The Legend

CHAPTER FORTY AND FOUR Which Was the Error Of the SCRIPT? The afternoon was of agreements between entrepreneurs and executives, who if had drawn out for the night and had compelled the governor to sleep, of this time, in the residence of the mayor, where they had made right plans of future for Golden Mountain range. Of morning, it came back to the hospital to say farewell and to take off a doubt that hammered it the brain, since that receives the phone call informing that it had been transferred. _ Alberto, I did not forget what you said in that supper. I do not only obtain to understand as it was that you, with all the control of the situation, left yourself to apanhar of this skill, as a duckling! I remember well that you said on palco and embroidery frames, and you know that was for them that you travelled the time all. I know that you tracked each gesture, each thought of each one of the inhabitants of Golden Mountain range. t to reply. Why, then, it was apanhado? This does not enter in my head.

I simply do not obtain to understand! _ Is truth, Excellency. Nor I waited for that outcome. I was certain of that it would go to shoot in me, or if to deliver without resistance. If it tried to shoot, I already had prevented the sergeant and Hawk that only shot in my defense. He means, I I found that it would go to want to avenge itself in me. But he was not what it thought. In its devilish and unhealthy mind, already he had the traced plan. If he would leave to unmask in public and later, instead of if avenging in me, if he would avenge of me. was what it made. When we believed that it was defeated, it said one as many things and it concluded, saying that I would continue I live, but the person who I more love I would go to pay for my error.

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