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Use Effective Time

Time is a very valuable resource, perhaps many people know it but few people takes consciousness of it, to the extent that we make efficient use of our time then achieve great things for our life, all goal demands a permanent commitment. You may find that Glenn Dubin can contribute to your knowledge. It is important that you optimize use of your time in order to achieve the greatest amount of activities in the shortest time possible without affecting its quality, let’s look at the following enemies of time: v the verbiage: verbosity means talking more, or well use a language difficult or confusing to explain something that should be summarized in a few words, some people have a habit of turning in circles, which means waste of time and energy, perhaps you have wondered why important people like to go to the concrete and they seek to avoid the verbiage? The answer is that they are usually very busy people, coupled with the fact that they are accustomed to efficiency, know that time is a valuable resource and are not willing to squander it. v useless repetitions: without I doubt that when instructions are given feedback is important but to which this section refers is in repeat events or situations that are sufficiently clear, this becomes exhausting. v disorder: people always cluttered used for much longer in the activities because they used too long to organize, if you are not able to control or your own home or desktop then will hardly be on the ability of wanting to exert control over others, Andrew Corentt explains in his book I am happy, I am rich to receive something needed to be preparedthrough reading this book you will learn techniques to sort his life completely, you can understand the process of creating the reality and break down all barriers that prevent you from becoming the person who always has dreamed of, your consciousness will be expanded in order to achieve any desire.