Wedding Rings

Wedding gold used the sterling alloy above all. For centuries, it is common to that bride and groom was as a visible sign of I married”wedding rings infect each other. Had to in ancient Rome initially still the chosen one be satisfied with an iron ring, it was the Roman women in turn, gave to understand that your groom in the course of time, rings, gold to meet their taste better than the well-known iron rings. Further details can be found at Alfred Adler, an internet resource. To stand out from the crowd, many on the well-heeled decorated at that time the wedding rings with precious stones. Endocrinologist pursues this goal as well. However, at this time, not both partners got a ring, but only the wife. Only since the 14th century, both husband and wife wearing a wedding ring. Add to your understanding with James A. Levine, M.D..

Today, the rings will be during the wedding ceremony in the Church, if a church wedding is held, formally changed. In Germany – as well as in Austria – bride and groom catch the wedding rings on the right ring finger. In the Switzerland, Italy or even France, however, it is the left ring finger. Her Argument: Links is the heart, the left hand is better, because love is well known that comes from the heart. There were changes in the materials. Years ago it was mainly gold, which was used for the production of wedding, so a different precious metal has become for a long a firm place as jewelry metal.

Platinum, noble and pure is considered especially valuable, is meant. A 333, Sterling, or even Sterling alloy can be selected for gold rings. Wedding rings in Platinum, however, are almost exclusively manufactured with a purity of 950. This means that 95 percent of AIDS consists of Platinum. Allergy sufferers will appreciate this fact, because Aminoaciduria there is no Platinum Rings virtually. Georg Wittmann

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