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The Acid-alkaline Balance – As A Way To Defeat Cancer

So many people have heard about acid-alkaline balance of the environment. But what is it and how it contributes to the preservation of our precious health, few know. It turns out that when these two components are in equilibrium, chance of getting cancer is reduced to a minimum. Parasites – worms and fungi, entering the body, causing a sharp change in pH or an alkaline or the acid side. Understand what your body is a preference chooses, it is possible, having determined to taste preferences. If you prefer to eat sour, then you have exceeded an alkaline environment.

And if you just can not do without the sweet, keep in mind you have excess acid and lack of alkali. For an objective to identify the acid-alkaline balance is desirable to pass urine for analysis. Spend a fence urine at 6 am and 14 noon. Normal rates – 6.2 for the early morning, daytime and 6.4 for urine. If predominant acidification, the figures are respectively 4.8 and 5.0. if the body is experiencing an excess of alkali, the figures are respectively 7.6 and 7.8. Restore acid-alkaline balance can be using herbs.

Alkali neutralized with herbs – valerian, marjoram, St. John's wort, nard, calendula, nettle, raspberry, coltsfoot, birch buds, mint, dandelion, celandine, sage, eucalyptus. If the predominant acidic environment, it will help neutralize the sweet flag, hawthorn, cranberries, strawberries, gooseberries, burdock, mistletoe, shepherd's purse, wild rose, fennel, etc. These herbs must accustom himself to brew the tea and eat regularly. Many of these herbs are sold in pharmacies in the form of tinctures, and their only side effect is to restore the acid-alkaline balance. If you have the morning there is a need in a cup of strong black coffee without sugar and cream, which will give courage and lift forces alert – your body is strongly acidified. Help restore an alkaline environment may be dairy products, cheese, green vegetables, vegetable oils – olive, sunflower, corn and butter, some cereals – rice, millet, semolina, wheat, vegetables – beets, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic, squash, fruit – bananas, peaches, raspberries, tea, and wine, liqueurs, vodka and cognac, of course within reasonable limits. Do not forget the herbs. Acidic environment activate a variety of fried foods, as well as rye, buckwheat, beans, tomatoes, dairy products, nuts … So, contributing to acid-base balance of the environment, we can put down malicious cancer cells, which are in any healthy body. For the successful digestion of food, it is necessary that it be properly crushed and watered with saliva in the mouth. In order to keep the teeth in order, we must remember that the dental clinic create all conditions so that our teeth are healthy. And good dental care enables us to constantly take care of dental health, including, if necessary, and prosthetics.

Flat Feet

Often from patients whose problems begin with the foot, you can hear, “Doctor, I had a stone (meaning” stone “at the bottom first toe). I’m afraid that I will be like my mother (or grandmother), “foot and toes which cause an objective sense of fear. If the patient considerable deformation of the foot and toes, often in an injured voice, they say: “This is my inheritance …” Virtually no one, from applying to this situation, does not know that genetics plays the smallest role in the formation of foot deformations. Davavyte understand, what is the is the main reason? Must paralytic, rachitic, posttraumatic) deserve special attention. On the causes of static flatfoot mentioned in the article “Flatfoot may cause headache,” where we celebrated his primary reason – it’s an overload stop as a result of various factors. What is going on with the foot as a result of congestion? To understand this, look at the anatomy and physiology of the foot. The foot contains 26 bones.

All 26 bones are connected between a strong ligaments. In the correct ratio between the foot bones are held by these ligaments and muscles, some of which originates from the knee joint, and part is located at the very foot. When we talk about formation of static flatfoot, in the first place, there is the inability of the muscle as a result of an overload to keep the foot bones in the correct ratio. Overload in most cases, cause long-term work standing up, hard physical labor, heavy weight, physiological, in other words, the age aging muscles, etc. Ie muscles that must support some form of foot, run down and no longer in full is systematic, the foot bones are changing the relationship between them, which leads to a change in the longitudinal arch of the foot and poperchenogo, as if they “settle down” and develop clinical picture, which we denote as flatfoot.