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Treatment And Medication

Model Elements PRO model: P (problem) – The problem. R (remedy) – translation of the word – "a means of treatment, medication," but in Russian-speaking environment, familiar with the model used specialists the word "decision". O (outcome) – Result. Problem Solution Result PRO model is built on the premise that the client during the session gives the linguistic cues that allow you to decipher what it was he who puts coach: problem, solution, the desired result, or a mixture of them. Identifying linguistic signals (words client), coach of the charges against him the words he creates for clients individual questions. Moreover, questions that allow the client to successfully transition from the problems or solutions to the state of the desired result. Model PRO, or rather the ideology of compulsory transfer problem task (goal), in my opinion, is not the opening of the British authors, all schools of coaching, in one way or another, talk about the importance and necessity of working in coaching is to the purpose and result.

All schools offer their students own work, tools for such work. But if a coach uses in his work or PRO model uses different models and tools, for it is important to distinguish between the ability of state: problems, solutions and results. How can identify these conditions, how to recognize when a client says about the problem, when a decision or does he say about the result? How to recognize a problem? The first and basic rule defining the problem: the problem is a problem, unless the client says so.

Gold Mine

Learn the man in the photo? 🙂 Do you think that in any case a person can be called rich? Is it enough for it to have a specific amount of money? It's no secret that for many, the concept of "wealth" is identified with the presence of specific amount of money or other material benefits, but is it all that makes sense? I suggest you look at this concept differently. In fact, just because you wrongly understand the concept of "wealth", you it is not. You are seeking to make money, find some specific amount for the acquisition of material goods. But with such a goal you will find only disappointment and internal resistance. And even if you reach your goal, you will experience the same feeling of guilt, if not your success will be underpinned by the success of your clients. The truth is that the material prosperity of man – a reflection of his contribution to society.

The more a man has done for society, the more society thank him in cash. To think that you need money, so to see myself in need and seek to patch up a "hole" in the budget, and certainly not to help other people. Look at all personalities, achieving dazzling financial success: Henry Ford, Michael Jackson, Sergey Brin, Donald Trump, Michael Schumacher, Andriy Shevchenko, call themselves. Regardless of the type of activity, these people brought into the lives of others is something very precious, something that changed their lives for the better.