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Secondhand Smoke

Impressive results of the research, conducted in various cities of Europe, whose goal is to objectify the effect of passive smoking on non-smokers are exposed to harmful tobacco smoke at work and at home. Scientists from the UK (Department of Air Quality Monitoring, Harrogate) and Sweden (Karolinska-Institut, Huddinge) conducted a joint study to find out how high the load is harmful substances as a result of passive smoking, whether it exposed non-smokers, and if so – to what extent. To read more click here: Senator Elizabeth Warren. The study was conducted simultaneously in several European cities, it is attended by non-smoking volunteers. James A. Levine, M.D. is actively involved in the matter. Each of them received the device – monitor, which must be worn on the body. This instrument recorded the presence of the following pollutants: particles of tobacco smoke (ETS – environmental tabacco smoke) and its typical gaseous components (nicotine and 3-vinylpyridine) and inhaled matter in suspension (RSP – respirable suspended particles). Volunteers were selected by random sampling and invited to the first interview. At the same time they completed a questionnaire about their lifestyle and the circumstances under which they are faced with smoking.

Depending on whether they worked or not, were there at his workplace action of tobacco smoke, they live in a family where other members of the smoke, they were assigned to one of six corresponding groups. Subjects explained in detail the goals and objectives of the study and its methodology, and then each handed monitors that they had to wear on the body clock, and the work got 2 monitors, one for work and one for home. In addition, they had to keep a diary of observations. Currently, some published results of the study. We briefly present the results ready by the 2nd Centers: Paris (222 participants) and Lisbon (197 participants). In Lisbon were reported only slight differences in the individual load in different groups of subjects.

The differences between working and nonworking with or without tobacco smoke in the workplace and housewives in the home which smoking were not statistically significant. Was only significant lower rate of loading for housewives living in smoking households. Load for them in terms of 0.4 per year smoked cigarettes. In groups of subjects who were exposed to tobacco smoke both at home and at work, pressure indicators consistent 13 – 19 cigarettes per year. Results from Paris were similar. The lowest pressure recorded at the housewives of Smoking families, it corresponded to a smoked cigarette in the year. We are homemakers, family members who smoke at home, load corresponded to 1.2-3 tobacco cigarettes a year. In the subjects working in a family where there are smokers, recorded the highest burden of tobacco smoke, and it did not depend on whether smoking is someone close to them at work or not. Thus, the results showed that smoking in the home environment has the greatest load hazardous substances in non-smokers.

Factors of Aging

Lack of hyaluronic acid is considered one of the major factors of aging of the organism as a whole, and such his symptoms as loss of joint mobility, changing the appearance of the skin, various diseases of the cardiovascular system and age-related changes in vision. One molecule of this acid keeps around him to 1,000 molecules water, "answering" thus for natural hydration and volume of the skin. Professional products used by us for contouring, are safe, because hyaluronic acid is a natural component healthy skin. They are used to modify the circuit to increase the lips, corners of the mouth lift, removal of wrinkles, that is used both for solving aesthetic problems, and for the correction of age-related changes. The uniqueness of products based on hyaluronic acid is in the fact that if it enters the skin, they naturally blend with your own body's hyaluronic acid, its complement, which is largely improves metabolic processes in the skin: it becomes more elastic, even after the expiration of the drug. Surdgiderm (France) – is a gel based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. The drug is characterized by high concentration of hyaluronic acid up to 24 mm for 1 oz. Result remains stable up to 12 months. Juviderm (France) is a hyaluronic acid in the form of viscoelastic gel that is transparent and homogeneous and has a number of advantages: requires no pre-testing obtained on the basis of the biosynthesis and has a non-animal origin (does immune reactions) Juviderm effect usually lasts from 6 to 10 months, sometimes more – depending on the skin type, the site of injection, injected volume and the method of procedure.

Julia Roberts

Further, the flow of nerve impulses transmitted to the limbic system, which, as we know, responsible for emotions. As a consequence, muscle tone decreases, and the person takes a fairly expression due to stimulation of subcortical brain structures: – Increased mood – improves short-term and long-term memory – activate creative abilities – increased efficiency – normal blood pressure and heart activity – increases the production of immunoglobulin, which strengthens immunity. And smile facilitates communication, makes it easy to make new acquaintances and facilitates communication and flirtation. Many people suffer from loneliness because they can not smile at a stranger. Even when they wanted to do it. And all because there is no practice.

