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Phytoestrogens Omega

Also protected a vessel is said to effect the Phytoestrogens. Vitalis Omega 3 ensures the daily supply of essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids can not even produced by the organism. The essential fatty acids EPA and DHA in Vitalis Omega 3 help and therapy concomitantly in cardiovascular disease, hardening of the arteries and increased blood fat levels. Vitalis Omega 3 can support be taken also in diseases of rheumatic spectrum and other chronic inflammatory processes. Essential fatty acids promote the infant brain development during pregnancy and lactation.

For the Vitalis Omega 3 capsules is high-quality fish oil concentrate from anchovies and sardines used. In contrast to the tuna, which is often contaminated with heavy metals, the cold water fish anchovies and sardines from the pristine waters. Vitalis spirit with ginseng root and OPC grape seed extract may increase with age-related memory problems, concentration and memory. Guarana extract also ensures an increased efficiency and promotes the attention. The vitamins contained in the product of the B-complex support the brain and nerve metabolism and are involved in the formation of important blood components. The active ingredient of Phosphatidylserine is used as a regulator in the exchange of information between the brain cells. Phosphatidylserine supports neuronal metabolism and signal transmission. This has a positive effect on language, learning, and concentration.

All dietary supplements of VitalisLine are suitable for diabetics and lactose -, fruktose – as well as gluten-free. “Vitalis F and Vitalis Omega – 3 products also have a novel liquid encapsulation: as Licaps” (“liquid formula capsules”) called liquid encapsulation ensures improved absorption of the active substance and for optimum bioavailability. VitalisLine products can be ordered directly shop shipping GmbH from the GesundheitsWelt. Christina Impala which directly is GesundheitsWelt GmbH was founded in a young online companies from Wolfsburg, which 2007 employees of the Deutsche BKK. The Internet portal offers its customers quality tested products around the topics of health, fitness and wellness. This service is rounded off by a carefully researched editorial content.

Truly radiant Dentures

Every mouth is unique. When tooth loss implants is not always of immediate replacement. Dental Advisory clarifies the possibility of cosmetic treatment in advance. Enlightenment is the”half”and the choice for a person interested in implant difficult teamed a lot since the first development times of implantology about 40 years ago in relation to this form of cosmetic dental treatment. Titan established himself as material for the artificial tooth roots, because it causes no rejection reaction by the subsystem of the teeth. Ceramic implants could not prevail because of defective material properties. Blade implants were prone to breakage and not prevailed.

Zirconium oxide ceramic is expensive and has similar high-quality features such as titanium. The optical impression of such implants is fantastic even when thin gums. The cylindrical and helical implant shape promises best success for long-lasting durability of the implants for about 20 years. The choice of the patient confirmed the treating dentist only if the desired shape of the implant poses no risks. Risks when implanting third teeth – low, but needs to be explained implants during an operation always used.

This surgery itself represents the main risk for the patient. Complications can occur especially in the lower jaw when a nerve is injured during cosmetic treatment. Numbness in Chin or lips is the result. Inserted implants in my own teeth, a risk rarely, they are injured during the procedure. In the short term, after bleeding, bruising, or swelling may occur after surgery. This is normal as in all operations and usually quickly subsides. Also subsequent nausea and headaches are no reaction on the use of the implants, but a possible incompatibility of anesthetic and of short duration. Rare wound healing disorders can occur, which can be effectively addressed with oral hygiene and other treatment. Types of implants and their suitability for patients a well grown, otherwise healer subsystem allows the use of immediate. However, bone structure and gum condition only when less than 50% of patients for immediate use of the durable third suitable. Particularly easy, a Sofortimplantat can be used when tooth loss by accident. Because the tooth of a mostly trouble-free environment was lost, only a small hole is present, that ensures quick healing of the implant. A tooth loss occurs more frequently after dental and gum disease. Here, the usage of Sofortimplantats is unsuitable. Then, a prolonged period of healing should be accompanied by the dentist. After the inflammation, he checks the bone and environment condition and decides whether an implant at all should be used and if so, when. Successful evolution of implantology by one expensive fashion beautiful tooth replacement Implantologists have today thanks to the rapid progress in this area with far fewer complications for patients to sue. The better Materials, careful pre-and aftercare, the comprehensive patient education and the experiences in this area have made towards simple bit attractive other tooth replacement implants. Yet always different pricey can become much more people afford implants than just 40 years ago – and do it well. The reason is simple: well-maintained, they are more resilient than bits, interference-resistant during regular check and clean visually by the own permanent teeth cannot be distinguished. Implants are long since no expensive fashion. You gradually become an obvious form of lifelong tooth replacement. Annette Bankey for: dental care centre Munich

Association Hamburg

More and more patients take their empowerment into their own hands. A central source of information is the Internet, which among other things also provides access to numerous patient brochures. Caution is advised in the selection: some materials are outdated and therefore only conditionally can be used. Already discussed elsewhere ( the problem of outdated patient information brochures. Increasing the number of people who search the Internet for information about their disease, and justifiably, they expect that the brochures offered as download up to date are. This category includes information materials from the year 2012, at brochures before that date, it will become increasingly critical.

