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DELICARDO Food Card – Is Involved In

10% discount on DELICARDO foodcards of the 07.03.2012 11.03.2012 of 7 March 2012 is the day of healthy eating! Berlin, 27.02.2012 – the day of healthy eating was launched in 1998 by the Association for nutrition and dietetics Association in life. This day draws attention to the importance of healthy eating. In the rich industrial countries involves not only that we eat, but above all, what we eat, make us feel healthy and productive. Primarily serves the food of intake of nutrients that humans need to build up the body and maintain its vital functions. The diet controls but also the physical, mental and social well-being of the people.

“The motto of the day of health 2012 is: food intolerances causes, diagnosis and treatment” in recent years, the topic of food intolerance has gained in importance. According to experts, more and more people suffer food allergies and intolerances, Upward trend, without that so far a clear reason for this could be found. As therapy remains mostly strict avoiding those foods that are not tolerated. Sufferers have often long suffering stories behind them, and an uncertainty the diagnosis is often followed by: “How now the dietary recommendations in everyday life put?” In your own kitchen, you can relatively simply omit the not sustainable food. The 14 declarable allergens must already be specified when buying packaged goods, but how is it eating outside the home, travel, in the restaurant or for friends and family? Simone Graebner has designed the DELICARDO food card. This helps stakeholders accurately and quickly communicate the food intolerance and gives valuable tips on what foods can include allergens, as well as which foods are tolerated. On the occasion of the day various actions take place in completely Germany of healthy nutrition, and also DELICARDO food card is: On the occasion of the day of healthy nutrition, there is 10% discount on any order that arrives from the 07.03 11.03.2012 at.

The discount applies to all food card variants: the classic food card the indestructible printed on cardboard,’ plastic card, and the PDF file to the print it yourself, as well as for all available languages: German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The Mike GmbH has introduced in 2009 under the motto of “Quality of life despite allergies and intolerances” as a lifestyle product for people with food allergies / intolerances on the German market the DELICARDO food card. With the business-card size card interested parties are given the order without tedious tedious explanations can inform discreetly and precisely the waiter and cook their allergies and intolerances. All information is approved by nutritionists and are regularly checked and expanded if necessary. The DELICARDO food card portrait since November 2009 the Ecarf quality seal and has been awarded 2010 the Swiss AHA award. Within a customer survey, 100% of our customers have confirmed, that they have been using the DELICARDO food card at the away fewer health problems and difficulties due to her allergy have food, as without using the food card. the food cards can be ordered in the online shop. There are inpiduelle DELICARDO food cards with personal allergies and intolerances along the way about the CONFIGURATOR. In the catalogue you can finished food cards to individual allergies and intolerances are ordered. The food cards are in different versions (printed on cardboard and plastic, as a PDF file) and different languages offered.

Juicer – The Different Types Types Of Juicers

About the evrschiedenen types of juicers. A nice idea is to start the juice the day with a freshly-squeezed for many people. A fresh glass of vitamins drink evokes the spirits and gives a lot of energy for the day. Unfortunately, producing this refreshing and healthy drink is often very cumbersome. However, fruits and vegetables easily in delicious and healthy juices using a hand-operated or electric juicer turn.

There different types of juicers, such as the citrus press, the steam juicers or centrifugal juicer. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Beneil Dariush and gain more knowledge.. The individual models differ mainly in the way of juicing and the amount of juice, which can be obtained in this way. Each device has its merits and suitable for certain applications. The selection is so care must be taken for what the device will be used eventually. People who are not sure which device you should choose, find one on the Internet several times practical juicer test, which describes the individual devices. Learn more at this site: Eva Andersson-Dubin. Often the juicer winner will be mentioned in this context. It is such models, which have done particularly well in a juicer test. Emphasis is placed on quality, functionality and accessories here.

Also the practical application in everyday life, various testimonials and the optics are considered when selecting the juicer test winner. The citrus press of this equipment is probably the most famous of the juicers. Half citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges are placed on a cone. Depending on the model, the Obsthalften now be manually or electrically but pressed. The squeezed out juice collects in a container. The extraction of the juice is this device very quickly. However, the disadvantage is that only citrus fruits with thicker peel can be used. The device only for smaller amounts is also suitable as the fresh juice in the morning. The food mill, this device is used very long time and is known colloquially as fleet Lotte”.