There is such a practice is the medical term – contraction. It implies a violation of joint mobility or muscle stiffness. For example, when the muscles for a long time were not involved. Try to lift a hand at once, after lying with her rented month plaster! Contracture. Used this term in psychology. Look at the faces of people on the street, sometimes you can catch wanton grimace of disgust, and sometimes fear, sometimes gloom. Psychological contracture. The man most likely long lived in fear or was in an unpleasant situation that caused the corresponding mask on his face.

Ho ran down the days, and muscles get used to be in the new position. And then vanished stimulus, and print on the face remained. How such a person to learn to smile, even if his reflection in the mirror he can give only a weak shadow of a smile. Well, not He used to smile, and that's it! Skills are not enough. Interfere with something. That means we need to train. That's one of the techniques. Need to get up in front of the mirror and think of something funny (well, very funny). You want to smile? Allow yourself to it do. And let the smile will initially crooked. Please try again. When will the smile on your face, try to remember this condition, fix it. If it succeeds – then smile played at the right time, remembering this condition will be much easier. Practice your smile a few times a day. First you need to train at home, and then develop skills in public, on the familiar (it's easier), and then strangers, and in different situations. Useful Similar experiments were performed immediately after waking up. Laugh yourself and the coming day, and he'll smile at you! Train and become the owner of an irresistible smile. Incidentally, among the Hollywood stars most breath-taking smile, according to the magazine Glamour, has Julia Roberts. Inner smile when he smiles it will be easier, you can proceed to more difficult exercise – the development of the inner smile. All Taoist masters speak this art, and therefore retain a positive attitude and good health. You need to close your eyes and begin slowly encircling the eye of their bodies, their inner smile smiling and filling them with the energy of love. This is a strong weapon for total relaxation in a position to eliminate any physical and mental tension. Constant practice helps inner smile is better to feel your internal organs, to notice the problem when they Educational and 'suppress them in the bud. " But what is most surprising, though the inner smile and is hidden from your eyes, it can feel the other. From people who have the ability to "inner smile", as if an invisible light emanates. Such people love and respect, they are successful, accomplished and beautiful!

Intragastric Balloon Nonsurgical Treatment

Intragastric balloon, obesity treatment without surgery is a treatment program for weight loss for obese or overweight. The intragastric balloon device causes weight loss due to a feeling of fullness that reduces the amount of food consumed at each meal. Information silicone intragastric balloon, duration: 6 months implantation through the mouth sensation of early satiety decreases the rate of emptying of the stomach not requiring surgery do not involve the use of drugs long-term intragastric balloon Diet During the first few weeks are very common nausea and vomiting because the patient does not adapt to adequate food to their new situation. It is preferable to start with a liquid diet, followed by the gradual introduction of a diet soft crushed to get to eat solidos.Se works with different food textures (from certain cooking, flavor and concentration), with a duration of time determined in each one of the phases, depending on the patient. The dietary protocol phases are three: Stage adaptation: Whose objectives are to adapt to the ball, to prevent nausea and vomiting, pain, and prevent dehydration. BIB Stage: Whose goals are massive weight loss through diet and exercise, establish new eating habits and life, and maintain good health. Maintenance stage: Whose goals are to continue weight loss and maintenance of acquired habits. Once the treatment and got the right weight, the patient usually does not recover lost kilos, because during the time that has been on a diet, has learned to eat and has been acquiring correct eating habits How it works The intragastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon expandable enters the stomach through the mouth without need for surgery and sedation.

Intestinal Health

For proper disposal of the intestinal content requires 25-30 g of dietary fibers, and some experts believe that it would be 35-40 grams per day to fuck. That is to obtain 30 grams of dietary fibers have to eat 3 kg of cucumbers, 2 kg of potatoes, 1 kg of carrots or 400 grams of beans. Is it possible to do otherwise – to eat 200 grams of rye bread. Because dietary fiber is actually not rich vegetables and crops. Let's compare them with vegetables: rye-wheat bread – 6.0; rye bread whole grain – 8.9; oatmeal – 9.5; crackers – 5.2, rye bread, which I mentioned, – 14.1 and even in cooked noodles more than vegetables – 4.4 (!), And the leader of this group – wheat bran, contain about 2 per diem rate of ballast substances – 49.3, however the argument "It improves the digestive tract" is untenable for another reason: what prevents eat 100 grams of meat, 500 g vegetables, 200 grams of bread (daily rate) and 2 tablespoons wheat bran? All of these components of dietary intake of each other is not exclusive but only successfully complete. And the intestines will run like clockwork all: both meat eaters and vegetarians. 3.