A non-representative and thematically-specific research, however, shows that caution is required with regard to the timeliness. Here are some examples (elevation stand: 23.04.2013): therapies for renal failure, Federal Association of kidney, 2001 high blood pressure: useful information for patients and their families, Technician insurance 2009 what is asthma, MSD 2009 depression: advice for sufferers and their families, about urinary problems in Crohn’s disease, blood clotting disorders, Hexal 2008 2009 Parkinson’s disease, SERVIER Desitin 2009 live better insulin, diabetics Association Hamburg, 2004, but also educational content on Web pages are often older date. An example is the patient information leaflet osteoporosis ( the Federal Association of physicians, which dates back to the year 2008. Much of the information have certainly still substantive justification and are not wrong, but in many cases it also not complete.

The central problem of the information provider is that it does not regularly review your offer and that too many people in the Internet work are involved mainly in larger companies. But the coordination and updating is imperative, especially for Because there are pharmaceutical companies, image and reputation at stake. As also the importance of the patient for the companies increases, the quality of information is becoming a competition parameter, only those companies can successfully use comprehensive, understandable and above all currently informing.

Diagnostic Rheumatism

More than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind the term rheumatism you have rheumatism! “, practically every day, many people hear this diagnosis by your doctor. Before one can understand the exact meaning of this diagnosis, it takes but more detailed information. Often, it starts with pain in the limbs. Muscles, tendons and joints pain. Also the connective tissues can be affected. Rheumatism is the umbrella term for diseases that occur at the locomotor system after the World Health Organization (WHO). Almost always, they are associated with pain and often with movement restrictions.

Main part: essentially four main groups are summarized under the term rheumatism: 1 include all forms of arthritis degenerative joint disease and spinal disorders to diseases that cause damage to the articular cartilage. In Germany alone, there are more than 5 million sufferers, who are generally over the age of 60. Get each due to osteoarthritis Year more than 300,000 patients artificial knee joint or a new hip joint. 2. Metabolic diseases with rheumatic complaints of this Para-rheumatic disease group be assigned to metabolic disorders which cause disorders of the locomotor system. As most common occurring diseases in this group, you can call gout and especially osteoporosis. About 5 million people in Germany are affected, mostly women however.

At the time of diagnosis, the average age is 60 years. 3. Soft tissue rheumatism and pain muscle diseases due to the overuse of muscles, as well as irritation of the tendons and soft tissue arise complaints. Women aged 35 and over are usually among the 4 million affected in Germany. Perhaps the most famous but also very little explored from this category of rheumatism is fibromyalgia. About 1.5 million people should be afflicted an estimated in Germany. 4. Flammable rheumatic diseases this is an system disease, affecting the whole body has. The most common inflammatory disease of the joints is called polyarthritis. A faulty regulation of the immune system is currently accepted as the main cause. Typical symptoms are pain, swelling and excessive heating of the joints. Signs of rheumatism as the clinical picture Rheumatoid can be varied, of course also possible symptoms are as diverse. However, it is possible to provide some clarity with the help of 5 specific questions. Are your fingers stiff in the morning so that you can turn on the faucet, hardly? You sleep for several months without recovery, whereby all tendons, muscles and joints pain?”you wake up regularly at night sleep due to pain after 3-4 hours, which make amends after walking around?” you get after prolonged severe pain in the knees, hips, ankles or toes, which disappear after some movement?”watch swelling in the joints of the fingers and wrists, since few days, and you feel it a whole While not powerful?” Should only one of the listed questions positively be answered, so a doctor should be consulted be sure. If one is suffering from rheumatism, a rheumatologist is in any case to consult. Under the header “The term rheumatism more than 100 different diseases that in Germany some million people suffer from hiding behind” informed of this release underlying this article first on the blog health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k.. Micha Weissbrodt

Vicious Symptoms

One may be the reason here too the thyroid, because after the pregnancy hormone location changes in the body dramatically. Another reason may be an unrecognized week bed depression that up to 24 months after birth can occur. Much more often starts weeks after birth but 1-2. In addition to loss of energy, listlessness, lack of interest in the child and sadness cause physical symptoms such as dizziness, tremors and even panic attacks. The symptoms persist longer than 2 weeks, patients should seek help with their midwife or the gynaecologist.

In most cases, already an antidepressant treatment helps. Breaking the vicious circle the affected it is usually not possible to break the vicious circle, in which they are trapped. The fear of fear paralyzes them in their actions and action. A psychological treatment is therefore advised. The cognitive behavior therapy achieved good results. Goal is to enable the persons concerned again more confidence convey and ways and means to show how stressful situations in the future can better come to them.

Stress is especially if the expectations themselves against and the demands are too high. Dealing with a panic attack once again occurring can be learned here. The distinction between fear and physically occurring symptoms is important. Under the guidance of physical symptoms be provoked so that the patient can learn to deal with them and again a piece ready to give him control over what happened to him. Just who is the fear and works with her instead of against them, has also long-lasting success. The thyroid gland is responsible for recurrent panic attacks, sufferers with a psychotherapy can learn also to deal, but a correct setting of the thyroid is still essential. An underActive thyroxine is the drug of choice, here, it may take some time until the appropriate dosage has been found. This is done, the symptoms disappear within a very short time.