in its relentless evolution have been burying those times that travel to Chiclayo in recent Emtrafesa of the Junin Street company was comfortable and pleasant. Who does not remember perhaps their punctual schedules, new buses that are not malograban in the route, good, damping, music, ticket cheap, but such also end this described bliss already ended, and now there’s the martyrdom of travel to Chiclayo from 5.00 a.m. (6.00 a.m. at Vulkano) begin to roar machines, joyless drivers emerge from sleep to lugswilling helpers lament that it has touched them 1st or 2nd shift. How I was not son of millionaire!, they think, but with the dream to slopes already bus starts filling up of passengers, also joyless arrive longing for the enjoyment of the auroral K dream, pon the list already almost full the J vehicle begins to move, but there is still time to buy the industry, forced the trip Protocol, and * suddenly already bus parked at Mansiche where a mob of people I * strives to raise and travel to Chiclayo or intermediate points; medical Chocope or nurses, shoemakers with their unmistakable boxes; teachers to Guadalupe and so push after push they will be accommodating on the bus, the comodidad of the passenger sitting not concerned to the taxman. Which comfort?, claims are worth nothing, the relentless debt collector still extending route tickets, his still sleepy mind feeds the hope of that supervisor will not realize the cutra kitchen, at least there is always the possibility of winning little something with passengers of route. Imagine! that would be us if we only had to live lean salary they pay us think the philosophical cobradores, but even so it is better to travel to this hour before noon for example, where the OS name heat heated to the calm of the passenger, and although there is now Vulkano that also makes viajes to Chiclayo and although it has within its drivers don Marcial Jauregui, a skillful and competent professional of the steering wheel, despite the fact that it has with the cat inside your plana of bailiffs, despite all Emtrafesa is part of the tradition of the city of Trujillo and Chiclayo, are institutions that belong to the modus live – di in both cities and truck suddenly already is coming to Pacasmayo, but not before having renovated part of its route passengers, some have fallen, others have uploadedthe taxman takes little something in its coffers and askance driver controls earnings to receive their cut at the end of the trip. .