Strengthens the heart Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants that protect the heart and arteries. Cholesterol levels in vegetarians by 14 percent below the level of meat-eaters. This statement also does not have an answer – why we must reject the meat? Make a salad of sweet peppers, lettuce, broccoli, parsley, spinach, and fill it with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil (especially useful if it added the oil from the germ of wheat grain).

High Development

REIGN OF HIGH-TECH Focusing on the most advanced technologies, we shall conquer the whole world the highest quality products. Innovation – the driving force of the company 'Winalite' since its inception. Based on scientific and technical advances in all phases of its activities, from development to production, the corporation is the leader among companies of similar profile in the country and abroad. Anion sanitary napkins 'Love Moon' Anion pad 'Love Moon' – a revolutionary innovation in the health sector, the implementation of our corporation. Only 'Winalite' is able to produce these unique pads, not only have an enhanced ability to absorb moisture, but also provide a healing effect. The Corporation plays a significant role in the fight against counterfeit hygiene products. Funds Health and Hygiene Baby Diapers Personal Care Whitening and moisturizing skin care products that contain AA2G Whitening, moisturizing, revitalizing face mask kit SPA – Aromatherapy 'V-Shine' High-tech products antiradiation map 'Health Card' Anti-radiation sticker for your phone 'Win Guard' anion respiratory mask 'Win Mask' Biovolnovaya regulating healing system for health food products Coffee 'Win Cafe' Center for Scientific Research and Development 'Winalite International, "The center was built in August 1997.

Pursuing a research and development of high technology products, it is the central technological strength of the company. Center played a major role in history of rapid development 'Winalite International. " Mr Vincent Cheng, chairman of the board, heads a group of companies operating under the motto: 'The technology that creates love. " The leaders of the group given a high on the ability of sustainable development center. They carry out a new development strategy that meets the sanitary needs of modern women. By working with many reputable organizations, center at the same time increased their internal capacity.

More than half of the elite center staff are masters and doctors in the field of nanotechnology, fine chemicals, computers and other similar areas. More than 25% of staff are graduates of famous universities like the University of Tsinhua, Nanjing University and Southeast University. To date, the center has received various national patents and praised the company 'Winalite International. "

The Acid-alkaline Balance – As A Way To Defeat Cancer

So many people have heard about acid-alkaline balance of the environment. But what is it and how it contributes to the preservation of our precious health, few know. It turns out that when these two components are in equilibrium, chance of getting cancer is reduced to a minimum. Parasites – worms and fungi, entering the body, causing a sharp change in pH or an alkaline or the acid side. Understand what your body is a preference chooses, it is possible, having determined to taste preferences. If you prefer to eat sour, then you have exceeded an alkaline environment.

And if you just can not do without the sweet, keep in mind you have excess acid and lack of alkali. For an objective to identify the acid-alkaline balance is desirable to pass urine for analysis. Spend a fence urine at 6 am and 14 noon. Normal rates – 6.2 for the early morning, daytime and 6.4 for urine. If predominant acidification, the figures are respectively 4.8 and 5.0. if the body is experiencing an excess of alkali, the figures are respectively 7.6 and 7.8. Restore acid-alkaline balance can be using herbs.

Alkali neutralized with herbs – valerian, marjoram, St. John's wort, nard, calendula, nettle, raspberry, coltsfoot, birch buds, mint, dandelion, celandine, sage, eucalyptus. If the predominant acidic environment, it will help neutralize the sweet flag, hawthorn, cranberries, strawberries, gooseberries, burdock, mistletoe, shepherd's purse, wild rose, fennel, etc. These herbs must accustom himself to brew the tea and eat regularly. Many of these herbs are sold in pharmacies in the form of tinctures, and their only side effect is to restore the acid-alkaline balance. If you have the morning there is a need in a cup of strong black coffee without sugar and cream, which will give courage and lift forces alert – your body is strongly acidified. Help restore an alkaline environment may be dairy products, cheese, green vegetables, vegetable oils – olive, sunflower, corn and butter, some cereals – rice, millet, semolina, wheat, vegetables – beets, zucchini, carrots, onions, garlic, squash, fruit – bananas, peaches, raspberries, tea, and wine, liqueurs, vodka and cognac, of course within reasonable limits. Do not forget the herbs. Acidic environment activate a variety of fried foods, as well as rye, buckwheat, beans, tomatoes, dairy products, nuts … So, contributing to acid-base balance of the environment, we can put down malicious cancer cells, which are in any healthy body. For the successful digestion of food, it is necessary that it be properly crushed and watered with saliva in the mouth. In order to keep the teeth in order, we must remember that the dental clinic create all conditions so that our teeth are healthy. And good dental care enables us to constantly take care of dental health, including, if necessary, and prosthetics.

If The Child Does Not Let Mom

Every time you’re on the go, your child begins to cry inconsolably bitter and For most mothers this is a real test, which wants to avoid by any means. What feelings are experiencing child, flooding Tears flow hallway while we hurriedly dressed? How to calm him down: to comfort or scold, or stay away? And most importantly, how to help him safely be our absence? Most often react violently to the care of infants, that most of the time with mom. In families where the mother for a short time, but regularly, replace one of the family, small enough to quickly get used to for some time without it. Although sometimes it happens that the kid has yesterday quietly letting go of my mother, suddenly begins to protest her departure.

What child is experiencing, watching your charges? What gives him a sense of your care? By virtue of its self-centeredness, all that happens in the family, little kid sees a direct connection with each other. He is hard to understand, that some part of my mother’s life is not related to him that she has something special. So the kid can relate mother’s care, for example, that he not well behaved, and so he is punished. In order for your absence did not cause a negative reaction, going somewhere for long, to shop or barber shop, be sure to tell your child where you are going through and what time back. Even if you think that the child is too young for such information, your words wonderfully calm and help him to wait for your return.

Dental Diode Lasers

Most dental lasers in fact have the effect of hemostasis is largely depending on the depth of penetration of the laser beam, and provided that the hemoglobin or collagen vascular wall is chromophore for this laser wavelength. CO2 laser seals the blood vessels typically a diameter of 500 microns or less, while more specific to hemoglobin KTP: YAG, Nd: YAG and argon lasers can provide a more profound hemostasis. Even when use of other lasers, CO2 is used to control bleeding through the laser beam on the surface of the surgical field somewhere between the distances of the focusing and defocusing effect to create hemostasis without cause significant ablation or dissection of tissue. Indications for the use of lasers in dental surgery are: frenectomy, Gingham voplastika, change shape and tissue papilla, Gingivectomy, Gingivectomy to create access, removal of lesions, removal of age spots and tattoos. Despite the fact that in certain clinical situations may be used at different wavelengths, and its choice should be borne in mind that universal prescription for laser surgery does not exist. Any doctor who uses lasers should receive appropriate instructions on the application of different length vln and laser devices, as well as use known procedures, along with their own clinical experience. The following sections outline some examples of applications of lasers during dental and cosmetic procedures. Gingivectomy IN HYPERPLASIA Laser dentistry is used to perform the cut on the Limits of the desired area of the gums in the focused mode and then perform the excision or ablation of excess hyperplastic tissues.

Flat Feet

Often from patients whose problems begin with the foot, you can hear, “Doctor, I had a stone (meaning” stone “at the bottom first toe). I’m afraid that I will be like my mother (or grandmother), “foot and toes which cause an objective sense of fear. If the patient considerable deformation of the foot and toes, often in an injured voice, they say: “This is my inheritance …” Virtually no one, from applying to this situation, does not know that genetics plays the smallest role in the formation of foot deformations. Davavyte understand, what is the is the main reason? Must paralytic, rachitic, posttraumatic) deserve special attention. On the causes of static flatfoot mentioned in the article “Flatfoot may cause headache,” where we celebrated his primary reason – it’s an overload stop as a result of various factors. What is going on with the foot as a result of congestion? To understand this, look at the anatomy and physiology of the foot. The foot contains 26 bones.

All 26 bones are connected between a strong ligaments. In the correct ratio between the foot bones are held by these ligaments and muscles, some of which originates from the knee joint, and part is located at the very foot. When we talk about formation of static flatfoot, in the first place, there is the inability of the muscle as a result of an overload to keep the foot bones in the correct ratio. Overload in most cases, cause long-term work standing up, hard physical labor, heavy weight, physiological, in other words, the age aging muscles, etc. Ie muscles that must support some form of foot, run down and no longer in full is systematic, the foot bones are changing the relationship between them, which leads to a change in the longitudinal arch of the foot and poperchenogo, as if they “settle down” and develop clinical picture, which we denote as flatfoot.